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CS Patch Release Notes: Version 6.8.X series

This document contains information about new functionality or issues that were resolved in patch releases of the 6.8 version.

Note: Releases are not always contiguous, and do not always contain customer-facing issues or enhancements.

Version 6.8.2 (Patch), November 19, 2019

Issues Addressed 


  • Unable to edit the title of the matrix question: Previously, some users were unable to edit the Question title of the Matrix Question type in Survey 2.0. This issue is resolved now and users can edit the Question title.

  • Unable to reset Survey Flattening in Survey 1.0 : In Survey 1.0 Lightning mode, previously, when some users tried resetting the Survey Flattening, it resulted in an error. This issue is fixed and users can reset Survey Flattening.

Rules Engine 

  • Values in Numeric Case Statements Restricted to two Decimal places: Previously, when you used values in Numeric Case statements that had more than two floating-point values, the floating-point numbers were truncated and only two numbers were displayed. This issue is now resolved and floating-point numbers are not truncated.  
  • Unable to preview Rules when CST and UTC were on different dates: Previously, when CST and UTC dates were different, you could not preview the rule. This issue is now resolved and you can preview the rule, even if CST and UTC dates are different. 

  • Habits Report Displayed Inaccurate Values: Previously, when you performed aggregation on Habits Reports, the report returned inaccurate values in the tabular format. This issue is now resolved and habits reports now display accurate values.
  •  Measure Filters Displayed Picklist Values When Scorecard Filter Applied: Previously, when you applied Scorecard filters in a Standard report, the picklist displayed values from Measures. This issue is now resolved and the Standard report now displays accurate values. 
  • Unable to Apply Conditional Operator in Conditional Wait: Previously, Conditional operator, apart from ‘equals to’ (=), was not getting applied in conditional wait step in the email. This issue is resolved now and users can apply any conditional operator in the Conditional Wait step.

  • In the User Management > Slack > Avatar Name (ex: Gainsight) page, when you have navigated to the next page from the first page, user records were not displayed. Instead, the screen displayed the message “No records available”. This issue is resolved now and you can see the Slack Avatar user records as expected.

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Version 6.8.1 (Patch), November 12, 2019

The items which were planned for the V6.8.1 patch release and hotfix were rolled into the Version 6.8 customer release.

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