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Community Insights in Gainsight NXT Overview

Gainsight NXT


This article explains how the community data has been brought into Gainsight Application for CSMs and Product Owners to collect information. 


The community is a space where the users and builders come together to discuss a product, share ideas, suggestions, and pain-points with each other as well as the product builders. In addition, the integration of community data into Gainsight helps Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and Product Owners to collect information from the community and drive customer success. The following sections explain how to set up and use the integration.


Before using the integration, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Customers must have both Customer Communities and Gainsight license.
  • Admins need to create a connection for Customer Communities from Connectors 2.0. 

Connection est..jpg

After the connection is established, the user and their activities, and community members and their activities, are synced to Gainsight. Compliance with customer data is ensured. This information can be used to drive customer success through community drivers.

Community Metrics in C360

Key Features and Benefits to have Community Insights in Gainsight’s C360:

  • Drive health scores by enriching company profile and C360 with community insights
  • Create actionable insights based on powerful machine learning focused on analyzing community data and identifying user sentiment
  • Identify super users and drive digital CS practices with user segments from Community
  • Notify CS with long pending requests and ideas that need attention and carry sentiment from key stakeholders

Abbett C360 2024-02-23 at 11.05.31 AM.jpg

CSMs can also personalize the Community section in C360 based on their requirements.

3. Customer Communities.png

Based on the stats on whether concepts from the community have been implemented or are being worked on, CSMs can engage with customers. As shown in the following image, a dashboard was built using the community data now available in Gainsight and provides a general overview of the topics and ideas posted by the portfolio they manage on 360.

4. Customer Communities.png

Admins can add an out-of-the-box widget to the company profile that provides insights about the community, including how the community keeps the customers engaged, the general trend of unique visitors visiting the community, and what kind of engagements are taking place on a high-level. For more information about how admins configure the Community Administration, refer to the Community Data Integration in Gainsight admin guide.

The sync process between Customer Communities and Gainsight is managed by Unification and the configurations for this process is set by the Admin. Most of the settings are pre-configured out of the box using Adoption Explorer.

5. Customer Communities.png

Admins configure sections from Administrations > 360 Layouts > C360 > Configure Sections and add Community for the CSMs to access company specific data from Community in C360 > Summary Widgets and C360 > Community Metrics tab. 

Automating Processes with Community Data

The process of re-engaging community members was very manual and typically involves Excel sheets and comparing community data with Gainsight data. After CS-Customer Communities integration, the entire process is automated.

With Gainsight activity tracking, admins can create a segment of users who have not logged in for a month and add them to a program that can send a weekly digest to re-engage them.

6. Customer Communities.png

 Admins create segment and configure from the Properties tab.

7. Customer Communities.png

Any new members registering on the community can be added to an onboarding program, and surveys can be sent timely to these users to engage with them. Admins can use the out-of-the-box widget and the options to create the custom solutions To ensure that customers’ engagement with the community continues.

The integration of community data into Gainsight can help drive customer success and automate processes related to engaging community members. By following the steps outlined in this article, CSMs and Product Owners can effectively use community data in the Gainsight application to enhance customer success.

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