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Patch Release Notes: Version 5.10.X

Please note, releases will not always be contiguous, and do not always contain customer-facing issues or enhancements. At times, a release number is skipped due to SFDC restrictions on what can be released as a patch, or patches may be consolidated into a single customer-facing release.

Version 5.10.13, February 20, 2018 

  •  A single escalation was fixed in V5.10.13 for one customer. The item will be included in a patch for all customers in an upcoming patch.

Version 5.10.12, February 02, 2018


  • Ability to add more number of Attribute fields to Relationship Type Config: In Administration > Relationships > [Click config icon of a Relationship Type], you can now add more attribute fields. Previously, you could not add more number of attribute fields in the relationship type configuration as Selected Fields. The attribute fields size is now increased so that you can add more number of Selected Fields to the Relationship Type configuration.


Version 5.10.11, January 24, 2018

  •  A single escalation was fixed in V5.10.11 for one customer. The item will be included in a patch for all customers in an upcoming patch.

Version 5.10.10, January 24, 2018

Data Management/Connectors

  • Unable to update Email Addresses in Mixpanel 2.0 data jobs: When the existing email addresses were updated or new email addresses were added for notifications in the Mixpanel 2.0 data jobs, the changes were not saved. This issue is now resolved and changes to the email addresses are saved as expected.


  • Long load times for R360/Scorecard section: Previously, the R360 Scorecard section was taking longer to load than expected and as a result is timing out. This has been resolved, and this section loads as expected.

Version 5.10.9, January 12, 2018

  • A single escalation was fixed in V5.10.9 for one customer. The item will be included in a patch for all customers in an upcoming patch.

Version 5.10.8, January 9, 2018


  • Sally now supports querying Relationship level information: The word Relationship needs to be added to every relationship query. You can query the following relationship information from Sally:
    • Summary 

    • Activities

    • CTAs (User + Relationship level) - if you query for my ctas the ctas created on account and relationship level will be provided to you.

    • Health Score

    • Attributes

    • Sponsor Tracking

    • NPS® Survey Response for a Relationship

You can use the following commands in Sally to get relationship level information:  

  • Show me summary for Relationship <<relationship name>> of <<account/customer name>> - Use this command if you are sure about the relationship name and also the account/customer name. 


  • Show me summary for Relationship <<relationship name>> - Use this command if you are not sure about the account/customer name. 
    For more information on using Sally, see Using Gainsight Sally in Slack.

Version 5.10.7, January 3, 2018


  • Unable to map to a specific Relationship ID in reports for Relationship type outreaches: Previously, when trying to use the mapping filter for a report in a Relationship type outreach, it was not possible to map to a specific Relationship ID and instead the filter would always revert to a default mapping. This issue was an escalation that is now fixed in V5.10.7 for one customer and it is now possible to map the filter to a specific Relationship ID.

Version 5.10.6, December 26, 2017


  • Relationship name not displayed as hyperlink in reports: If a dataspace is created on the Call to Action object and the Relationship field is included, and a report is created on this dataspace where the Relationship field is added in the Show me section, then the Relationship is not displayed as a hyperlink.

The issue has now been resolved, and the required relationships are displayed as hyperlinks.


  • Submit button not functioning in case of page branching: Previously, in case of page branching in surveys, if the skipped page (due to page branching option selection) had mandatory questions, you were not able to submit the survey. This issue has now been resolved.

Version 5.10.5, December 18, 2017


  • Success Snapshot not honoring customer filter: Previously, when a Success Snapshot was exported from Customer360, some of the slides contained reports that were not filtered by the account, although the “Filter data for individual customers” checkbox was selected. The issue is resolved, and customer filters are honored in reports added in Success Snapshots.
  • Show me fields in Report Builder displaying HTML content: Previously, for a report built on the Case object with a custom formula text field, when you tried to select the Show me fields, HTML characters were displayed in the list, and you were unable to select the required field.


The issue is resolved, and HTML content is no longer displayed in the Show me list.

  • Lookup fields with clickable link are opening as R360: Previously, if any lookup field (created on GS Relationship object) is included in a report, and is displayed as a clickable link, then on clicking the link, you were navigated to the R360 page instead of the actual record. The issue is resolved. 
  • Drill down on dashboards & reports is directing users to the Customer360 search rather than Account Name: For reports containing a user lookup field in the By section, when you drill down by Account Type and click on any of the records, it navigates you to the Customer360 search page, rather than the Account Name record page. The issue is resolved, and the appropriate Account Name page is displayed.
  • Report data was not displayed for users in different locales. The issue is resolved, and reports are displayed for users in different locales.
  • Previously, you were not able to export MDA reports when there were high number of columns in the exported ppt. This has now been resolved and exporting of reports is working as expected.

  • Email Exports of Dashboards: Previously, When you navigated to Gainsight tab > Management Dashboard and attempted to EXPORT dashboard, you were unable to export Dashboards when the dashboard reports contained more than eight columns.
  • This issue is now resolved and if the number of columns are equal/greater than eight, only those rows that fits in a slide will be displayed and other rows will show in next slides. The SEND NOW and SEND TEST EMAIL options in the Email Dashboard window are also working fine now.


  • Mapped tokens are not working in Email Assist when it contains links: Previously, mapped tokens in Email Assist were not working when the email template contained a link. The issue is resolved, and mapped tokens containing links are working as intended. 

    Note: The given fix only works for Email templates 2.0.

Data Management

  • New Fields can now be created in the ‘Email Logs’ object: Users were not able to create new fields in the Email Logs object. This issue is now resolved. Navigate to Data Management > [Select Email Logs] > [Click ADD FIELD] > [Enter the required information] > [Click ADD and SAVE]. A new field is created.


Activity Timeline

  • Custom MDA picklist fields can now be sorted properly: Previously, custom MDA picklist fields added to Activity Timeline did not get sorted correctly. This issue is now fixed and you can sort the custom picklist fields in Administration > Data Management > Picklist path and also see the sorted order in the activity editor. 


  • R360 now filters reports if two objects are mapped to the same associated object: Previously, filters in R360 did not work properly if two objects are mapped to the same associated object. 
  • R360 will filter correctly now if associated object mappings are present and the field used for mapping has a null value.

Version 5.10.4, November 29, 2017

A single escalation was fixed in V5.10.4 for one customer. The item will be included in a patch for all customers in an upcoming patch.

Version 5.10.1 - 5.10.3 November 28, 2017

The fixes which were planned for the V5.10.1, 5.10.2, and V5.10.3 Patch Releases are rolled into the Version 5.10 Customer Release.

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