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Surveys 2.0 FAQs

This article addresses frequently asked questions regarding Surveys 2.0.

General Survey Questions and Concerns

How should CSMs act on survey results? 

There is not a one-size-fits-all way to respond to survey results. It depends on the role, the segment, and a variety of other factors. You should however trigger CTAs for common surveys (e.g. NPS® survey). Identify the most common surveys, set rules to trigger CTAs (depending on the response), and develop Email Assists to help your team provide standard responses to your customers.

Is there a link that I can send to share the survey? 

Yes, anonymous surveys have a reusable link that can be pasted into emails or displayed on a website. For more on the Anonymous Link, refer to the Distribute Surveys article. Every link is unique, so you will have to share the survey via Gainsight.

I receive very few responses to my surveys. 

A low survey response rate could be due to a variety of factors. For example, it could be due to the content (e.g. lack of personality, poorly crafted subject lines, etc.) or the logistics (e.g. poor survey timing, selecting the wrong recipient, etc.).

Not all of the contacts in my CSV file show up in the list of participants (when sending via the Survey module). 

Most likely, these contacts are not contacts in Salesforce and Gainsight. You will have to add these contacts to Salesforce and Gainsight first, before you can send them surveys. You can do so quickly from the Contacts section of the Customer 360.

I sent a survey via Journey Orchestrator, but the Survey > Analyze section does not show records for Sent, Not Responded, and Undelivered when I click these bars. 

For surveys sent via Journey Orchestrator (versus the Survey module), you will have to find this information in Journey Orchestrator. The Survey section only shows records for Responded and Partial Saved. Navigate to Journey Orchestrator > Analytics, select the outreach and date range, and find the records on 1) Sent, 2) Not Responded, and 3) Undelivered as 1) Sent, 2) Sent - Clicked, and 3) Hard Bounced + Soft Bounced respectively.

About Surveys 2.0

How is Surveys 2.0 different from Surveys 1.0?

Surveys 2.0 also has bunch of new features that are not available in Surveys 1.0 such as SurveyMonkey integration and the Question Library. The following table illustrates the features available for Surveys 1.0 and Surveys 2.0.

Feature Survey 1.0 Survey 2.0
NPS® Tab
Text Analytics
Survey Flattening
Salesforce Email Service and Marketo for Survey Distribution X
Vault Templates X
Internal Submission
Survey Permissions
Anonymous Survey Options
Standard Outreach Compatibility X
Program Compatibility
Multiple Language Support
Email Assist Compatibility
Set CTAs (see note)
Cross-org Migration Support
Import external NPS® responses into Gainsight
Skip Logic
Display Logic
Question Library X
Anonymous Link X
Import SurveyMonkey responses into Gainsight Surveys X
Import Gainsight PX engagement responses into Gainsight Surveys X


  • Set CTAs is available in Surveys 2.0 but it is handled through the distributing Program rather than the survey. For more information, refer to the Configure Model and Emails for Programs article.
  • For Survey 1.0 you can add Skip or Display Logic to a question through survey branching. For more information, refer to the Survey Branching article.
Can I migrate Surveys from 1.0 to 2.0?

Yes, there is a migration process for individual surveys with a Active, Draft or Expired status. For more information on Migrating, refer to the Migrating Surveys 1.0 to 2.0 article.

Can I migrate Survey 2.0 surveys from one org to another?

Yes, Gainsight's migration tool supports Surveys 2.0 assets. For more information on X-Org Migration, refer to the Migrate Surveys 2.0 with X-Org article.

Can I assign permissions for Surveys 2.0?

Yes, permissions can be assigned for individual surveys and for the entire module. For more information on Permissions, refer to the Surveys 2.0 Permissions article.

How can I tell whether I'm using Survey 1.0 or 2.0?

The 1.0 designation does not actually appear in the Gainsight application; it's strictly used in documentation for the purposes of distinguishing the older and newer versions. In Gainsight, you will see a tab called Survey, and/or a tab called Survey 2.0.

Is the Surveys 2.0 Feature built on top of the existing Surveys 1.0 feature or is it a new feature with new data architecture?

Surveys 2.0 is built on a completely new tech stack from the original Surveys feature and is in fact a separate feature.

Should customers immediately migrate over to Surveys 2.0? What if I’m a brand new customer?

