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Release Notes Version 5.11 February 2018: Summary List

This article contains a high level summary of the enhancements included in the 5.11 February 2018 release of Gainsight, and links to articles with more detailed descriptions.

  • MDA.png This symbol indicates that the enhancement was pushed only to MDA.
  • SFDCnMDA.png This symbol indicates that the enhancement was pushed to both MDA and SFDC.
  • SFDC1.png This symbol indicates that the enhancement was made only in SFDC in this release.
  • Community icon.pngThis symbol indicates that an enhancement originated as a customer suggestion on the Gainsight Community.


CoPilot (Advanced Outreaches)

Automatic Updates

  • Community icon.pngTemplates for in-line Survey questions are now available to include with an Advanced Outreach. See In-Line Survey Overview.

Incremental Improvements

Cockpit/Playbooks/Success Plans

Automatic Updates

  • SFDC1.png R360/C360 > Cockpit > Account names no longer appear for Relationship CTAs.

  • SFDC1.png Flexibility to rename Risk CTA type and define Objective layouts for each account/relationship.

  • SFDC1.png Flexibility to configure a Default CTA type for Zendesk (new field) In Administration > Calls to Action > Account tab > Call to action type section.

  • SFDC1.png Configure multiple Objective CTA types in Success Plans.

Incremental Improvements

Activity Timeline

Automatic Updates

Rules Engine

Automatic Updates

  • Community icon.png Ability to see the Description of a Bionic Rule Action in the Action Header.

Incremental Improvements

  • MDA.png Use files in the Gainsight S3 bucket and create a dataset task in Bionic Rules. See S3 Dataset Task in Bionic Rules.

  • MDA.png Send emails using Marketo from Bionic Rules with the new action type Send Email using Marketo. See Send Email Using Marketo.

  • MDA.png Community icon.png Multi-select dropdown list data type fields are supported on MDA objects in Bionic Rules.

  • MDA.png Community icon.pngMore String operators are added in Formula Builder.

  • MDA.png Community icon.png Five Statistical functions are introduced in Bionic Rules. See Statistical Functions in Bionic Rules section in Formula Builder.

  • MDA.png  Add more Derived Mappings in Load to Company/Relationship Person action type. See Data Import Lookup, Setup Rule Action Types.

Data Management

Automatic Updates

  • SFDCnMDA.png New Item ‘System’ added in the SystemType dropdown list to identify a user as a system type.

  • SFDCnMDA.png Two new data types Who ID and What ID are introduced in Gainsight Data Management to create new fields in custom objects. See Supported_Data_Types and Who ID & What ID support in Reporting' section in the 5.11 Release Notes.


Incremental Improvements

  • SFDC1.png Two new data types Who ID and What ID are introduced in Gainsight Data Management. These two data types are now supported in Reporting. See the Incremental Improvements subsection under Data Management in 5.11 Release Notes.

  • SFDC1.png List of CTA Group Names are now hyperlinked to redirect to the respective Success Plan from Administration > Report Builder > +REPORT.

  • SFDCnMDA.png While moving dashboards from one folder to another, only up to 50 dashboards can be moved at a time.

Scorecard 2.0

Automatic Updates

  • MDA.png Community icon.png View Scorecard 2.0 health scores in the Zendesk widget directly. Previously, if Scorecards 2.0 was the primary scorecard, you could not view scorecard information in Zendesk.

  • MDA.png Scorecard information (Created By, Modified By, and Score Modified By) is now linked to GS User standard object. See Configure_Scorecards_(2.0).


Automatic Updates

  • MDA.png Changes in the Gainsight Connect Sync to the MDA object User. See Standard Profiles.

  • MDA.png Migrate data jobs in Segment 1.0 to Segment 2.0.
    Note: Gainsight does not support configuring new data jobs in Segment 1.0 after your org is upgraded to V5.10.


Automatic Updates

  • Use Gainsight Sally to query for relationship information.

Cross-org Migration

Automatic Updates

  • Run Delta Process now enables admins to compare what exists in the source org with what exists in the target org before running a migration. See Cross-Org Migration > Procedure.

  • Migrate success plan templates (Account and Relationship) using the Cross-org migration tool.

  • Migrate MDA joins and custom fields within standard objects.

  • Re-run a migration after it is completed. The re-run can be initiated from the Migration List under Administration > Migration. See Cross-Org Migration > Procedure.


Automatic Updates

  • Track the number of views by each user with whom the layout was shared From Customer 360 > Share 360 > [Click on users icon]. See Shared 360 Overview (For CSMs).

Additional Resources

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