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Simple Program Analytics

Gainsight NXT

This article supports Gainsight NXT, the next evolution of the Customer Success platform. If you are using Gainsight CS Salesforce Edition, you can find supporting documentation by visiting the home page, and selecting CS > Salesforce Edition.

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The Simple Program feature offers pre-built, out-of-the-box analytics about the emails sent to participants. You can view the analytics only when you change the status of a Simple Program to Active.

You can access the analytics of a Simple Program in the following two ways:

  • Click the three-vertical icon of an active Simple Program and select the Analytics option.

  1. Navigate to the Program Configuration page > Analytics tab > Dashboard tab.
  2. Click on any active Simple Program to view the Analytics section.

The following sections display reports for the analytics of a Simple Program::

  • Dashboard
  • Activity
  • Snapshot


The Dashboard tab in the Analytics section provides the following reports for the admin to know the statistics of a Simple Program:

  • Overall Performance:

    • Emails Sent/Participants Added: Displays the total number of participants for the Simple Program, except those in the Review state.
    • Emails Delivered: Displays the total number of emails sent by the Simple Program. This includes all reminders and escalation emails as well.
    • Emails Opened: Displays the percentage of participants who opened the email compared to those who received the email.
    • Links Clicked: Displays the percentage of participants who have clicked on the email link sent to them. This also tracks Unique Clicks compared to Total Clicks.

Note: The Overall Performance summary bar at the top includes the Surveys Responded section representing a count of all surveys responded that were sent via Simple Programs.

You can view the visual presentation of Email stats and Emails that you might want to export as PNG.


Activity for a Participant

The Activity tab in the Analytics section provides the activity feed of participants that appears as a flow diagram and displays each step of the participant’s journey in the Simple Program. This includes when the participant was sent an email, how long the participant waited between each step, when the participant was dropped from the Program journey, and the failure reason.

To access the activity feed for a participant:

  1. In the Analytics tab of an active simple program, navigate to the Activity tab. 

  2. Select Day, Week, or Month aggregation to view the activity of a participant. The Activity screen appears for the participant.



The Snapshot tab in the Analytics section summarizes the total number of participants added to a Simple Program, how many participants were removed or knocked off, how many participants received emails or engagements, and how many participants completed the journey. It also provides the drill down on each section of this report, which reveals the participants' names. 

You can select columns for the participants' snapshot Using the + icon.


Click View to view the activity detail for that particular participant in the Simple Program journey.


Using the Export option, you can export the participants’ Snapshot information of each Simple Program.


Simple Program in Journey Analytics

The Journey Analytics page displays data across Programs for each customer and contact. Under Journey Analytics, admins can view information including the number of single programs a customer or contact has participated in, as well as out of the box reports for bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, and other data. To navigate to this feature, select Journey Orchestrator > Journey Analytics > select the Simple Program checkbox.

IMPORTANT: To access Journey Analytics page, user should be Super Admin or they should have Analyze Permission (program) selected in one of the assigned Permission Bundles.

For more information, refer to the Reports Across Programs article mentioned in the Additional Resources section.

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