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Scorecard in Zoom App

Gainsight NXT

This article supports Gainsight NXT, the next evolution of the Customer Success platform. If you are using Gainsight CS Salesforce Edition, you can find supporting documentation by visiting the home page, and selecting CS > Salesforce Edition.

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IMPORTANT - Articles Impacted due to 6.34 October NXT Release

Due to the v6.34 October, 2022 release, this article has been impacted. Steps, images, and playable GIFs in this article will soon be updated to reflect the latest changes.

For more information about the latest UI changes, click here.



The Gainsight Assist brings the power of Gainsight directly into the Zoom meeting experience. Users can access their Gainsight Customer 360, Timeline, People and Customer Journey features directly within Zoom, surfacing critical insights and enabling note-taking in real-time while on customer calls. 

Currently, Gainsight users can access Gainsight features such as People Management and Timeline directly in the Zoom. After the installation of Gainsight App for Zoom, users can login into Gainsight app from Zoom.

Note: Gainsight app for Zoom is now available in the Zoom marketplace for US customers and we estimate that it will be available for the EU customers in May (tentative).

Business Use Cases:

  • User log in and out of the Gainsight app for Zoom
  • Admin controls the access of Gainsight application in Zoom app
  • User consumes C360 data from Zoom
  • User consumes Timeline and create activity without leaving meeting in Zoom
  • User lists the meeting attendees and associate these contacts with Company or Relationship
  • User builds report on events from Zoom app and filters that to a Company or Relationship

Important Documents:

Permission scopes for Gainsight App

To provide the relevant information from your Gainsight domain, the Gainsight app will need access to the following information from Zoom Meetings:

  • View Your Meetings: Gainsight app needs to view your meetings, so that relevant Timeline and People information can be displayed.
  • View User info: Gainsight app needs to view the Host’s and Participant’s information to get People insights.
  • Enable Zoom app within Zoom Meeting Client: Enabling Zoom App within Zoom meeting provides access to Gainsight App within Zoom.
  • Zoom App will recognize users as guests if any of the following conditions are fulfilled:
    • The participant is on the calendar invitation or event using one of Zoom’s calendar integrations ( such as Google Calendar).
    • The participant has authenticated externally using an authentication system provided by the host.
    • The host has enabled the Allow Authentication exception option for participant email.

To resolve the above points, Gainsight recommends the following:

  • End users to generate meeting links from Add-ins provided for Google calendar.
  • While creating an event from the calendar, add the participants before generating the meeting link with Add-ins.

Installation and Authorization

IMPORTANT: The user authenticating the Gainsight App must be a Gainsight product user with a Full/Viewer/Viewer + license license. The permissions for these licenses in Gainsight app for Zoom as same as that honored in Web application.

Install from Zoom Marketplace

Gainsight app can be installed from the Zoom Marketplace.

To install Gainsight App for Zoom:

  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

  2. In the Search textbox, type Gainsight.


  1. Click Add. Zoom OAuth Consent screen is displayed.
  2. Click Authorize  to allow the Gainsight App to access your information in accordance. You can remove this app at any time in My Apps


When a host organizes a Zoom meeting, the host must authorize the Gainsight application in Zoom. This is a very important step that the host must follow.

Authorize link.png

Add Gainsight App for Zoom Meetings

Gainsight app can be added to the Zoom application, when an attendee receives an invite from the participants of the ongoing meeting to join and access the Timeline and People sections. 

To add the Gainsight app through invite in the Zoom:

  1. Click Invite, this would send a meeting invitation to the Internal / External attendees.


  1. Click View in the pop window of the invite. [For the invitee]


  1. Click Add to add the Gainsight App for Zoom.


You will be redirected to the Authorization web page. Enter the Gainsight credentials to complete the authorization process to start using the Gainsight App in Zoom.

Access Gainsight App in Zoom

After installing Gainsight App, users must enable Zoom Apps Quick Launch Button toggle to start using the Gainsight App in Zoom.

To access Gainsight App in Zoom::

  1. Login to Zoom web application.
  2. In Zoom web > Settings > Zoom Apps tab, enable the Zoom Apps Quick Launch Button toggle.


  1. Start the Zoom meeting.
  2. Click Apps in the Zoom meeting window.


  1. In the My Apps tab, click Gainsight. You will see a message to sign in to Gainsight.


  1. Click Sign In and enter Gainsight credentials to start using the Gainsight App.


Uninstalling Gainsight App

To uninstall Gainsight App from Zoom:

  1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage > Added Apps or search for Gainsight App.
  3. Click Remove. The Remove App window is displayed.
  4. Select a reason and click Remove. The Gainsight app will be UnInstalled.

