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Gainsight Home Overview

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This article provides an overview of Gainsight Home.


A typical day-to-day life of Customer Success Managers (CSMs) / Account Managers (AMs) involves a lot of interactions and attending multiple meetings with customers and other stakeholders. When CSMs/AMs access multiple C360 pages and timeline for their customers one after the other multiple customer accounts, it becomes challenging at times for the CSMs/AMs to manage a lot of browser tabs and wait for pages to load. Sometimes,  a physical note seems easy just not to miss a track of the customer interactions. 

All these challenges are resolved with Gainsight Home which is designed to provide a centralized view of the insights and action items for the portfolio of customer accounts. The one-stop workspace for CSMs not only simplifies day-to-day customer success activities but also gives easy access to relevant information and actions, and makes their work more productive.

Admins configure Gainsight Home from Administration > Gainsight Home. For more information on how admins configure Gainsight Home, refer to the Configure Gainsight Home article.

Note: Gainsight Home is available only to Full License users. Viewer+ Analytics and Viewer License users continue to see the Dashboards and Timeline respectively as their home page. For more information on user license types in the Gainsight, refer to the Gainsight License Types of the User License Management article.

Benefits of Gainsight Home

The following are some of the benefits of Gainsight Home:

  • Acts as a one-stop dashboard for all the customer success activities.
  • Allows to update Company attributes, Timeline activities, and CTAs with minimal clicks using the inline options.
  • Provides a snapshot of the data of all the Companies that the CSM is assigned to, in the form of widgets. 
  • Provides CSMs with relevant information from various applications (modules) in Gainsight at one place which saves a lot of effort and time.
  • Eliminates the need to switch between multiple browser tabs when handling multiple customer accounts. 

Snapshot of Gainsight Home

Gainsight Home is the primary location for all end users. The following video provides a snapshot of Gainsight Home.

The following table lists the widgets that are displayed on Gainsight Home based on the admin configuration:

Widget Description
Summary Ribbon This widget appears on the first row of Gainsight Home. It provides a summarized view of various attributes of your customer accounts such as the cumulative ARR, average health score, and average NPS.
My Portfolio This widget provides a summarized view of Companies and Relationships. It acts as a single source of reference to manage the book of business.
Timeline This widget provides the official record of your customers. CSMs/users can log, view and edit activities, and keep track of customer interactions.
Calendar This widget provides the CSMs/users to view, join the meetings and also to take Notes easily during the meetings.
Cockpit This widget provides information on the CTAs and tasks across your customer portfolio.
Scorecard The Scorecard report widgets (Mass Edit and Scorecard Habit) provide a quick view of vital dimensions of health for their customer accounts. CSMs/users can manually update customer’s scorecard measures.
Adoption Explorer This widget provides a quick view of the usage data insights from the Adoption Explorer project.
Renewal Center The Renewal Center widgets (Summary and Waterfall) provide a quick view of the renewal metrics, and a graphical representation of the renewals in the selected time period with attributes such as the Renewals Due, Downsell and Net renewal.
Customer Experience The Customer Experience widgets (Trend and Revenue Matrix) display the aggregated attributes such as Sentiment, NPS®, and/or CSAT scores across companies.
Standard Widget This widget allows CSMs to personalize the home page with images, custom text (content), and embed third party content such as publicly hosted documents.
Report This widget provides quick access to the reports that you use regularly. CSMs/users can view, track, derive insights and take actions that drive business outcomes.
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