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Gainsight Inc.

CSM Training

Product Training

If you are new to working with Gainsight and you're an end user (CSM, TAM, COM, etc.), then we recommend that you start with our Gainsight training courses. The series begins with Foundations and includes application-based courses which enable you to learn various functionality from an end-user's perspective (eg. Reports & Dashboards, Cockpit & Playbooks, 360 & Timeline, and more).

Each section includes a short video with demonstrations. The series provides you with information on how to work efficiently in Gainsight, how to use its many different features, and how to maximize the value of Gainsight to make your life easier. 

Finally, please register for the courses with NXT or SF in the title based on your Gainsight edition. If you're not sure of your Edition, please confirm with your Gainsight project team or COM. 

  • Gainsight - Foundations: If you're a new Gainsight end user, please start here! This short course provides a foundation for understanding Gainsight including a brief demo of key capabilities
  • Gainsight - Reports & Dashboard: Covers how to take advantage of Dashboards to manage the part of the business that matters most to you!
  • Gainsight - 360 & Timeline: Covers using the 360 screens for research & call prep, Timeline for centralized note-taking in Gainsight, and an overview of health scores including trends over time
  • Gainsight - Cockpit & Playbooks: Covers using Calls-to-Action (CTA) in Cockpit to manage which customers to reach out to when and why as well as Playbooks which are recommended tasks to complete a CTA -- some of those tasks may include prebuilt email templates to help save time!

Industry Best Practice Training

We also offer customer success industry training and certification for new and advanced CSMs that's product agnostic. Training is self-paced and offered as an annual subscription with new content added regularly. Click here to learn more, or contact your Gainsight account manager.