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Accessing Success Snapshots for CSMs

Gainsight NXT

This article supports Gainsight NXT, the next evolution of the Customer Success platform. If you are using Gainsight CS Salesforce Edition, you can find supporting documentation by visiting the home page, and selecting CS > Salesforce Edition.

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IMPORTANT - Articles Impacted due to 6.34 October NXT Release

Due to the v6.34 October, 2022 release, this article has been impacted. Steps, images, and playable GIFs in this article will soon be updated to reflect the latest changes.

For more information about the latest UI changes, click here.


IMPORTANT: The new Success Snapshots is available in the following manner:

  • If you have one or more Success Snapshot Templates in your Success Snapshot Builder, contact Gainsight Support to get the new version of Success Snapshot enabled. The option to migrate to the new version is due April 2023. Following, the new version will be enabled automatically for all Gainsight Users. 
  • If you do not have any Success Snapshot template, then the new version of Success Snapshot is activated automatically with this release.

This article explains how CSMs can access and manage Success Snapshot Templates. 


Gainsight lets CSMs view the list of Success Snapshot Templates. The CSMs can also organize, share, and clone a template. 

Example Business Use Case: 

  • When a CSM wants to embed their own report using Self-Service Analytics.
  • When a CSM wants to delete a slide that is not important for their customer.
  • When a CSM wants to add additional data points in the slide.

View Success Snapshot Templates

To view Success Snapshot Templates:

  1. Navigate to Success Snapshots from the global navigation pane, to view the list of Success Snapshot Templates.
  2. Click on the plus option to select the columns you want to view.

Accessing Success Snapshots for CSMs_View Templates.jpg

Organize Success Snapshot Templates

CSMs can organize the Success Snapshot Templates by moving them into appropriate folders. 

To move multiple templates in a folder:

  1. Select the checkbox beside each Success Snapshot Template. 
  2. Click Move.

Accessing Success Snapshots for CSMs_Organize Templates.jpg

  1. From the FOLDERS dropdown, select the target folder. 
  2. Click Yes.

Share Template

CSMs can download and share a template internally. 

Note: A Success Snapshot template shared by the admins can only be shared further or cloned by CSMs, if the admin grants the required permissions.

To share a template: 

  1. Click the three vertical dots menu of the respective template.  
  2. Click Share Template. The Share Success Snapshot window appears.

Accessing Success Snapshots for CSMs_Share Templates.jpg

  1. Enter the following details: 

    1. Company/Relationship: Select the Company or Relationship.  
    2. Success Plan: Configure the Success Plan to embed data into Success Plan tokens and Success Plan reports. This is applicable if admins configure Success Plan Tokens or Reports in the Success Snapshot Template.
    3. Share With: Enter the name of the users with whom you want to share the Success Snapshot. You can share the Success Snapshot with internal users only.
    4. Subject: Enter a subject line for the email. 
    5. Note: Enter the body of the email.
  2. Click Share.

share 2.jpg

The recipients receive an email with the attached Success Snapshot.


Clone and Edit Template

CSMs cannot edit the Success Snapshot Templates that are created by the Admins. Gainsight allows the CSM to clone a template. The CSMs can then edit the cloned template as per their requirement. The cloned template is only visible to the CSM who created it. The CSM can share, rename, and delete the cloned copy of the template. 

Note: A Success Snapshot Template shared by the admin can be shared or cloned depending on the permissions granted by the admin. 

To clone a Success Snapshot Template: 

  1. Click the three vertical dots menu of the respective template.  
  2. Click Clone Template. The Clone Success Snapshot Template window appears.
  3. Enter the following details: 
    1. Success Snapshot Template Name: Enter a name for the cloned template. 
    2. Folder: Select the folder for the template. 
    3. Description: Enter a description for the template. 
  4. Click Clone.

Accessing Success Snapshots for CSMs_Clone & Edit Templates.jpg

Rename Template

To rename a Success Snapshot Template: 

  1. Click the three vertical dots menu of the respective template.  
  2. Click Rename Template.
  3. Enter the name for the template. 
  4. Click the check mark to save the name.

Accessing Success Snapshots for CSMs_Rename Template.jpg

Delete Template

To delete a Success Snapshot Template: 

  1. Click the three vertical dots menu of the respective template.  
  2. Click Delete Template.

Accessing Success Snapshots for CSMs_Delete Template.jpg

Restore Deleted Templates

To restore the deleted templates: 

  1. Click the Trash option on the bottom left corner of the screen. 
  2. Select the checkbox beside each deleted Success Snapshot Template.
  3. Click Restore.

Accessing Success Snapshots for CSMs_Restore Template.jpg

Sign Out of Google Account

CSMs can sign into their Google Account from the Success Snapshot page so that they can export the Success Snapshot to their account. They can also sign out of their Google Account whenever required from the Success Snapshot page.

To sign out of your Google Account: 

  1. Click the three vertical dots menu on the top right corner of the list view page. 
  2. Click Sign Out.

Accessing Success Snapshots for CSMs_Google Sign Out Template.jpg

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