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Release Notes Version 5.9 September 2017: Permissions, Components, and Issues

New Components Introduced

The following pages are introduced:


The following static resource is introduced:

  • Optimized_User.resource-meta.xml

The following classes are introduced:

  • BuildParameters.cls
  • BuildParameters.cls-meta.xml

The following objects are modified:

  • Survey__c.object
  • CTA__c.object
  • SurveyParticipant__c.object
  • Dashboard__c.object

The following objects are introduced:

  • GSSurveyTextAnalytics__c.object

Issues Addressed


  • Community icon.pngSend Emails to opted out Email addresses in the Email task: Previously, the Email address that is marked as ‘Opted Out’ contact in SFDC, was not displayed in the recipient Email address of the Email task. Now, though the Email address is Opted Out, you can view this Email address in Email task and send an Email to this contact.
  • Unable to remove the Owner field from Playbook tasks: Previously, when the Owner field was deleted from a Playbook task and saved, the field continued appearing. This is resolved now. The Playbook tasks behave as required when the Owner field is edited.
  • CTA Name displayed as hyperlink when CTA Name includes ‘-->’: Previously, when any CTA Name including ‘-->’ was used in a Report, a Hyperlink was displayed instead of the CTA Name. This is resolved now. The CTA Name is displayed as is in the Report.
  • Typo in the information message while creating a new task in Playbooks: Previously, 'without' was spelt as 'with out' in the information message displayed while creating a new task before saving the earlier created task in Cockpit > Playbooks. The spelling is corrected now.
  • No content displayed in the error message while sending an Email to a bounced Email address in Email Task: Previously, while sending a mail to a bounced Email address from an Email task, a pink block was displayed instead of the error message. This is resolved. The error message is displayed as required while sending an Email to a bounced Email address.
  • Default values of ‘Status’ and ‘Priority’ not displayed while creating a CTA with Custom type: Previously, when you clicked +CTA in Cockpit > List view to create a new CTA and select a Custom CTA Type, the default values for Status and Priority were not displayed. This is resolved. Status and Priority display the values as required.
  • Incorrect display of CTA comments containing a URL in Cockpit, for CTAs created from Rules Engine: Previously, if the Comments field had a URL for the CTAs created from Rules Engine, an additional tag was appended to the URL for this CTA in Cockpit. This is resolved now. CTA created from Rules Engine with Comments containing URL is displayed as is in Cockpit.
  • Gainsight real time notifications display Account ID instead of Account Name when Account sharing is private: Previously, when a report was created for a survey response, the report content displayed Account ID instead of Account Name. This is resolved. Gainsight real time notifications are now sent as expected.
  • SAVE AND NEW button works incorrectly while creating a CTA: Previously, when you clicked SAVE AND NEW while saving a newly created CTA, the Add CTA dialog box was not displayed. This happened when the saved CTA had an Email task in the Playbook included for CTA creation. This is resolved now. The SAVE AND NEW button works as expected while creating a new CTA.
  • Unable to Preview and Send an Email task: Navigate to Cockpit > List View. Select an Email task. Click VALIDATE EMAIL to review and send the Email in the Edit Email dialog box. Previously, when you clicked PREVIEW AND SEND, the page worked incorrectly for the CTAs created from Rules Engine. This is resolved now. The PREVIEW AND SEND button works as expected.
  • Incorrect display of CTA comments containing a URL in Chatter Post, for CTAs created from Rules Engine: Previously, in Chatter Post if the Comments field had a URL for the CTAs created from Rules Engine, these comments were displayed with a label - Survey Response. This is resolved now. CTA created from Rules Engine with Comments containing URL is displayed as is in Chatter Post.
  • Incorrect indentation of Comments when copy pasted from word: Previously, in CTA Detailed View or Task Detail view, when the description for Comments was copy pasted from word, the indentation was mis-aligned. This is fixed now. Comments are pasted as is when copied from word.
  • No delay in adding more than one contact in the CC section of Email task while sending an Email: Navigate to Cockpit > List View. Select an Email task. Click VALIDATE EMAIL to review and send the Email in the Edit Email dialog box. Previously, there was a delay in adding more than one contact in the CC section. This is resolved now.
  • An error no longer occurs while saving CTA Action type with Custom Field Values in Rules Engine: Previously, while creating a CTA from Rules Engine, in the Setup Action screen, if the Custom Field Values (editable and non-standard fields as configured) was selected, an error occurred. This is resolved now.
  • Custom Filter in Cockpit working incorrectly when OR condition is used with AND: Previously, when OR condition was used with AND condition as a Custom Filter, the number of resulting CTAs displayed in Cockpit List view was incorrect. This is resolved now. The CTAs are displayed as expected with the combination of AND and OR Filter condition.
  • Incorrect display of CTA Task Status when the CTA is closed with open task: Previously, when a CTA is closed and one of the associated tasks was open, the CTA task status was not set to Default Closed Incomplete status. This is resolved now. The CTA task status is set as required on closing a CTA with an open task.
  • CTA is updated as expected on clicking Update CTA on Gainsight Mobile App screen for Cockpit and blank screen is no longer displayed.
  • Incorrect display of CTA comments containing a URL in the Setup Action screen, for CTAs created from Rules Engine: Previously, in the Setup Action screen, if the Comments field had a URL for the CTAs created from Rules Engine, these comments were displayed incorrectly on re-visiting the Setup Action screen. This is resolved now.
  • Incorrect Owner display in Playbooks: Previously, when a Playbook task was saved after deleting the owner field, the previous Owner was displayed. This is fixed now.


