This article walks you through how to add a new report type, to be utilized in Salesforce reporting. This enables you to report on additional Gainsight objects such as Call to Action, Surveys, etc. The below example explains how to create a report on Call to Actions (CTAs).

Creating Custom Report Type

To create a Custom Report Type:
  1. Navigate to Salesforce Setup page.


  1. Navigate to App Setup > Create and select Report Types.
Report Types.png
  1. Click New Custom Report Type.

New Report Type.png

Define the Custom Report Type

In this example, the Primary Object is Customers Info, and in the next step we add Accounts and Call to Action objects.

Naming the Report.png

Note: Under deployment, if you check "In Development", report type is not be visible to all users. Selecting "Deployed" activates the report type.

Define Report Records Set

The three related objects are: Customers Info, followed by Accounts and Call to Action.
Report Records Set.png

Review Custom Report Type

After selecting all of the objects, you can now see an overview of the newly created report type. You can even access fields from each object. To add more available fields for filtering and data points, click Edit Layout, next to Fields Available for Reports.
Edit Layout Report Type.png

Fields Available for Reports

Availabl Fields.gif

From the above view, you can see each object and the associated fields in it. To add additional fields from the lookup objects:

  1. Select the object on the right window.
  2. Click "Add Fields Related Via Lookup".
  3. Click the lookup field in the current object. You can now see the fields from the lookup object.
  4. Select the fields you would like to add and click OK.

Select Fields.gif

  1. Click Save after you have added all the fields. Your Custom Report Type is now created and is ready for use while creating new reports.

Edit Layout to add fields.gif

How to Create a Salesforce Report on CTAs

  1. Under the + button in the Salesforce ribbon, click Reports.
  2. Click New Report to create a report.
  3. Select the report type created above (Report type: Customer Info + Accts + Objects + Call to Action).

Create Salesforce Reports.gif

  1. Drag and drop the required fields from the left menu. In this example, I have chosen:  Account Name, Account Owner: Full Name, Call to Action Name, CTA Type Name, CTA Priority, CTA Reason, CTA Status and CTA Due Date.

Note: You can even search the specific fields in the top left search box.

CTA Report Run Report.png

5. Click Run Report to view the results of the report, and export as needed.