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Release Notes Version 6.31 February 2022

Gainsight Release Notes Version 6.31 contains the following subsections:

  1. Announcements: section describes important changes to the application that are implemented now or will be in the near future.
  2. Enhancements (per module): improvements made in the existing product capabilities.


  • From V6.25 release, a few changes have been implemented in the Release Notes structure. The modules are now categorized based on the following four product areas: Customer Success (CS)Customer Experience (CX)Revenue Optimization (RO), and Platform. The information/modules in each category is/are in alphabetical order. This is to ensure that the information in the release notes is more organized and easily searchable/consumable by our customers.
  • The GIFs in this document are in playable mode. Now you can play, pause, replay or stop the GIFs in this document. You can also click the Enter Full Screen icon on the play-bar to expand it for better readability. Refer to the following image.
  • 1._community_logo.png : This symbol indicates that an enhancement originated as a customer suggestion on the Gainsight Community.



IMPORTANT: This feature enhancement will be available three weeks after Jan 29, 2022.

Users can now add Gainsight Sally bot in Microsoft Teams. For more information, refer to the Gainsight Sally in Microsoft Teams section in the Release Notes.

Success Snapshot

All the Success Snapshot templates that were created using Success Snapshot 1.0 version will be deleted effective Feb 08, 2022.


Customer Success (CS)

Gainsight CS makes customers your best growth engine. Get a comprehensive view of your customers, understand trends and risks, and empower your team to scale with proven actions that deliver outcomes.

Adoption Explorer

Click here to expand for more information on Adoption Explorer
Adoption Explorer (AE) helps manage your customer’s usage data in the Gainsight environment, and surfaces the most relevant view of usage data across your customer base.
AE offers powerful segmentation capabilities to manage multiple product lines, more robust control of aggregations and calculations, and re-imagined visualizations to surface deep insights.
Customer’s usage data at Company and/or Person level can be stored with their entitlements on a daily and weekly level. Using the ingested data, admins can define new derived fields without the need of a Rules Engine.
Configure Usage Reports with Horizon Experience

Gainsight has now simplified the workflow for Usage Report configuration with improved labeling, navigation, and guided steps. Formerly known as Usage Sections, the Usage Reports help visualize the usage data for a configuration. The new workflow simplifies the way you build the usage reports and add them to the Dashboard.

Adoption Explorer simplification has been going on in phases. AE has two different user personas, admin who configures the reports/sources and end-user who builds them.. In the previous release, the dashboard was simplified for the end user. In this phase, AE has been enhanced to simplify the Create/Configure Usage Report task to reduce admin’s effort:

Admins now have the guided experience to configure usage reports and data in projects. With better and cleaner layout on the different Usage Report Type, each type now has a clear description that appears upon mouse hover. These describe how each type functions that helps the admins to choose the relevant type from the list. The Configuration and Customization sections are also simplified.

For more information about Usage Reports, refer to the Create Usage Report in a Dashboard article.

Data Designer

Click here to expand for more information on Data Designer
Data Designer makes it easier for you to discover richer, more meaningful insights from your customer data. It provides a simple, easy-to-use solution to merge and transform your data, then make it accessible across the Gainsight platform for further analysis and exploration.
Period over Period Comparison and Calculated Fields

Data Designer now supports the following formula fields:

  • Period Over Period Comparison: This function helps you to compare data between two defined periods such as usage metrics, or support cases.
  • Calculated Fields: This function helps you to perform two types of calculations:
    • Aggregation: Aggregation tasks lets you calculate the Maximum, Minimum, Count distinct, Sum, and/or an Average for a financial metric. For example, you can calculate the average MRR generated by a Company in a year.
    • Comparison: Comparison tasks lets you compare the performance of either two different financial metrics over a specific time period, or performance of a single metric over two different time periods.

For more information on Period Over Period Comparison, refer to the Period Over Period Comparison in Data Designer article.

For more information on Calculated Fields, refer to the Using Calculated Fields in Data Designer article.

Horizon Analytics

Click here to expand for more information on Horizon Analytics
As a company, you have plenty of customer data available, but the meaningful insights on these may be hard to find. You may have many teams that touch a customer, but no means to coordinate their actions.
Gainsight accumulates and turns disparate customer data from multiple sources into a single source of truth. Review the Customer data-driven insights and deploy actions that drive business outcomes for your clients.
Gainsight’s Horizon Analytics [Reports and Dashboards] are the reporting tools that power your business intelligence. They comprise several features that allow you to make the most of your data to generate business insights for your organization.
Renewal Center Widget in Horizon Dashboard

Admins can now add or remove Churn Forecast, Renewals Due by Health, and Late Renewals widgets to Gainsight Home and Renewal Center Dashboard. Admins can add or remove these widgets from the Horizon Dashboard Builder. Relevant Global Filters can be applied to all the Renewal Center widgets.

