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CS Patch Release Notes: Version 6.13.X series

This document contains information about new functionality or issues that were resolved in patch releases of the 6.13 version.

Note: Releases are not always contiguous, and do not always contain customer-facing issues or enhancements.

Version 6.13.2 (Patch/Hotfix), Apr 21, 2020


Rules Engine

While loading data into the Gainsight object through the ‘Load to Gainsight Object’ Rule Action Type, Admins can now use the GSID field as a target in the field mappings and set it as an identifier. GSID can be used as an identifier for Update operation only. GSID was removed from the field mappings of the Load to Gainsight Object Action type recently, due to an issue and is available again now.

Business Use Case: When an Admin wants to take data outside of the Gainsight system, modify the data and re-upload the data into a Gainsight Object, they can now use GS ID as an identifier to update the fields that are modified from the source to target fields, through the Load to Gainsight Action type.

 To see this enhancement:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Operations > Rules Engine.

  2. Create a new rule or edit an existing Rule.

  3. Navigate to the Setup Action screen.

  4. Select Load to Gainsight Object as Action type.

  5. Select Update in Operation field. You can now add the GSID field as a target in the field mappings and set it as an identifier.

pasted image 0.png

For more information, refer to Setup Rule Action Types.

Issues Addressed


  • Milestone Edit and Delete Icons not Showing: The milestone section of the R360 was previously failing to display the edit and delete icons in the tabular view, and instead displayed white boxes.  This issue has now been resolved, and the milestone icons are displaying as expected.
  • Account Attributes for Contact Lookup not Saving: Account Attributes under the C360 were previously not saving for Contact Lookups. This issue has since been resolved, and Account Attributes are now saving as expected.
  • Show Milestone Option not Displaying: Previously, the show milestone option would not display in the Account Widget. This issue is now resolved, and the option displays as expected.

  • Unable to view Edit and Delete Options: The Edit and Delete options were not previously visible in the Usage Milestone section of the C360. It was still possible to complete these actions even when the options were not visible. This issue is now resolved, and these options display as expected.

  • Shared 360 Displaying Error: Previously, the Shared 360 occasionally displayed an error in the SFDC console window. This issue is now resolved, and the Shared 360 displays as expected.
  • Shared Dashboard Links Failing to Redirect: Account name links on the shared dashboard  were previously failing to redirect to the shared 360 as expected. This is now resolved, and the links redirect without issue.
  • Account Name not Populating: Previously, the account name was not auto-populating when users attempted to create a case in the SFDC console. This issue is now resolved, and the account name auto-populates as expected.

  • Text Formatting not Preserved in Attributes Section: The formatting for any text typed or copied into an R360 field was not previously preserved after the field was saved. This issue is now resolved, and the formatting stays as expected.

  • Unable to Edit Picklist Attribute Field: Previously, the C360 picklist attribute field could not be edited if it was marked Required at the SFDC configuration level. This issue is now resolved, and the attributes field can be edited as expected.


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