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How to Submit a Gainsight Support Ticket

This article will walk you through how to submit a ticket to the Gainsight Support team.


Submitting a Support Ticket

Submitting a Support Ticket

Tickets can be submitted to Gainsight support by going to Home.

  1. Click Submit Request at the top right
  2. Sign in if you have not already

Note: If you do not have login send an email to to request a username and password.

Once logged in you will be prompted to fill out the following information:

1. Subject

Short description of the request

2. Description

Text of the support request. Include as many details as possible including the environment (production or sandbox), user(s) who are in need of assistance, detailed step by step directions on how to replicate the issue,

3. Priority

There are four priority options:

  • Urgent: System Unavailable. Complete loss of service or a significant feature is unavailable and no workaround exists.
  • High: Critical Function Issue. Degraded service that substantially impairs the use of one or more features of the application required to perform necessary business functions but does not effectively render the application unusable as a whole.
  • Normal: Low Impact Issue. Application is impaired but the reported error or issue has a reasonable workaround and does not pose a serious business impact.
  • Low: General questions about existing documentation, training or use of standard services.

Note: Gainsight support reserves the right to change the priority of your ticket at any time.

4. I need help with....

Pick from a drop down list of Gainsight features/areas to categorize your request.

5. Attach File

This step is optional. If you have a screen shot or file which will help support better understand your question or problem you can attach the item at this step.

6. Record Screencast

This step is optional. If you would like to include a video recording of what you are seeing to better illustrate your question or issue you can use Screencast to create the recording.

Check Existing Requests

Once you submit a ticket you can check the status of your ticket at anytime by going back to Home. To learn more about checking on your existing requests click here.

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