Note: The Renewal Center module is available for paid subscribers of the Renewal Center add-on package.

For more information on adding widgets to Dashboard, refer to the Configure Dashboards (Horizon Analytics) article.

unnamed (1).jpg

1._community_logo.png Enhanced Date and Time Filters

Horizon Analytics will now support a variety of new Date and  Date-Time filters to help refine data efficiently while building Reports and Dashboards. These filters will facilitate capturing data within date or time ranges originating in the present and extending upto your specified duration in the past or future.

For more information on applying filters in Dashboards & Reports, refer to the Dashboards Overview (Horizon Analytics) article.

unnamed (2).jpg

Export Pivot Reports

You can now export reports even when pivot is being applied to a column with a maximum of 53 unique fields. Click the Download Data option to export a report. If a pivot is applied on a column with more than 53 unique fields, you can choose to either export a pivot report with the first 53 fields, or download a flat report to retrieve the raw data.

You can also use the Share Report option to share a pivot Excel report.


  • You can download a pivot report only if you select the Share now option.
  • If a pivot is applied to a report with more than 53 unique records, by default a flat report with raw data is downloaded.


Click here to expand for more information on Sally
Powered by AI, Sally makes rich Gainsight data easily accessible through simple conversation. Not only can Sally provide answers to a diverse set of questions about your customers, Sally can also update customer data, provide information on health scoring, current risks, and opportunities. Your company can quickly collaborate on the latest customer intelligence to more rapidly deliver customer outcomes across all parts of your organization.
Gainsight Sally for Microsoft Teams
IMPORTANT: This feature enhancement will be available three weeks after Jan 29, 2022.

Users can now add the Gainsight Sally bot in Microsoft Teams to access rich Gainsight data through simple conversations.

For more information, refer to the Use Gainsight Sally in MS Teams (End-User) article.


  • Microsoft Teams must be configured by the Admin in Gainsight to access the Sally bot.
  • Only users with a Full Gainsight license can query for all Company and Relationship fields.

For more information, refer to the Configure MS Teams for Sally article.

unnamed (3).jpg


Click here to expand for more information on Timeline
Timeline is the official record of your customers. It allows you to log information regarding customer interactions in a way that enables you to quickly gather insights and drive action. The Timeline View in the Customer or Relationship 360 allows you to log and view activities that help you track customer interactions over the course of a customer’s life-cycle. You can share the updated 10-min. training on Timeline with your Gainsight end users!
Add External Attendees from Both Primary Context and Associated Records

While logging an activity, users can now add external attendees from the Company or Relationship  added as the Primary Context and the Company or Relationship added as the Associated Records. Users can type and search for the required attendees in the External Attendees field.

Note: You can add a Company or Relationship as the Primary Context by adding it in the Company/Relationship field.

For more information on how to add external attendees, refer to the Log Activities to Timeline article.

Customer Experience (CX)

Gainsight CX is a customer experience management solution that combines surveys, journey orchestration, and analytics to help businesses provide a best-in-class experience to their customers.


Click here to expand for more infromation on Survyes
With Surveys, you can create highly customized surveys that capture customer insights and transform them into actionable next steps for your organization. You can easily create multi-page surveys with a variety of question types, including multiple choice, matrix, and a standard NPS® question type. Surveys give admins the ability to design and distribute surveys in Gainsight without
1._community_logo.png Organize Surveys into Folder

Users can now create folders in Surveys > Listing page to organize surveys effectively. Gainsight provides a default folder called Uncategorized. Users cannot modify or delete this folder.

To create a new folder on the Survey page:

  1. In the Folders section, click the Add New Folder icon.
  2. (Optional) In the Add Folder dialog, select the folder under which you want to nest a new folder.
  3. In the Folder Name field, provide a name for the folder.
  4. Click SAVE.

You can also search, edit, Delete, and move any existing folders/sub-folders from one parent folder to another just by dragging except for the default Uncategorized folder.

Components Introduced and Modified in 6.31 Release

Gainsight has added/modified the following page in this release.


Permission Sets Added/Updated in 6.31 Release

With every new release, the Gainsight and SFDC permission sets are updated for several features to give access to new objects, fields, apex classes, and visualforce pages. In this release, the following Permission sets are modified:

  • Gainsight_Admin.permissionset
  • Gainsight_Special.permissionset
  • Gainsight_Standard.permissionset
  • Gainsight_View_Only.permissionset
  • Gainsight_Viewer.permissionset
  • Gainsight_Viewer_Analytics.permissionset

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