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CS Patch Release Notes: Version 6.35.X series

This document contains information about the new functionality, announcements, or fixes made to existing functionality in patch releases of the 6.35.1 and 6.35.2 versions.

Version 6.35.2, March 14, 2023


Success Snapshots

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Success Snapshots enables admins to generate PowerPoint presentations with customer data and graphs from Gainsight, using your own customized presentation (business review deck) uploaded to the Success Snapshot repository, and help CSMs run their customer meetings (such as EBRs and QBRs). Once a Success Snapshot template is created and saved, CSMs will be able to export them from C360 and R360 pages respectively.
Untitled.pngImproved Template Editor Experience

Admins can now experience the improved look and feel in the Success Snapshot template editor along with the enhanced functionalities. 

With this enhancement, admins can perform the following actions:

  • Modify the token and text properties from the Token Properties slide-out panel. Use formatting options to edit font style, size, and color that are available in the panel.
  • View the company and relationship hierarchies in a tree-like structure using the expand and collapse functionality. This provides a quick and comprehensive view of the hierarchies.
  • Use the horizonized toolbar for editing templates that makes the editor experience consistent with the other product areas of Gainsight.

These enhancements are auto-enabled for all the tenants who have migrated to the new Success Snapshots.

Success Snapshot_6.35 Patch Release.jpg

Version 6.35.1, February 23, 2023



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With Customer Success Qualified Leads , you can unlock a new pipeline source, expand your portfolio and showcase how Customer Success can be a growth engine for your business. CSQL is a purpose-built lead creation tool for CSMs. The leads are automatically enriched with CS insights and delivered to sales in their CRM helping CSMs to showcase their impact to revenue.
Send CSQLs to Salesforce as Opportunities

Users can now send CSQLs to Salesforce directly as Opportunities. This enhancement brings the following key benefits:

  • Simplified change management since the leads are already qualified to become opportunities. 
  • Accelerated expansion pipeline by syncing leads directly as opportunities.
  • Optimized process management due to reduced dependency on multiple teams for leads management.

Admins can configure this enhancement for CSMs by navigating to Administration > Leads > Sync Options.

CSQL Patch 6.35.png


Previous Version Details 

The Gainsight team works hard to provide new features, enhancements, and fix bugs. This section provides details of the work done in the previous release, these releases can either be patch or a scheduled major release.

Date Release Version Description
07 February 2023 (US) 6.35 Release Notes Version 6.35 January 2023