Brand new customers should use Surveys 2.0 as their primary survey tool. We recommend existing customers use Surveys 2.0 for any new surveys. For use cases that require survey 1.0 functionality that is not available in Surveys 2.0, we recommend using Surveys 1.0.

Is there a required cutoff or can Surveys 2.0 and 1.0 be ran in parallel?

There is no required cutoff at this time. Both features can be used in parallel. However all new engagements should leverage Surveys 2.0 to avoid migration effort. 

Can I use the same survey site to host multiple surveys for both Survey 1.0 & Survey 2.0?

Surveys 2.0 are only compatible with Gainsight Sites and Domains. For more information regarding Gainsight Sites and Domains, refer to the Setup a Gainsight Domain article.

Do I need special permissions to access or manage survey 2.0?

Yes, you need survey permissions to access most survey 2.0 features. For more information on Permissions, refer to the Surveys 2.0 Permissions article. You do not need special permissions to access the Surveys 2.0 tab, but it is hidden by default. A system admin must add this tab to make it visible for all users. For more information on enabling the Surveys 2.0 tab, refer to the Surveys 2.0 Overview article.

Is it possible to move questions from one page to another?

Yes, questions can be dragged from one page to another using the left-hand column of the Survey Design tab.

moving questions.gif

Are the Anonymous Survey Responses tied to an Account?

No, anonymous survey responses are gathered without any information about the responder. Semi-anonymous surveys will capture the account information of the responder while still keeping their individual identity anonymous.

How will I change the survey’s visual appearance?

You can use the tools available in the Visual Experience section of the Surveys 2.0 Design tab to control how the survey will appear. For more information on Visual Experience, refer to the Surveys 2.0 Properties article.

Is Surveys 2.0 data displayed in the NPS® tab?

NPS® data from Surveys 2.0 is displayed in the NPS® 2.0 tab. For more information on NPS® Overview, refer to the NPS® 2.0 Overview article.

Can I import survey responses from any third party tool?

Yes, currently you can import your responses from SurveyMonkey. For more information on how to import SurveyMonkey responses, refer to the SurveyMonkey Integration with Survey 2.0 article. 

After Surveys are migrated from 1.0 to 2.0, do I need to build reports on new flattened objects?

Yes, you have to build reports on new flattened objects.

Will the partial saved survey be converted to partial submitted after the Survey is closed?

Yes, the Partial Saved survey will be logged as “Partial Submitted” after the set amount of time passes.

After I migrate to Survey 2.0, Can I reassign the Survey 1.0 site user licenses?

Yes, after you have migrated to Survey 2.0, you can reassign the Survey 1.0 site user licenses, as the Survey 2.0 does not require user licenses.

Is it possible to migrate custom reports built on Survey 1.0 to Survey 2.0?

No, you cannot. You must again build reports on Survey 2.0 objects.

I am unable to view Survey 2.0 responses in C360 Survey section, are there any configurations required for this?

Yes, you have to enable NATIVE_SURVEY_PRIMARY Custom Setting to view the Survey 2.0 responses in C360. 

To enable this :

  1. Click the User menu tab.
  2. Click Setup.
  3. In the Search box on the left hand side, search for Custom Settings and click Custom Settings.
  4. Click Manage for Feature Configuration.
    Note: You can also search for the Feature Configuration in the Search box on the left hand side if it is not listed in the Custom Settings page.
  5. Click Edit for NATIVE_SURVEY_PRIMARY.
  6. Select the Enabled checkbox.
  7. Click Save.

Native survey.gif

Can I Edit/Delete submitted survey responses?

Yes, admins can Edit and Delete submitted survey responses. For more information on how to to do this, refer to the Surveys 2.0 Analytics article.

I'm a Gainsight user and my customers are facing an issue while opening the survey link shared via email. What is going wrong? How can I resolve this?

There are two possible cases why your customers are unable to open the survey link:

  1.  If you enabled the Link Tracking in the Email Templates, the Survey link may not open as expected because, there exists a sendgrid link redirection that may include http to https transition. Most of the end user's (Survey Participant) firewall do not support http traffic, instead they resend the same URL prefixed with https. In that case, if SSL is not configured for that URL, link may not open as expected.

    Solution: If this case is confirmed (http to https sendgrid link redirection), you can reach out to your Gainsight Admin/Gainsight support to enable the SSL Tracking feature for the sendgrid sub-account associated to your org.
  2. The http/https requests might be blocked by the end user's firewall, because of the firewall security rules adopted by their organization. You can figure-out this by probing the network traffic using browser tools.