  • Unable to click ‘Click to view SFDC tasks’ link in the synced task, after closing respective Success Plan: Previously, when any Success Plan with Playbook that has tasks synced to SFDC was closed, clicking the link ‘Click to view SFDC tasks’ in the synced task was not possible. This is resolved now. The link in the synced task works as expected.
  • An error no longer occurs while using a field with lookup to the Case object in Success Plans: Previously, when a field with a lookup to the Case object was used as a type field in Administration > Success plans > +Type, an error occurred while using this field in C360 > +Success Plan. This is resolved. Fields with lookup to the Case object can be used in Success Plans as required.
  • Incorrect display of CTA comments containing a URL in C360, for CTAs created from Rules Engine: Previously, for Custom domains if the Comments field had a URL for the CTAs created from Rules Engine, these comments were displayed incorrectly in C360 but, correctly in Cockpit. This is resolved now. CTA created from Rules Engine with Comments containing URL is displayed as is in both C360 and Cockpit.
  • An error no longer occurs while adding Due Date in C360 > +Success Plans on changing SFDC Locale: Previously, if the SFDC Locale was changed, an error occurred while adding the Due Date field in C360 > +Success Plan. This is resolved now.


  • Survey section fails to load in C360: Previously, certain users could not see the survey section in the C360 and NPS® tab. This issue has now been resolved, and the survey section loads for all users as expected.
  • Unable to change pages when reviewing Survey Details by Question: Previously, when survey questions had more than 50 responses, it was not possible to navigate past the first page when looking at the detail view of survey responses. This issue has now been resolved, and it is possible to navigate to the next page of responses.
  • Unable to delete cloned Matrix question: Previously, it was not possible to delete cloned Matrix questions when the original question has responses. This has been resolved, and it is now possible to delete the questions regardless of responses.
  • From Email Address not working: Previously, the from email address of a survey would display incorrectly when a Test email was sent from the Publish Survey section. This has been resolved and the correct email will display.
  • Pick list field in Participant filter not working: Previously, using a picklist field in the contact object as criteria for adding a participants to a survey was not working. This has been resolved, and participants can now be added through this method.
  • Unable to select more than 100 participants: Previously, it was not possible to add more than 100 participants for a scheduled survey. This has been resolved and it is now possible to add more than 100 participants.
  • Industry showing as “Other”: Previously, within the detail view of the survey responses, the Industry field displays as “Other” despite being mapped to a value. This has been resolved and the Industry field now displays correctly.
  • Email Service changed for cloned surveys: Previously, when a survey was cloned, the email service would change to the default setting. This has been resolved and cloned surveys will copy the correct Email Service.
  • NPS® UI view displays error: Previously, when field Account:Industry is added to the NPS® UI view, an error is displayed. This has been resolved, and the field can be added without displaying an error.
  • Unable to expand comments section: Previously, it was not possible to expand the comments section within the Survey Analyze tab. This has been resolved, and it is now possible to expand this section.


