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Email Engagement Qualification Scope

This article explains the Qualification Scope options that you can configure for your Email engagements. 


The Qualification scope of an Email engagement determines the number of times users receive the Email engagement. It is essential for you to understand the various qualification scopes provided by PX for an Email engagement. 

Qualification Scopes 

PX provides three types of Qualification scopes for an Email Engagement:

For more information on Scheduler and Qualification Scopes, refer to the Email Engagement Scheduler section of the Engagement Scheduler article from the Additional Resources section.

Only Once

This Qualification Scope delivers the email only once to all the qualified users, during the specified period. 


In the above scenario, the email is delivered between 30 Sep 2020 and 30 Oct 2020, on Monday at 9 am. All the qualified users receive the Email on 05 Oct 2020 (Monday) at 9 am. If you modify your Audience rules on 06 Oct 2020, to include more users, the newly added users receive the email on 12 Oct 2020 (Monday), at 9 am. Users who have already received the mail previously, will not receive the mail again on 12 Oct 2020.

Every Time

This Qualification Scope sends an email multiple times depending on the schedule you define. 


In the above scenario, the email is sent on every Monday at 9 am from 30 Sep 2020 to 30 Oct 2020. However, if you do not select the Recurring schedule, the email is sent only once, as in the following scenario.

Once Every

This scope sends an email multiple times during a specific time period. You can choose the time period in hours, days, weeks, or months.   


In the above scenario, the first email is sent on Monday, 05 Oct 2020, at 9 am. The next Monday in the series 12 Oct 2019 is skipped (since once every two weeks is selected). The next email is sent on 19 Oct 2020 (Monday) at 9 am. However, since the schedule expires on 30 Oct 2020, no email is sent on 02 Nov 2020. 

Note: PX limits the number of emails to 20 per contact during a 7 day period. 

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