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Release Notes Version 5.13 April 2018

Gainsight Release Notes Version 5.13 contains the following subsections:

  1. Enhancements (per module)
  • Automatic Updates that do not require Admin configuration.
  • Incremental Improvements to existing features that require some Admin configuration.
  1. New Features wholly new features in Gainsight which may require the Admin to setup new processes or re-think existing processes.
  2. New Components which are introduced and modified in every release.
  3. Permission Sets section contains the list of the updated Gainsight and SFDC permission sets for several features in a release.
  4. Issues Addressed section contains issues which are fixed in this release and also issues reported by customers.

Feature Enhancements

Activity Timeline

Incremental Improvements

  1. SFDC.png Introducing a new Timeline tab in Gainsight: A new Timeline tab is introduced in Gainsight that serves as a central repository to view/edit all of the timeline activities created in different modules of the Gainsight application for all customers. In the new global timeline, you can see timeline entries and drafts created from the C360, R360, and Cockpit. The view in the new Timeline tab enables leadership to quickly understand the most significant events and activities across the account/relationship, as well as helps them prepare for customer meetings. Along with preparation of meetings, the global Timeline also helps Admins/CSMs in their day-to-day work, to see updates about all of their customers in a central place.

Admins must enable the Timeline tab in Administration > Activities and Timeline

Note: You cannot create a new timeline activity from the Timeline tab. 

Activity Timeline 1.png

To enable the global Timeline tab in Gainsight:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Activities and Timeline
  2. In the GENERAL SETTINGS tab > Global, select the Timeline Primary Tab check box to enable the Timeline tab. An information message appears.
  3. Click OK to enable the Timeline tab. 

Activity Timeline 2.gif

  1. After enabling the Timeline tab, you also need to add the Timeline tab as a Salesforce Tab. To add a tab manually: 
    1. Click All Tabs
    2. Click Customize My Tabs button. 
    3. In the Available Tabs section, select Timeline and click Add
    4. Click Save.

Note: You can also add the tabs to all end-users using profiles, refer to the SFDC article Turn on a specific tab.  

Activity Timeline 3.gif

IMPORTANT: In this release, Permission Settings are not honored in the Timeline tab. End-users in your org will be able to view all of the activities from all accounts/relationships. If you are using Gainsight and/or SFDC permissions to control access to relationship or account records, the new Timeline tab will not honor those permissions. 

Activity Timeline 4.png

  1. Community icon.png SFDC.png Make fields mandatory while creating an activity: Admins can mark fields in activity layouts as mandatory. You can mark standard and custom fields as mandatory and add them to the Activity Form. Making a field mandatory ensures that the user provides an input before saving the activity.

  • You can save a draft of the activity without entering a value in the mandatory fields.
  • A check box field cannot be marked as mandatory, as it always carries a value (for example, either True or False).
  • If you have a date-time field, you can mark the field as mandatory to ensure the sync process to Salesforce is smooth.

To create or add a mandatory field:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Activities and Timeline.
  2. Add or edit an activity type. Click + Activity Type. The Add Activity Type dialog appears.
  3. Add info in the required fields. 
  4. In the Configure Layout section, click + FIELD
  5. Select the field type and type a name for the field.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Settings icon and select the Mandatory check box. 

Activity Timeline 5.png

  1. Click SAVE.
  2. If users try to save the activity without providing an input in the mandatory field, the editor displays an error message.

Activity Timeline 6.png

Automatic Updates

  1. SFDC.png Denoting Timeline entry source in the new Timeline tab: In the new Timeline tab, you can view activities from the C360, R360, and Cockpit in one place. Entries are preceded by the following icons:
  • CTA: indicates the Timeline entry is from Cockpit. 
  • C: indicates the Timeline entry is from the C360. 
  • R: indicates Timeline entry is from the R360. 

Activity Timeline 7.png

  1. Community icon.png SFDC.png Editing Activities from Timeline: You can edit the timeline entries created from any source (C360/R360/Cockpit) in the new Global Timeline area, if you created the activity. Previously, the ability to edit timeline activities from other areas was not possible. You can also edit/delete activities and drafts created from Cockpit Timeline in the C360/R360 Timeline pages.
  2. SFDC.png Enhanced Search in Global Timeline: In the new Timeline tab, you can search using the following elements in both activities and drafts:
  • Account / Relationship / CTA names
  • Notes
  • Activity names
  • Subject names
  • Author name (name of the person who created the activity)
  • Relationship name
  • Relationship Type
  • Attachment name

After you search using a keyword, the timeline entries will be filtered based on the keyword.

Activity Timeline 8.png

  1. SFDC.png Basic filtering capabilities in the new Timeline tab: The new Timeline tab is equipped with basic filtering capabilities. Using the filter icon, you can filter by Account, Relationship Type, Author (Created By), Activity Type, and so on.

Activity Timeline 9.png

  1. Account - type an account name in the text box. You can also type multiple account names.
  2. Activity Dates (From and To) - select an operator and select a from date and to date at this field.
  • Equals
  • Between
  • Greater than
  • Lesser than
  1. Author - You can search for the activity by typing the name of the user in the text box. You can also search using multiple user names.
  2. Activity Type - filter the activity type by selecting from Global, account, and relationship activity types.
  3. Relationship Type - filter the activities by relationship types. You can also filter using multiple relationship types.
  4. Relationship - filter the activities by relationships. You can also search using multiple relationships.
  5. After selecting the required fields, click APPLY.
  6. Click CLEAR to clear all of the filters. 


