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Digital Hub and Gainsight Integration - Admin Guide

This article provides step-by-step instructions for Admins to configure the Community Management in Gainsight for CSMs to access user/their activity specific data from the community into Gainsight.


You might notice some changes in the document. These changes include modifications in naming conventions and images. We strive to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the document; however, please be aware that some information may have been updated or revised since its creation.


Community Data Integration in Gainsight enables Admins to connect their Digital Hub (fka inSided) tenants to Gainsight to bring Community data. Admins can use this feature to sync community member data and their activities from Digital Hub to Gainsight NXT.

The important information between Digital Hub and Gainsight NXT can be used to drive customer success through Community drivers. Additionally, this integration helps Admins to automate several manual processes and enables them to create a more engaging community for their customers.


Before proceeding with the integration, it is important to note that Admins need to create a support ticket with their Digital Hub tenant IDs for Gainsight to establish the connection from the back end. After the connection is established, the integration process is automated.

IMPORTANT: Customers must have both Digital hub and Gainsight licenses and they should be customers of both to set the integration.

Note: Customers may have multiple Digital Hub tenant IDs for different communities based on regions and languages. Admins need to provide these details in the support ticket to establish the connection with Gainsight.

Configure Community Management Page

After the connection is enabled, customers can access the Digital Hub Configuration page under Administration in their Gainsight NXT navigation menu. 

The  Community Management page can be found in the left navigation menu, under Administration > General.

After clicking on the appropriate option, admins are navigated to the page where the list of connected Digital Hub tenants and their activity details are displayed in the form of cards. All of their multiple connections are also displayed in this list.

Schedule Sync

The schedule for data transfer from Digital Hub to Gainsight is set by Gainsight and cannot be modified by admins. As shown in the image above, there are seven Digital Hub tenants connected, and the data is brought into Gainsight on a regular schedule, which could be once or twice a day. Admins can view the status of each connection. There is no need for the admins to take any action, as the sync process starts automatically for each connection.

Edit Connection

Additionally, admins can edit the connection, which will redirect them to a screen where they can see the data being synced from Digital Hub to Gainsight. The data being synced includes information about community users, such as the total number of people and their information.

Note: If you choose to deactivate the connection, data of the specific user will not be synced from Digital Hub into Gainsight.

View Activity Logs

For every connection, there IS a View Activity link, which navigates the admins to the Activity Logs tab. Activity logs are an essential part of any syncing process, as they provide valuable information on the status of the sync and any errors that may have occurred. This section provides details such as the time when a sync occurred, whether it was completed successfully or if it failed. These logs also show if the sync failed at any point in time, giving admins the ability to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise.


If you need to view more details, there is a Summary option available. The Summary section shows how many records are valid, how many records are found invalid.

IMPORTANT: If a sync is in progress, the logs will not be automatically updated when completed. Therefore, clicking on the refresh button will reload all the logs and update the status of the sync.

Type of Data Sync from Digital Hub to Gainsight

  • Community User Data: The community user data includes information about all community members,  Topics, Replies, Idea Status, and Categories which are synced into Gainsight automatically. 

  • Community User Activity Data: The community user activity data includes actions taken by community members such as viewing a post. This data is also synced into Gainsight automatically.