  • Report filters not displayed in Outreaches: Previously, when a report with the “Custom N days” date filter, was included in a CoPilot Outreach, the report filters were not getting displayed. The issue has now been resolved and report filters are displayed in CoPilot Outreaches.
  • Token mapping missing in Outreaches: Previously, when there are multiple tokenized links or buttons in an email template, and you try to map them in an outreach (advanced or normal), it was not getting saved. The issue has now been resolved and outreaches with multiple tokenized links or buttons are getting saved as expected.
  • Adv. Outreach Escalation emails triggered when Repeat set to 0: Previously, the escalation emails would get sent during an Advanced Outreach, even though the Repeat field was set to 0. This issue is now resolved and escalation emails will not be triggered when the Repeat field has a value of 0.
  • Junk characters appearing in test email subject lines: Previously, test emails would have a subject line containing junk characters whenever apostrophes were included in the text. This issue has been resolved, and email subjects lines for test emails now display correctly.
  • Open rate displaying incorrectly: Previously, the report view for an outreach would display a different value for the open rate than the value displayed next to the outreach’s name. This has now been resolved, and the value for the open rate displays consistently throughout Gainsight.
  • Account Name reference missing from Power List: Previously, when the source for a Power List is a Data Space that contains an Account Name and an Account ID, the list can still display that the Account Name reference is missing. This has been resolved, and the Power List will now display the Account Name reference correctly.
  • Power List not showing source name when edited: Previously, when a Power List was being edited, the source object name would not display. This has been resolved, and the source object name displays as expected.
  • Email Template reverts to default format after being edited: Previously, when editing an email template in Email Assist and in CoPilot, the template revert to its default state. This has been resolved, and the template can be edited as expected.
  • Unable to preview contacts for Outreach: Previously, "Unable to preview the email for this contact" would display in the Outreach preview even if there were contacts in the Power List. This has now been resolved and contacts display normally.
  • Text Truncated within Power List: Previously, in Power Lists, any text after an apostrophe would be removed, including the apostrophe, after the list was edited. This has been resolved and the text now saves as expected.
  • Email Template Background Color does not stick: Previously, the Email template background color would revert when any change is made to the HTML code. This has been fixed, and the color does not revert after an edit is made.
  • Unable to resolve Power List messaging: Previously, when a join is removed from two MDA objects, and a Power List was built based off of the child object, this would result in an exception. This has been resolved, and the message can be resolved.
  • Image missing from Email Templates: Previously, when an image was added to an email template via HTML, it would fail to display. This has now been resolved, and the image now displays as expected.


  • Data not loaded when a filter is applied on Multi-select Picklist fields which contains apostrophe (’): Previously, reports with the Multi-select Picklist field (containing the apostrophe character) did not load when the filter is applied on the Multi-select picklist field. The same issue occurred with Success Snapshot template, when a token with the apostrophe character was added to the success snapshot. The issue has now been resolved and, the required reports and success snapshots are displayed as intended.  


  • Text overflow in exported PowerPoint slide: Previously, the table data did not flow to the next slide when a dashboard or success snapshot is exported to PowerPoint. The entire table was accommodated in a single slide, although it could not fit into the same slide. The issue has now been resolved and the exported tables are now formatted correctly in PowerPoint.

Rules Engine

  • Unable to load non English characters as required to SFDC for Bionic Rules: Previously, when a Bionic Rule was created for loading data to SFDC, non English or special characters were loaded incorrectly. This is resolved now.
  • An error no longer occurs while cloning a Rule with Action Type - ‘Load to MDA → Email logs object’: In Rules Engine, previously, when you cloned a Rule with Action Type - Load to MDA → Email Logs, an error message was displayed. This is resolved now.
  • Error ‘Connection has already been closed’ no longer occurs in Rule Chain: Previously, rule run failed with an error in Rule Chain. This is resolved now.
  • Error 'Unable to resolve' no longer occurs when any MDA joins lookup object which is used in creating a Powerlist, is deleted. 
  • Community icon.pngEmail logs are now accessible in Bionic Rules.
  • Community icon.pngCombo-box data type is now supported while mapping fields in Load to Actions in Rules Engine.

Activity Timeline

  • Community icon.pngContent formatting is retained when you copy and paste to Activity Editor: If you copy content from a tool like MS Outlook the formatting of the content is preserved in the Activity Editor.
  • External Attendees information is also synced to the task object: When you log a meeting type of activity in Timeline, the External Attendees information is also synced to the Salesforce task object.