  1. SFDC.png Navigate from the new Timeline tab to other areas automatically: As the new Timeline tab contains entries from different modules of Gainsight, options are provided to automatically navigate easily to the respective areas. Full context of the activity is shown in the header of the Activity Editor and you can click on the text to navigate to the respective page.
    1. Clicking CTA subject navigates to the Cockpit page.
    2. Clicking Relationship name navigates to the R360 page. 
    3. Clicking Account name navigates to the C360 page.

When you hover on the Timeline text, you can see that it is a Relationship as shown in the following image. If you click on Timeline, you will be navigated to the R360 page. Similarly, if you click on AAR Corp, you will be navigated to the C360 page.

Activity Timeline 10.png

Clicking on AAR Corp will navigate you to the account’s C360 page.

Activity Timeline 11.png

6. View CTA details in associated Activity: If an activity is created from Cockpit > Timeline, you can view the CTA details by clicking the subject of the activity.

  • If an activity is created from Cockpit, a CTA label appears.
  • Along with the CTA label, you can see the Account information and the CTA information.
  • Click the CTA information to view the CTA.

Timeline to CTA Navigation.gif    


Incremental Improvements

  1. SFDC.png Post to timeline using Sally for Slack: Users can now post an activity to a customer’s timeline in Gainsight using Sally in Slack. This feature gives users more options to post while on-the-go, as they can post to timeline directly from the mobile Slack app.

    Users can send the following command as a direct message to Sally: “Post to timeline of <customer name>”

    You will then be prompted to select the type of activity you would like to post.

Sally 1.png

After selecting the activity type, an additional dialog box will appear asking for the Activity’s Subject, Date, Time, and any notes you would like to add. Some types of activity, such as a meeting or call, will ask for the duration in minutes.

Sally 2.png

After this is filled out, click Submit, and the activity will be posted to the customer’s timeline.

Sally 3.png

Users can also post to the timeline of a Relationship using the following command: “Post to timeline of Relationship <relationship Name> of <customer name>“


  • This feature does not support all timeline fields, such as attendees, because of the limitations of Slack’s dialogue box.
  • Attachments are not supported.
  • The user’s image will not be displayed in the timeline along with any activity posted using Sally at this time. We hope to fix this in a future release.
  • Users cannot post from a channel. This limitation is intentional.

Components Introduced and Modified in 5.13 Release

There is one tab  is introduced.

The following permission sets are modified:

  • Gainsight_Admin.permissionset
  • Gainsight_Standard.permissionset
  • Gainsight_View_Only.permissionset

One application is introduced.

Issues Addressed

User Management

  • MDA.png Email Notification feature on adding new users is disabled: While adding new users into the Gainsight User object via User Management page, new users were notified through an email automatically that a new user record is created for them. This feature is disabled now and users will not be notified automatically on adding them into Gainsight User object.

Activity Timeline

  • SFDC.png Check box field in the Activity Editor screen now stores the selected value: If you have a checkbox field in the Activity Editor screen, and you select a value, previously the value was not getting saved in the Activity Timeline object. Now this issue is resolved and the values selected in the checkbox is saved.

Rules Engine

  • SFDC.png Unable to set decimal places to Zero in the Formula Field: In the Rule setup page of the Transformation task, decimal places value in the Formula Fields could not be set to Zero. This issue is now resolved and the Formula Field functionality is working as expected.
  • MDA.png Failure of Month end based calculations in the Filters for the month of February: When you applied the operator Add or Subtract N months from End of Month in the Filters section to the Month End Date field for the month of February, the dates were not calculated properly. This occured as February has 28 days that lead to incorrect date calculations. This issue is resolved for the month of February and for the rest of the months, the dates are calculated as expected.
  • MDA.png When you use two fields with the same name from two different objects (that are joined) in the setup Rule page, when the rule is run, incorrect values are shown in these fields in the Rule preview page. This issue is now resolved and it is working as expected.
  • SFDCnMDA.png Bionic rule preview shows results (DateTime values) in a different time zone, even though the Gainsight time zone and Oauth user timezone are same. This issue is now resolved and it is working as expected.
  • SFDCnMDA.png Relationship Id (lookup) could not be fetched from right dataset in a Merge dataset configured in the setup Rule page to see all the Action types in the Setup Action page. This issue is now resolved and Relationship Id (lookup) can now be fetched from right dataset in a Merge dataset.

Known Issues

Activity Timeline

  • SFDCnMDA.png Context of the activities created from Email Assist: The heading of activities created from Email Assist will be available only after 24 hours as a scheduler runs every 24 hours to sync the context data.

Known Issues 1.png

The following icons are used in this article:

Icon used in this Doc



This symbol indicates that the enhancement was made only in MDA


This symbol indicates that the enhancement was made in both MDA and SFDC


This symbol indicates that the enhancement was made only in SFDC

Community icon.png

This symbol indicates that an enhancement originated as a customer suggestion on the Gainsight Community

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