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Tutorial: Create Report to Track Status of Success Plan Over Time

This tutorial explains how an administrator can create a report to track the status of a success plan over time. In this tutorial, we will create a success plan report using a data space. We will create a data space on the Call to Action object that can eventually be used to generate a report to track the status of a success plan. The report can be used to view the number of objectives that are being met by each customer.

Create the Data Space

  1. Navigate to Administration > Operations > Data Spaces.
  2. Click +DATA SPACE.

Create the Data Space_Image 1.png

  1. From the Select Object drop-down list, select Call to Action.

Create the Data Space_Image 2.png

  1. Add fields to the dataspace as specified in the table below by clicking the Create Report to Track Status.png icon corresponding to the required field:

From Object

Calls to Action

Call to Action Name (Objective Name), Comments, Created Date, Account, Due Date, Assignee

From Fields

CTA Group

Action Plan, Plan Description, CTA Group Name, Closed Task Count, Success Plan Type, Status

CTA Group > Template



Account Name

Objective Category

Meta Info Name


Full Name, Manager ID

Assignee > Manager ID

Full Name


Picklist Name (Objective Status)

  1.  Add the following filter by clicking the Create Report to Track Status-filter-icon.png icon corresponding to the required field.

Call to Action > Assignee > Manager ID (current user)

  1. Enter the required name and description in the Name and Description fields respectively, and click SAVE.
    Note: Gainsight recommends you enter a meaningful name and description for the data space, as this name will appear in the Report Builder and other consumption areas while accessing the data space. 

Create the Report

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > Report Builder and select the data space you just created.

Create the Data Space_Image 3.png

  1. Click the + icon in the Show me field to view all the fields that you have added while creating the data space.

Create the Data Space_Image 4.png

  1. In the Show me field, select Objective Name (Call to Action Name). Set the aggregation method to count.
  2. In the By field, select Account Name and Objective Status (Picklist Name).

Note: Objective Name and Objective Status are the display names for the Call to Action Name and Picklist Name fields respectively.

  1. Add a date filter to view the success plans for a specific time-period (as required).
  2. Add a filter to view the success plans by its owner (as required).
  3. Select the required visualization type.
  4. Click Run. The required report is generated.

     Create the Data Space_Image 5.png
  5. You can view this report in the following ways:
  • Apply the “current user” filter and view the user’s dashboard.


  • Type-in any name (using the name filter) and view the status of the particular user.

You can also drill down the report by clicking on a specific data point. Additionally, the manager filter that was added while creating the data space gives you the option to view all of your team’s objectives and progress across customers.


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