  • Handling Scorecard creation of Account/Relationship with duplicate name: Previously, when you delete an Account/Relationship Scorecard the entry to master database and metadata is not deleted. Now both the entry in master database and metadata are deleted. If you create a new Scorecard with the same name, the new Scorecard now gets an entry in the master database and can be found while accessing from Scorecard reports.
  • Decimal values for Color and Grade schemes can now be handled in Scorecard 2.0  Exceptions.
  • Measure weights are applied properly when grading scheme is Color: When a Scorecard is created with a Color Scheme, the overall score is now showing the right color. This fix is available for SFDC Scorecard 1.0.
  • Configure help text in Scorecard 2.0: It no longer throws a Console error when you click on Help Text while configuring Scorecard.
  • Overall score calculation in Scorecard 2.0 is populated correctly when a rule runs.

Customers Tab

  • Community icon.png Sort by CSM Comments: The issue in sorting by CSM comments is fixed with this release. Now you can sort by CSM comments in the Customers tab.

LRM 1.0

  • Dates in Transactions show differently in US and UK timezones as the dates in Transactions show the days off in UK timezone.

Known Issues


  • Survey button is truncated while sending an Email in the Email task: Navigate to Cockpit > List View > Select any Email Task > Task Detail View. Click VALIDATE EMAIL. In the Edit Email dialog box, for those Email tasks with Surveys, the Survey button is truncated.
  • Unable to save the Case added in the Task Detail view: Configure a lookup field to a case in Task configuration. Create a CTA and an associated Task in Cockpit. Navigate to the respective Task Detail view.  Add the case configured earlier. When you collapse and revisit the Task Detail view, the case added is not displayed as it is not saved.
  • If a Survey response results in CTA creation with an associated Playbook - Email Task, when you navigate to this Email Task Detail View and click VALIDATE EMAIL, there is a considerable delay in displaying the Edit Email dialog box.
  • In an Email task with Survey URL, if the survey is responded once, the information message ‘Thank You. You have already responded to the Survey’, is displayed when you click the Survey URL again.

Rules Engine

  • Bionic Rules - An ‘Invalid Setup Error’ occurs, when MDA joins > Lookup fields are used to set up an action. This is observed when the Setup Action screen is refreshed
  • Incorrect dependency field ‘name’ storage for Load To MDA Action type: In both Custom and Bionic Rules - Load to MDA Action type, the field ‘name’ in dependency collection is stored incorrectly.
  • SFDC dependent objects and fields are captured incorrectly for Bionic Rules.
  • Incorrect Start Date and End Date displayed when navigated from Basic to Advanced Scheduler: While navigating from Basic to Advanced Schedule type in the Schedule screen of Bionic Rules, Start Date and End Date are moved to later date by one day in Advanced Scheduler.
  • An error occurs while scheduling a rule using Cron Expression, for a given year with valid Start Date and End Date in Advanced Scheduler, in the Schedule screen of Bionic Rules.
  • Date field not saved when entered manually while scheduling a Bionic Rule: For Bionic Rules, the Schedule screen accepts only the date entered using Date Picker. It is not possible to save the ‘Date’ that is entered manually, although the date format is valid.
  • In the Bionic and Custom Rules - Setup Rule screen, when ‘Filters’ that have LIKE operator are applied on MDS objects with the special character - % in field values, the rule setup breaks.
  • For Bionic and Custom Rules - Setup Action screen in which, ‘Set Score 2.0’ action type already exists, add the ‘Load to MDA’ action type. The field dependencies for the target MDA objects are not calculated according to the rule.
  • For Relationship Rules (both Bionic and Custom) - An error occurs for the ‘Success Plans’ action type in the Setup Action screen, when ‘Account ID’ is not added in the Show fields section, in the Setup Rule screen.
  • For Bionic Rules - MDA Object is not listed as source for creating a relationship rule, although the child object has a lookup to relationship.
  • When the ‘Advanced’ Schedule type is selected, the Schedule screen does not open in IE due to compatibility issues.
  • When a Bionic Rule fails due to rule run timed out, the rule failure Email is not sent to the specified Email address in the Scheduler.

Scorecards 2.0

  • If the data of your scorecard resides in a fact table the metadata will not be deleted.
  • If the Scorecard Fact and History objects are present in Postgres, you cannot use Set Score 2.0 option in Rules Engine.  


