Vault assets accessed by clicking the Gainsight Vault icon, will be retired. Our best practice assets can now be accessed from Administration > Sightline Vault. Learn more...


IMPORTANT UPDATE July, 2019: Vault assets will be retired in the near future, and currently only Playbook and Report assets are compatible with the latest functionality.

Perform the following steps to Import a survey from the Vault:

1. Navigate to the Survey tab, and click Import from Gainsight Vault. (or click the Vault tab and search or browse for assets across asset types)

Note: Surveys with branching logic are supported as assets in Vault. 

2. Navigate to the level containing the desired surveys, or use the Search field to select your desired survey.
Note: Search is currently limited to the theme you are viewing/selected.


3. Hover over the survey and click the Download icon. A preview dialog appears. The survey is now available in your Gainsight instance. Optionally, you can click on the survey link and then the DOWNLOAD button to download the survey.


4. Navigate to Survey > Drafts. The downloaded survey appears.

Note: Surveys contain only their properties and questions. Currently, the best practice surveys won’t have CTA rules associated with the survey. After importing, you can add those rules manually.