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Gainsight Home FAQs

This article contains the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Gainsight Home.

When I click on the Home button, why do I see the Dashboards and not Gainsight Home?

You will see Gainsight Home only if your admin configures and publishes Gainsight Home. Contact your admin to check if Gainsight Home has been published

How is Gainsight Home different from Dashboards?

Dashboards (previously navigated when clicked on Home icon) displays a set of reports/widgets only and Customer Success Managers (CSMs) do not have a way to perform any business related/customer centric actions on the widgets. Dashboards do not display widgets from other Gainsight modules such as Timeline and Cockpit.

Gainsight Home is a centralized workspace for CSMs that can be configured with widgets from various features in Gainsight. For more information, refer to the Gainsight Home Overview article.

How to go to the GS Dashboards?

Once Gainsight Home is configured, the Dashboards can be accessed by clicking Dashboards on the left menu pane.

As a CSM, can I personalize my Gainsight Home?

Yes. Gainsight allows you to personalize Gainsight Home with widgets that you need. However, you can preview and switch to your admin recommended version of Gainsight Home when required. For more information, refer to the Preview Admin Version section of the Gainsight Home for CSMs article.   

As a CSM, after I personalize Gainsight Home can I revert to the admin-published version of Gainsight Home?

You can switch to the admin-published version of Gainsight Home anytime. Before proceeding to revert, you have the option to preview the admin-published version. For more information, refer to the Preview Admin Version section of the Gainsight Home for CSMs article.

How many widgets can I add to my Gainsight Home?

Gainsight allows you to configure or personalize your Gainsight Home with a maximum of 30 widgets.

What if I do not see data on the widget?

If the widget does not load on the Gainsight Home, try modifying the filters or refresh the widget. Still if the widget does not load, contact your Gainsight administrator.

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