  • For branching survey questions, the incorrect question number is populating after page 1.
  • Building a report off of flattened survey data will throw an exception if the field “Modified At” is added to the report.
  • After selecting an inline survey question as part of an Adv. Outreach, it is possible to edit this question from single select to multi-select, even though this is not supported for inline survey questions.
  • It is possible to delete answer options that have been used as part of a partial response to the survey.
  • Deleting a survey from the UI does not delete any of the survey’s linked languages from the Survey table.
  • In the NPS® tab, the ‘&’ symbol is displaying as “%20;” within the customer name field.
  • After opening the overlay menu of a survey card within the survey dashboard, and then clicking to open a different survey card, the menu of the previous card remains open.
  • Multiple answers can be recorded by a single participant filling out the same survey multiple times.
  • When answering a rating question, it is possible to select the last star while keeping the other stars deselected.
  • When a survey has more than 1000 comments data is not fetched when the opinion drill down is clicked on.


  • Published Advanced Outreaches validate start date based on the timezone of the computer system instead of the MDA timezone.
  • Deleting a Stopped Adv. Outreach will throw an exception. The deletion will still complete successfully.
  • Adv. Outreach reports generate data even when mapped filters should produce no data.
  • After removing the survey placeholder from a Multi-Variant Outreach and saving, the survey token mappings are not removed from the backend of the variant outreaches.
  • When a Power List is first created and records are being initially populated, the “Reload List” option is not clickable.
  • The Apply/Cancel button can be hidden within the Advanced Filter.
  • Operational email templates are getting treated as Non-Operational when used as the Email Chain Model within an Adv. Outreach.
  • The survey links for anonymous surveys will break if the Contact Id is mapped to an invalid field.
  • When entering a value for the Run-on field of an Adv. Outreach, the dates for the first week of the month are always in a disabled state.


  • The global filter overlay display name is not retained in both Dashboard Builder and Home page for Scorecard filters.

Dashboadr Builder.png


  • A console error occurs when a global filter is created on a Habits 2.0 report after migration.

Dashboard Builder Console.png

  • For MDA objects, no alert message is displayed when there are no fields while configuring the attributes in a global filter.

Map the Fields.png

  • When assigning values to a global filter from the Dashboard Builder page, the operators menu sometimes gets truncated on the right-hand side.

Dashboard Builder Date.png

  • An internal Server error occurs in Dashboard after editing and applying global filters for new containers. Suppose, a dashboard contains two reports, and you apply a global filter for one of the reports. Now navigate to the Home page and assign a value to the filter. Edit the global filter in Dashboard Builder and select the other report and save. When you navigate back to the Home page, an internal server error occurs.

     Workaround: Re-apply the global filter value. This will set the container level filter and report will be displayed as expected.

  • If a field consumed in global filters is deleted, the complete global filter is not displayed and the reports on which the global filters are applied are not rendered.
  • Filter values do not get replaced with aliases when you export a dashboard to Excel with global filters.
  • If the filter value applied to a global filter by the admin is “ANY”, and the user has assigned a new value to the filter, then if the global filter is tagged to a newly created report by the user, the filter is still displayed as “ANY”.
  • For MDA reports, in case of reference to the Account/Relationship/User fields while creating a global filter, we do not rely on whether the field is having reference or not, which is not the expected behavior.
  • Dashboards with the same name (duplicates) are getting saved.

Dashboard Builder Duplicate.png

  • For Dataspace level filters, SFDC Namespaces are getting displayed for the "lookup field" validation alert messages.

Data Spaces.png

  • Timezone is not honored in few cases for Date/Time fields when they are added to the BY section of a report.  
  • Dashboard exported data is displayed in single rows when Wrap Lines is enabled in the dashboard, and the report in the dashboard contains more than 7 columns.
  • Success Snapshot exported data is not displayed correctly for comparison and two content layouts.
  • For Success Snapshot exported data, ellipses are displayed for columns calculations rows as well.
  • For old SFDC (<5.8.0) and latest MDA reports, Date and Date/Time filters are passed in Tenant Timezone, however the reports are rendered in User timezone.
  • SFDC labels are displayed incorrectly when summarized by ‘Month/Quarter/Year' for Standard and Custom fiscal years.
  • For SFDC reports, the PST Daylight Saving switch data is not displayed correctly. Also, Date/Time fields beyond past (3 years) and future (2 years) are not handled correctly.
  • There is a mismatch in the Date and Date/Time formats between a report in Report builder and an exported Excel/CSV report.
  • When you set standard colors for fields like CTA Status in the Cockpit configuration page, these colors are not honored if you create a CTA status report on a data space.