App Marketplace.png

Gainsight Application Pane Overview

The Gainsight App contains the following options and functionalities:. 

  1. Click the horizontal three dots icon for a list of actions you can take:

    Pop Out.jpg

  • Pop Out to separate the participants list from the meeting window.
    NoteMerger to Meeting Window is to add the participants list back to the meeting window.
  • Refresh App to manually check for the new data [new participants/new activities etc].
  • Close for the Zoom ← → Gainsight integration to automatically pull in Zoom Cloud Recordings, chat logs, audio transcripts etc. 

2. Search for Company/Relationship just as users do today in the Gainsight Application. 

Search bar.jpg

  1. In the Company/Relationship dropdown menu, select the Company or Relationship with which you want to associate the participants.
  2. Navigate to the Timeline tab to see the list of activities for a particular company/relationship  selected, create activity, edit drafts, comment on any activity.
    Note: For more information about Timeline in Zoom App, refer to the Timeline in Zoom App article.


  1. Navigate to the People tab to see the list of meeting attendees belonging to the selected company/relationship. This list includes the attendees who are not yet added as a person/company person in Gainsight. For more information about People in Zoom App, refer to the Add Participants as Person Records in Zoom App article.
  2. Click the refresh icon to update the list of attendees.


  1. Navigate to the Scorecard tab to get an overview of the Company or Relationship health scores and take Scorecard related actions without switching to Gainsight application. For more information about Scorecards, refer to the Scorecard in Zoom App article.
  2. Navigate to Attributes tab to view and edit the metrics of a Company

IMPORTANT: The Scorecard and Attributes tab are available to the users using the New 360 Experience. For more information on how to enable the New 360 Experience, refer to the Change Document for New C/R360 article.

Note: Users must refresh the Gainsight App for Zoom to reflect any changes done in the Gainsight application.


  1. Click Logout to come out of the Gainsight Application.

Note: Once logged out of Gainsight Application. Users will have to follow the Authorization steps above in order to log back in.


Scorecard in Zoom App

The Scorecard tab in Gainsight App for Zoom provides all the capabilities of Scorecards that are available in C/R360 of Gainsight. This tab in the Zoom app provides participants with an overview of the Company or Relationship health scores and allows them to take Scorecard related actions without switching to Gainsight application.

Use Scorecard View

The Scorecard view shows the Overall Score, Measure Groups, and Measures that belong to the active Scorecard. 

This view is zoomed out by default. You can expand or collapse the view using the slider. Usability options such as card and list view toggle button, change Scorecard, score history bars are accessible when the view is expanded.

Scorecard View Components

The scorecard view has the following components:

  • Overall Score: This circle represents the summary score after considering the scores of all the underlying Measures. Its value is based on the Scorecard schema that you selected.
  • Score History: These rectangular bars show the last 18 weeks of Scorecard history.
  • Measure Groups: This section enlists all the underlying grouped and ungrouped Measures.
  • Measure Scores: This pill shaped icon represents the score of a particular grouped or ungrouped Measure. Its value is based on the Scorecard schema that you selected.
  • Percentage Value Contribution: This shows the percentage value contributed by each Measure Group and ungrouped Measures to the Overall Score. And by each Measure to the Measure Group it belongs to.

The default scorecard view is set as Card View. You can change it to the List View using the toggle button as shown below.

Scorecard in Zoom App 2_CardList View.jpg

Change Active Scorecard

You can change the active Scorecard of the Company and Relationship. 

To change the active scorecard:

  1. Click the settings icon. Scorecard settings dialog box appears.
  2. From the Change Scorecard to dropdown, select the new scorecard.
  3. Click Apply.

Scorecard in Zoom App 3_Change Scorecard.jpg

Update Manual Measure Scores

To update a manual measure score:

  1. Click on the measure score. The measure slide-out panel appears.
  2. Select the new score value.
  3. (Optional) Select Log Activity checkbox to log the score value change activity to Timeline.
  4. Click Update.

IMPORTANT: You can change the score of a manual measure and not an automated measure.

Log Timeline Activity in Zoom App

You can log activity to maintain a record and track changes made in the score value of manual Measures. You can also add multiple types of activity like Call, Meeting, and so on. in the Timeline of Overall Score and Measures.

For more information on how to add and edit timeline activities, refer to the Timeline in Zoom App article in the Additional Resources section.

Access Permissions

The Scorecard functionalities differ based on the user license type.

  • Full License - Users with this license can access all the Scorecard functionalities.
  • Viewer+ Analytics - Users with this license can log Timeline Activity but cannot edit scores of manual Measures.
  • Viewer - Users with this license have permission to log Timeline Activity. Rest of the Scorecard options can only be viewed.

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