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Timeline: Help

Common Questions


Can I sync Timeline Activities to Salesforce?

Yes. This is useful, since users outside of Gainsight can view Activity details. Note that this is one-way sync only. For more information on how to do this, refer to Configure Timeline View for C360 and R360.

What’s the difference between logging a CTA and an Activity?

A CTA is generally used for specific situations in which a prescribed set of actions are required (e.g. risks, renewals), whereas an Activity is generally used for taking notes for meetings, calls, emails, and updates regarding the account overall. Note that you can create Activities for specific CTAs and the Activity’s Tasks are added to the CTA.

Can I create custom Activity types and fields?

Yes, you can configure custom Activity types and fields to allow your team to capture the information that your team wants to track.

Can I build reports on Timeline Activities?

Yes, you can build reports in Report Builder using the Activity Timeline object. Note that Notes, External Attendees, and Internal Attendees are not available for selection (Notes will be reportable in Fall 2017).

Can I apply templates to Timeline Activities?

This is in the roadmap.

Is there email integration to automatically log emails to and from customers to Timeline?

This is in the roadmap.

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