Data Management

  • First Name field in the Gainsight User object is Mandatory field. While syncing the data from SFDC User object to Gainsight User object through Gainsight Connect, if a user record in the SFDC User object has null value in the First Name field, other fields in the record are still ingested into the Gainsight User object. The user record should be rejected as one field has a null value.
  • While ingesting data through cURL commands, when you perform only derived field mappings and without additional field mappings, when curl is executed for the job, 'Invalid mapping info' error is shown and the data ingestion job cannot be performed.
  • IsActive Field/Display name in the Gainsight User object will be changed to Is SFDC User Active.
  • Admins can able to assign a default value to the calculate field now in Administration > Data Management > [Select an object which has the calculated fields]. This is an issue as system should not show Default value field in the calculated field schema.
  • When there are multiple items in a Multi select dropdown list category, system does not allow to ingest additional items into the field associated with this category.
  • Currently, update keys are not honored in the rules engine for Load to MDA, Update and Upsert operations.

User Management

  • Navigate to Administration > User Management > [Click +USER] > [Select CSV]. Upload CSV, apply Resolution Criteria, and perform field mappings. If you click the Edit button in the UPLOAD CSV section, all changes in the FIELD MAPPING section are reset without any warning on UI.

User Management.png


  • In the Segment Connector, in the Map MetaData section, if you map the fields of dropdown list data type, the data job cannot be saved.
  • While ingesting data through a CSV file from any connector, If you apply wrong CSV parameters, it does not show correct UI message on the same.
  • While ingesting data through Gainsight Bulk API, system is allowing to:
    • Perform the field mappings from same field to different fields in the derived mappings
    • Perform the mapping to the field which is already mapped in derived field mappings.
  • While ingesting data through Gainsight Bulk API, when you perform the field mappings, an empty column is shown in the UI.
  • In the Segment connector, system is allowing to create two connections with the same access key instead of one connection only.
  • While ingesting data through Gainsight Bulk API, users can able to add a field of Rich Text Area data type in the update keys. System should not allow this.
  • In Connectors 2.0, the audit log shows inappropriate information or does not capture some information when you update a data job, add a import lookup, add key fields, and create mappings in the update operation.
  • System now allows to ingest data into the Email Logs object through S3 connector. This is an issue as system should not allow this.
  • While ingesting data through S3 Connector, after data ingestion is completed, UI message always shows “Data loaded successfully” even some records failed to load into the object.
  • After data ingestion is completed through any connector, if there is a failure of ingesting any records, you can download the CSV file to check the failure reasons. Error Messages in the CSV file are currently not clear enough to identify the some failure reasons.


  • If an user is disabled from the Administration > User Management screen, access to Sally is not revoked. 

Cross-org Migration

  • With Bionic Rules, Set Score and Load to Feature actions are not supported in this release. 
  • In Bionic Rules, Source Range field cannot be migrated. 

Permission Sets Updated

 With every new release, the Gainsight and SFDC permission sets are updated for several features to give access to new objects, fields, apex classes, and visualforce pages. The following table lists the Objects/Fields for which the Admin, Standard, Read-only, and/or Special permission sets are updated in this release.  

Objects Fields Admin Standard Limited Special
Survey Survey Link Expire Days Yes Yes Yes No
CTA Close source Yes Yes Yes No
  GS Recommended Yes Yes Yes No
  GS Score Updated On Yes Yes Yes No
  GS Score Reason Yes Yes Yes No
  GS Score Yes Yes Yes No
SurveyParticipant Unique Participant Key Yes Yes Yes No
  Partially Saved Response Yes Yes Yes No
Dashboard Description Yes Yes Yes No
  Global Filter options Yes Yes Yes No
GSSurveyTextAnalytics All Fields Yes Yes Yes No
UserManagement   No No No Yes
ExternalLayoutsPreview   Yes Yes No No

Note: For a user to access Gainsight, they need to be assigned a Gainsight License and the appropriate permissions. The default permissions sets can be used to easily assign the appropriate Gainsight permissions to users or profiles. For more information about permission sets in Gainsight and SFDC, default permissions, and so on, refer to the Permission Sets in Gainsight and SFDC Permissions worksheet.

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