       Solution 1: Ensure that the following domains are allow listed in the end user's IT infrastructure.     
    Region Wildcard Domains
    US *
    US *
    US *
    US *
    EU *
    EU *

Note: You can also inform the end user by including this allows listing information/allow listing disclaimer right in the email body that has the survey link.

Solution 2: You can use custom domain instead of using default subdomain to publish the 2.0 Surveys. For more information on custom domain, refer to Rendering Surveys using Custom Domain article. You need to abort earlier survey distribution and redistribute the survey with the revived link (with custom domain) to the same set of participants. Setting up the custom domain might require collaboration between your IT Support team and Gainsight IT Support.

Solution 3: Ensure that your browser doesn't have any extensions that only supports the allow listed domains. 

Can I import a theme from an existing survey?

Yes, you can import a theme from an existing survey to use in a new survey. For detail information on how to import a theme, refer to the Import Survey Theme article. 

Can I Add or Delete fields in the Survey Participants Grid?

Yes, you can Add and Delete the fields from Company / Relationship / Company Person / Relationship Person objects, as per your business need. For more information on how to Add or Delete the fields, refer to the Survey Statistics article.

In the Survey Analyze page, why am I not seeing the PARTIALLY_SAVED response of the participants who clicked the answer option in the Inline Survey email?

There is one possible case why you are unable to see the PARTIALLY_SAVED response:

Previously, when a participant clicked on the answer option, a response was recorded in the system as PARTIALLY_SAVED . At times, the system also recorded few responses as invalid, for example, a participant didn't respond to a survey, but still the NPS® response score was recorded as '0'. This behavior could potentially be due to anti-phishing scripts imparted within the corporate email servers.

To address this issue, following functional changes were implemented:

  • When participants click on the answer option in the Inline survey email, the Survey page opens in a separate window/tab, but the survey response is not recorded as PARTIALLY_SAVED.
  • If the Survey is composed of only one question,  the survey response would not be recorded until the participant submits it explicitly.
  • If the Survey has more than one question and if the participant attempts to answer any other question than the Inline question, then the responses would be recorded as PARTIALLY_SAVED due to Auto Save configuration. For more information on Auto Save configuration, refer to the Additional Configuration article. 
    Note: By default, Auto Save is enabled.
Can I Import and Analyze PX survey engagement responses in Gainsight Surveys?

Yes, you can Import and Analyze the PX survey engagement responses into Gainsight Surveys. For more information on how to import PX survey engagements into Gainsight Surveys, refer to the Gainsight PX Integration with Survey 2.0 article.

Can I Import PX survey engagements automatically to Gainsight Surveys?

Yes, you can Import the PX survey engagements automatically by enabling the Real Time Sync option. You can also perform a manual Import, if you wish to import selected PX survey engagements. For more information on how to enable/disable the Real Time Sync option, refer to the Gainsight PX Integration with Survey 2.0 article.

Which survey should I select between the Anonymous, Semi-Anonymous, and Non-Anonymous?

For more information on which survey to select between the Anonymous, Semi-Anonymous, and Non-Anonymous, refer to the Gainsight Community post.

Can I add a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) question type in a Survey?

Yes, you can add one CSAT question in a survey. For more information on how to add a CSAT Question in a Survey, refer to the Survey 2.0 Design article. 

Is Survey Text Analytics supported for non-english free text inputs?

Although Gainsight supports multilingual surveys, the Survey Text Analytics for an individual gainsight survey is supported only for the english text feeds. In other words, non-english free text responses won’t be considered for Survey Text Analytics.

Note that Text Analytics for multilingual surveys is supported in CX Center.

Why am I not able to scroll and view all NPS Survey Responses in the C/R 360 Survey Section?

In the 360 Survey Section, for NPS and CSAT Survey Responses, when there are multiple survey responses, a user can scroll down to fetch the next batch of responses. Technically this action is termed as “Infinite Scroll”.  There exists one off edge case randomly surfacing in Chrome Browser (typically observed on Windows platform) wherein the infinite scroll operation is stuck i.e. user is unable to fetch the next batch of responses. 

We suggest the following workaround(s) to circumvent this.

  • Check the Display resolution of your screen. Try to increase the resolution.
  • Zoom out the browser window and hard refresh the page.
  • Try switching to a different browser Firefox / Safari.

If the problem persists, please reach out to Gainsight support.

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