When you create a survey, you can add internal questions for internal teams to respond to, and these questions will not be visible in the survey for end users. If your CSMs are following up with a customer after they have submitted survey responses, you might want the CSM to input additional feedback directly in the survey. Or, if you are using a Sales readiness survey with prospects, you might want your internal sales team members to be able to submit responses. (see below for an explanation of the permissions required to access the Survey module and submit internal responses)


Only users who have the View Response permission in Survey Permissions, will be able to submit responses to internal questions. In Administration > Communication > Survey, when you click Click here to configure permissions (as shown in the following image), a window is displayed where you can select the View Response permission check box.


Add Internal Question Option

Perform the following steps to mark a survey question as an Internal Question.

For more information about general survey building, refer to the How to Build a Survey path.

  1. In the Survey module, select your survey, and click Questions.
  2. Click +Q to add questions and select your desired question type. All question types except for the NPS® question type can be marked internal. In the following image, you will see that the NPS® survey question is disabled.
  1. Enter your question text and answer choices.
  1. In the Settings section, select the Mark as Internal check box. The Answer Required check box disappears after you select Mark as Internal.
  1. Click SAVE.

The newly created question is displayed as shown in the following image.


  • The question has (Internal) appended to its name based on your selection. Customers will not see this question, but CSMs can view and respond to it.
  • You cannot apply page and logical branching to questions marked as internal.
  • Surveys must contain at least one active/visible question to publish the survey. Otherwise, the following error message is displayed.
  1. Click PREVIEW as shown in the following image. The <survey question (Internal)> is not displayed.

Submit Internal Question Responses

To submit responses to internal survey questions, the user must have access to either the Survey module, or to the specific survey. (See top of article for more information on survey permissions).

To submit internal question responses:

  1. Navigate to Survey > Distribute.
  2. In the Action column, click the eye icon to open the survey itself in a new tab.

In the survey, select answers to the internal questions, and click Submit.

View Internal Question Responses

There are several ways that an Admin (or other user with access to the Survey tab) can view internal question responses.

Survey > Distribute page

Click Distribute to see how many internal questions are responded by CSMs. The Internal Questions Submitted column contains true or false to convey whether or not the question is responded to (refer the following image). You can view the internal responses by clicking the eye icon in the Action column.


Survey > Analyze page

You can also view the internal responses or Survey Responses Statistics related Reports from Survey > Analyze, if you have View Response permission enabled. Internal users can go to Survey > Distribute > Action column and click the same eye icon to input responses.

C360 Survey section

If you have a Survey section enabled on your C360 page, you can also access the detailed responses from the C360 > Survey > Survey Responses tab.

Survey > Dashboard > Survey Card

You can click on the response statistics such as <response number > displayed on the card available in the Survey Dashboard. This navigates you to the Summary Graph window where you can click View Response to access the detailed responses.

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