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Release Notes Version 5.9 September 2017: Summary List

IMPORTANT / PLEASE READ: Features are categorized into three groups: automatic updates that don’t require admin configuration to take advantage of, incremental improvements to existing features that require some admin configuration, and new features which typically require more extensive admin configuration. Please note, a module such as CoPilot or Surveys may have enhancements in more than one of these categories.

Automatic Updates

  • Count of Hard and Soft Bounced Emails display in Task detail view.
  • Ability to add multiple recipients, send separate Emails to multiple contacts, display ‘From’ and ‘Reply-To’ addresses, and add ‘Reply-To in Bcc’ in the Email task.
  • Ability to prioritize CTAs using Gainsight Recommended CTAs in Cockpit List view.
  • Ability to auto populate Recipient in the Email task.
  • Source of closed CTAs for Reports is now identifiable.
  • Search option availability with CTA and task drop-downs.
  • New Cockpit list Sort By and Filter options are available.
  • Operational Reporting is removed from Cockpit.
  • Gantt Chart (BETA) integration in C/R360 > Success Plans.
  • Enhanced global filtering capabilities for Dashboard.
  • Report title now embedded in exported report image.
  • Graph element displayed when color legend is selected in reports.
  • Support for new datatypes (Rich Text Area and Multi Select Dropdown list) in Reporting.
Activity Timeline
  • Ability to copy Timeline activity contents to clipboard.
  • Ability to pop-in and pop-out of Activity Editor while logging an activity.
  • Ability to link CTA from an activity.
  • Attaching files to an activity is supported with this release. 
  • Email Statistics for Participant Analytics.
  • Exclusion List Deletion after Advanced Outreach is Published.
  • Advanced Logic for Multi-Variant Filters.
  • Partial Power List Schedule removed from Advanced Outreach Clones.
Rules Engine
  • Ability to handle % (Percentage) Data type in Bionic Rules differently to avoid data discrepancies.
  • Marking Bionic Rules inactive automatically, for specific error/exception scenarios.
  • Support for parallel Rule runs.
Data Management
  • Support to create a field of data type Multi Select Dropdown List.
  • Support to create a field of data type Rich Text Area.
Cross-org Migration
  • Ability to migrate all Email Templates 2.0, and Email Templates 1.0 that do not contain a Survey or Report.
  • If there is a metadata dependency or asset dependency during migration, the metadata/assets are also migrated during the process.
  • Ability to migrate Survey Properties & Questions and Multi Language Survey.
  • Ability to migrate Custom objects (in Source org) to Standard objects (target org).
  • Ability to migrate rules with Set Score 2.0 as an Action Type.
  • Authenticate target org with the help of a token. This way you can directly start with the MDA Schema screen and complete your migration process. 

Incremental Improvements

Activity Timeline
  • Timeline is available in Account and Opportunity Widgets.
  • Ability to enable/disable Activity Timeline.
  • Ability to add attachments in Activity Timeline.
  • Ability to configure Search and Filter criteria or Associate Contacts for Account and Relationship CTAs.
  • Creation of Linked Object records for relationship CTAs.
  • ‘From’ addresses in Email Assist are now customizable.
  • Ability to send Surveys and Reports through Email tasks.
  • Ability to configure Search and Filter criteria for Linked Objects.
  • Ability to configure Search and Filter criteria for Success Plans - lookup fields.
  • Ability to create folders for managing dashboards in Dashboard Builder.
Data Spaces
  • Support of advanced logic filters in Data Space.  
Timezone Standardization
  • Timezone configuration process, and its behaviour for time dependent data is standardized.
  • New Survey Settings page in Advanced Outreach.
  • New Email Chain model is available in Advanced Outreach that supports sending a series of related email outreaches.
  • Participant State for Uniqueness Criteria allows participants to be added back to the lifecycle.
  • Support for In-line Surveys to display the NPS® or a single select survey question directly in an Email.
  • Text Analytics supported for all survey text-based questions.
  • Ability to enable or disable a Survey link expiration in the Properties section of a survey.
  • Show Save Button in a survey enables participants to initiate a partial save.
  • Length of survey URLs has been shortened to 32 characters.
  • Survey Site URL must be secured to successfully trigger Outreaches/Advanced Outreaches.
Rules Engine
  • Storage of Rule results in the Gainsight file repository instead of Email attachments.
  • Timezone configuration process, and its behaviour for time dependent data is standardized.
  • Advanced scheduler is available Bionic Rules.
  • Support for ‘Full outer join’ in Bionic Rules.
  • Support for MDA joins in Bionic Rules.
  • New action types, Load to Milestone, Load to User, Load to Person, and Set Score 2.0 are available in Bionic Rules.
  • Support for Success Plan creation using Bionic Rules for relationships.
  • Bionic Rules availability in Rule Chain.
  • Support for all data sources in Bionic Rules.
  • Notice: Custom rule type will be removed in the next 6 - 12 months.
Scorecards 2.0
  • Account Scorecard utility is available to migrate metadata from Account Scorecards 1.0 to Scorecards 2.0.
  • In Scorecard 2.0 Scheme Configuration, the ranges for Color and Grade are extended.
  • Query Optimization/Batching for Set Score to prevent timeout errors and reduce the time taken for query execution.
Data Management
  • MDA standard object “User” is enhanced to Gainsight User with additional capabilities.
  • Gainsight Person, an MDA standard object is introduced and contains records of people who are identified uniquely in the data from various sources.
  • Ability to select Timezone for Input Data source while ingesting data into MDA from a CSV file through all the connectors.
  • Recommendations to use Connectors 2.0 and Data Aggregations with Bionic Rules.
Segment 2.0
  • Segment introduced in Connectors 2.0 framework with all new enhanced capabilities to track customer usage data.

New Features

  • Shared 360 helps align the non Gainsight/SFDC users of your customer, partner, or vendor on a single source of information.
  • Sally for Slack bot helps users request information (such as account summary, NPS® survey responses, health score, upcoming CTAs, etc.) and also update data (close a CTA) in Gainsight.
  • In-app walkthrough guides and new feature announcements can be accessed in the new Guide Center from any page in the application.

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