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Low Volume Custom Objects


Low Volume Objects are custom objects that can be created by Admins from the data management page. These objects are used to store low volume data which needs to be edited frequently. For example, Admins can create a Gainsight custom object for Cases, which is a low volume object with frequent status updates.

Note: Previously, Low volume objects were called Transactional custom objects, and Admins could only create them after consultation and approval from Gainsight Support.

Create Low Volume Custom Objects

To create a Low volume object:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Operations > Data Management.
  2. Click +OBJECT.

pasted image 0.png

  1. In the Create Object dialog box, enter the following details:
  • Object display name: The easily understandable object display name that you want to create.
  • Object name: System defined object name with a suffix of __gc (Auto-generated, based on the name entered in Object display name).
  • Object description: A description of the object being created.
  • Low Volume Object: Select this Checkbox to create the custom object of type Low Volume.
  1. Select either Manual or Data file upload (CSV) as required.
  2. Click NEXT to continue creating a Low Volume object. For more information, refer to the Gainsight Data Management article.

Create object.png

Limitations on the Low Volume custom objects

Following are the limitations applied to the Low Volume custom objects:

  • A maximum of 50 Low Volume custom objects can be created per Org.
  • A maximum of 50 fields can be created in each Low Volume custom object.
  • A maximum of 1 million records can be stored in a Low Volume custom object.
  • All the fields in this object of type, Rich Text Area, can store values having up to 150k characters.

Note: If you do not select the Low Volume Object checkbox while creating a custom object as shown in the image above, the objects are considered High Volume Objects. None of the limitations shown above are applicable to High Volume custom objects.

Data Ingestion Channels

You can load data into Low Volume custom objects using any of the following data loading channels:

Manage Records in the Low Volume Custom Objects

Following are the two channels through which you can manage records in the Low Volume custom objects:

  • You can create, view, edit, and delete existing records in a Low Volume custom object from the Data Operation page. For more information, refer to Data Operation article
  • You can edit any record in the Low Volume custom object from a report added to the C360/R360 > Related List section corresponding to the Company or Relationship respectively. For more information on how to add, edit records from the Related List section, refer to Overview of Customer 360 Details article.
  • You can view and delete all or filtered records from the Data Management page. For more information, refer to Gainsight Data Management article.
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