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Challenge B6: We are seeing churn due to poor customer satisfaction

Below you'll find links to resources about Gainsight's Sentiment Risk process, and how to implement similar processes in your own org.

Prep Work and Vault Assets

Below is the prep-work for this tutorial, which includes best practice material and optional resources to download from Vault.

NPS Survey

  • See this article for background information on NPS Surveys
  • If you haven’t already set up a SFDC Survey domain for hosting your survey, see this article.
  • If you would like to model your survey off of our best practices, download the General NPS Survey from Vault.

Workbook - NPS Detractor

  • This is a plan you’ll put in place to create CTAs for your CSMs when you receive a negative NPS score. (In separate exercises, we’ll do the same for passive and positive scores)
  • If you would like to model your playbook off of our best practices, download Sentiment Risk: Low NPS Rating.

Workbook – Sentiment Scorecard

Configure your customer health scorecard to take the NPS survey results into account. (see this article for instructions on how to configure your scorecard)

If you would like to model your scorecard off of Gainsight’s Risk Management Framework, download these assets:

Configuration Resources

In this section, we’ll guide you through implementing the business challenge process for Sentiment risks. It’s important to keep in mind that every customer instance is unique; while following these examples you may need to make customizations to suit your business processes.

The Gainsight features we will use for this exercise include: NPS Survey & Rules Engine.

Using Gainsight’s survey tool, we’ll be building an NPS survey to capture customer feedback based on the question, ‘How likely are you to recommend us …’. For those customers who answer the NPS questions with a 0 through 6 (detractors), we’ll be setting up a process to automatically trigger a CTA to mitigate the risk factors at play. Once we’ve identified the at-risk customers by capturing their sentiment feedback, we’ll configure a scorecard measure for Sentiment risk and update this based on the feedback. The overall benefit of the process is to ensure your CSM team knows exactly what actions they need to take in order to act on customer feedback, and improve future NPS survey results.


Next Steps

You’ve now built 1 (or more) risk processes to help monitor customer risk and proactively engage with customers at the right time. Continue to build out your Risk Framework by following these additional tutorials:

  • Do you have customers that are experiencing issues several support issues which is causing risk and leading to churn? Review V3D challenge B8.
  • Are you seeing high churn in accounts where you loss a key contact? Review V3D challenge B7.

Take your Risk Management to the next level and build reports and dashboards to track your NPS detractors and your follow up with these customers. Download the following Vault assets to get started:

Additional Best Practices Resources

The following resources may be most useful for your VP of CS and CSM team:

Additional Configuration Resources

If you need additional information about how to build surveys, or configure sentiment risk rules and scorecards, see the resources below: