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Release Notes Version 5.11 February 2018: New Components, Permissions, and Issues Addressed/Known Issues

Components Introduced and Modified in 5.11 Release

The following pages are introduced:


The following permission sets are introduced:

  • Gainsight_View_Only.permissionset
  • Gainsight_Standard.permissionset
  • Gainsight_Special.permissionset
  • Gainsight_Admin.permissionset

The following objects are modified:

  • GSRelationshipType__c.object
  • ApplicationSettings__c.object
  • AssociatedRecord__c.object
  • GSCockpitView__c.object
  • StatePreservation__c.object
  • CTA__c.object

Permission Sets updated in 5.11 Release

With every new release, the Gainsight and SFDC permission sets are updated for several features to give access to new objects, fields, apex classes, and visualforce pages. The following table lists the components for which the Admin, Standard, Read-only, and/or Special permission sets are updated in this release.



Admin (Yes/No)

Limited (Yes/No)

Special (Yes/No)

Standard (Yes/No)







GSRelationshipType__c.object (Field length increased)





ApplicationSettings__c.object (Field length increased)





(Added fields-AOParticipantId__c





CTA__c.object (Field length increased)
(Added fields-DisplayOrder__c)





(Added fields- EntityType__c





(Added fields- EntityType__c





Issues Addressed

CoPilot (Advanced Outreaches)

  • Format changes to Email Templates in Internet Explorer can now be applied as expected.
  • Style changes to the text within Email Template buttons is now honored. Previously these changes would revert back after being saved.
  • Bullet point text in Email Templates now remains consistent after the outreach is sent.
  • Power Lists can be used as data sources for Account Data Spaces as expected.
  • Field is now visible under filters for Power Lists created on an MDA object.
  • Advanced Outreaches can only be saved when a valid email address is added in the Email Address field. Previously this could be saved when dummy text was entered.


  • If you add a summary to C360, you can see the updates right away. Previously, there was a delay in displaying the summary.
  • Issue while configuring Gainsight’s Visual Force pages is now fixed.
  • In the C360 > Summary section, formula field displays correctly now.
  • Report stickiness is added to reports added to C360 sections. If you select a report in the C360 > Report section, when you revisit, you can see the report that was selected previously.
  • Issue with Gainsight logo hyperlink is fixed is Account Widget. Now you can navigate from Account widget to Gainsight home by clicking on the logo.
  • Issue in displaying currency for Relationships is fixed in R360.
  • Issue with NPS® scoring is fixed with this release.
  • An issue with Custom Labels added to C360 is now fixed.
  • Ability to edit OwnerId value from Attributes section is possible now.
  • Issue with not being able to select Opportunity Widget in 360 Layouts is now fixed.
  • Issue with filtering in C360 > Usage section > Adoption is fixed with this release.

Scorecards 2.0

  • Issue in Configure Exceptions dialog is now fixed.
  • In a report created on Account Scorecard Fact object, issue in Date format is fixed.
  • In the Scorecard Mass-Edit report, now you can see the Comments correctly.
  • In C360 > Scorecard 2.0, the score modified now shows the timezone correctly.
  • Issue in filters of Account Scorecard History report is fixed.
  • Issue with the URL of Company in Scorecard Mass Edit report is now fixed.
  • In the Scorecard Mass-Edit report, issue with performing Search on Stage field is now fixed.


  • The NPS® Widget will show the correct average NPS® score as expected.
  • The Survey Response page will navigate to the correct first question. Previously it was navigating directly to the second question.
  • Answers can be submitted to Internal Survey questions as expected.

Rules Engine

  • In the Administration > Rules Engine > Setup Action page, after you click +ACTION, Select Task dialog appears. When you click enter instead of clicking the OK button, the task is not selected and the page freezes. This issue is now resolved and the Setup Action functionality is working as expected.

  • In the Administration > Rules Engine > Bionic Rules > Schedule page, in the Schedule type Advanced, in the Send notification email section, On Failure and On Success labels did not appear. This issue is fixed now and the Bionic Rules Advanced Schedule page displays as expected.

  • When you have only created Bionic Rules in the Rules Engine, if you apply filter Action type, the action types were not populated in the search box. This issue is now resolved and filter functionality in Rules Engine is working as expected.

  • Earlier, you could add Date or DateTime fields in the Pivot on section in the Administration > Rules Engine (Bionic) > Setup Rule > Pivot Task page. When you saved the task, you could see an error message showing as invalid DateTime value. After winter Release, you no longer can add Date or DateTime fields in the Pivot on section.

  • Issue with field mapping when custom labels are present is now fixed.

  • In the custom rules, calculated field set to negative value in the action criteria shows as undefined In the Preview Rule page. This issue is now resolved and the custom rules on this use case are working as expected.

  • In the Bionic Rules related to Relationship, Filter on the CTA::CTA type field shows different options in the Setup Rule page (Global + Relationship type CTA types) and the Setup Action page (Global CTA types). This issue is now resolved and Rules on this use case are working as expected.

  • Case::Contact Email field was not available in the Bionic Rules. This issue is resolved now.

Sponsor Tracking

  • Report on sponsor being tracked shows duplicate records. This issue is fixed now.


  • Issue with GS Relationship fields appearing stacked is now fixed.

  • Tasks in C360 > Success Plan were not syncing to SFDC when Objectives were added in draft state and then set to Active, sync was not visible in expansion of the Objectives or where objectives appeared, were not synced with SFDC. This issue is resolved now.


  • A rule to trigger CTAs and a linked object for the specific CTA type; when the rule is triggered (live run), it creates a CTA with ID linked to the CTA layout (associated linked object ID). Previously, when you rerun the rule, it showed that the CTA was updated, but the excel sheet generated was displayed as blank for the associated ID (linked object ID).
    The reason why the linked object column was not populated in the excel was the existing CTAs were being returned when they matched for unique criteria and existing CTAs did not have the linked object fields populated. This issue is now resolved by adding a new column in excel sheet to show whether it is a new or existing CTA that is being returned in the results to avoid confusion. The linked object columns data in excel sheet for existing CTAs are not shown any more as the linked objects fields will not be updated.

  • In Customer 360 > Cockpit section > [select the task] > [navigate to task notes] and when you tried to type in the contact field, it did not allow you to type the values listed in the drop-down list. This was a usability issue and now it is fixed.

  • CTA ‘due date’ now renders properly when there are dependent tasks created through Rules Engine.

  • When you created a rule to create Call to Action (CTA) and ensured that the case object is linked to it, mapped case to case:ID while setting up the rule, no reference value was created for the case while building a report on the case object. The reference value was created only when the case was linked to the CTA manually and not through Rules. This issue is now fixed.
    Note: Linking of the CTA to Case bidirectionally through rules is now working as expected. When bidirectional is turned on, the related field in the case object gets populated correctly.

  • When you switch to Gainsight Mobile App, ideally, in Cockpit tab it should show My CTAs which were assigned to you as logged in user; but it was displaying ALL CTAs irrespective of the current logged in user. This issue is now resolved as it now shows ‘My CTAs, unsnoozed CTAs, and Objective CTAs in Cockpit mobile.

  • Previously, when you had multiple currency enabled in Cockpit, you created an opportunity that had multiple currency options but this was not same as corporate currency in company information. Link Opportunity object in Calls to Action config and add "Amount" field in the group as shown in the following image. The Amount field is shown in corporate currency when you create a CTA.


  • It is working fine now when Chatter is enabled and loading a Detail View,  and also when adding a post and attaching a file in Chatter and opening CTA Detail.


  • Sorting was not working on currency field when value was "0". In Account field, when you added some of the Accounts of ARR value as 0, some null, and some with some ARR values, the sorting option was not functioning as expected. This issue has been addressed and fixed now.

  • Previously, when you navigated to Gainsight 360 > Usage Details > Report [select G360: Last 30 days Page Views (example)], column sorting was not applied properly (example, for Customers-Customers column) as there were some issues in sorting the tabular data for few pivoted reports. This issue is fixed now.


  • Success Snapshot was not applying filters correctly. The report linked to the Success Snapshot is now Sorted to show the top five users only. This is not reflected in the Export of the Success Snapshot.

  • When you created a report on CTA group (as Source object), added Account Name, Owner Name, Owner Id Name, Cancellation Date (account) in the Show me area, and run the report, the report was always sorting based on the Account Name instead of applying Ranking on Cancellation date or any field such as Billing Country. This issue is now resolved.


  • The pie chart  report was not functioning correctly as the hover text of the tooltip was overlapping the ability to click the text label. This issue is now resolved and working as expected. Now you can select/deselect the legends by clicking on anywhere on the legend.


  • When you created a report using Scorecard Fact (source object), added Current Score value in the Show me section and "Account Name" and "Metric Id Name" fields in the By section, and applied pivot on Metric Id Name field, sorting is not working as expected for the pivoted field. This issue is now resolved.


  • Calendar view in the report filter was showing incorrect day/date for some users when switched to ‘Lightening’ view, and created new report as shown in the following image. This issue is now resolved and working as expected.



  • Sorting on date field is always showing from Ascending to Descending (Oldest to Newest) instead of ‘newest-to-oldest’ format and the same is shown in C360 sections. This issue is resolved now and the default sort order for date will be in latest to old dates.

  • Dashboard advanced filter condition is not retained and defaulting to AND always. Example, filter A (filter from report) and filter B and C where B & C are advanced filter conditions, you apply A AND (B or C) and click APPLY, it redirected to A AND B AND C. This issue is now resolved.

Known Issues


  • Labels in the C360 section do not load properly.
  • Send Email as Attachment toggle does not work properly. The toggle is always set to ON state automatically.


  • If any linked object (example, Opportunity) in CTA where user does not have Create permission, it will not show create-new-record option. But this was not functioning correctly as CTA detail view giving the option to create a new record (+CREATE NEW) in spite of not having Create permission. User was presented with a screen with all read only fields and was unable to cancel this view. The simple workaround is to close and open detail view (refresh).
  • Known Issue 1: Linked Object 
  1. Associated records which have different currency than the default one
  2. Delink the record and immediately click in Create New

    Issue: In the form the default currency is coming as the Previous value, instead of the default one (refreshing the page and creating new record is working)
  • Known Issue 2: Success Plan
  1. Add Currency field and Currency ISO type in the layout 
  2. Navigate to Success Plan > Plan Info > Edit the layout and change only ISO type field

    Issue: Changing of ISO type field is not updating the value and currency symbol, after refreshing the page its working fine.

Rules Engine

  • If you perform an aggregation on a field and then group by a field, the task does not get saved.
  • In Bionic Rules - You can save a Load to Relationship Related Action without specifying an identifier. This is an existing issue.
  • In a Relationship Rule, you cannot change an action to Load to Success Plan action.
  • Custom fields added in the GS Relationship object can be added as Show Fields without specifying them as Attributes in Relationship Type.
  • The execution order of rules in the Timeline View are presented in a random order.
  • SFDC Multipicklist and MDA Multi select dropdown list cannot be used in a Merge Task. This limitation also exists for SFDC Picklist and MDA dropdown list.


NPS, Net Promoter, and Net Promoter Score are registered trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld.


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