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Release Notes Version 5.9 September 2017: New Features

Shared 360

Gainsight introduces the Shared 360 functionality which enables Admins to share customer information (in read-only mode) with non Gainsight/SFDC users. This feature helps align the stakeholders of your customer, partner or vendor on a single source of truth. Shared360 enables everyone involved in an account to coordinate and prioritize their actions around a unified understanding of health. Stakeholders can view the Shared 360 through a web page for easy access outside of the Gainsight application. It is configurable by Admins and may contain Summary, Account Attributes, Reports, and Relationships sections. The configured information can then be shared through email as a link, with optional security settings with the recipients’ ids.The recipient needs to be added as a GS user into the GS User object (which will be in MDA). For more information on how a GS user can be added, refer to Gainsight User Object.

IMPORTANT: Shared 360 (link) can be shared with anyone who’s been added to the GS User object - regardless of Gainsight or Salesforce license status. Admins can choose to add an optional One Time Password (OTP)  that can be generated for a maximum of five times per link and the end-user can re-try it three times. There is also an option to set up an expiration date.

  • For more information about how admins can create, configure, manage, delete 360 Layouts, and help Customer Success Managers (CSMs)/Account Managers (AMs) to share customer information, refer to the Configure Shared 360 article.
  • For more information about how CSMs/AMs can share customer information/360 view, refer to the Shared 360 Overview (for CSMs) article.
  • For more information about how end-users (non Gainsight/SFDC users) can view the customer information/360 view, refer to the View Shared 360 article.

Sally for Slack

Gainsight introduces Sally, a new Slack bot that integrates with the Gainsight application. Once enabled, Sally helps users request information (such as account summary, NPS® survey responses, health score, upcoming CTAs, etc.) and also update data (close a CTA) in Gainsight. Users can log in to Slack and access Sally and start sending direct messages (DM), as you do with any other Slack user. You can send direct messages (DM) to Sally using queries such as “Health Score of Acme”, “Sponsors for Acme”, and “Recent activities for Acme corp”. For more information, see the Sally - the Gainsight bot article or watch a 4-minute video from here


Guide Center and In-app Messaging

In-app walkthrough guides and new feature announcements can be accessed in the new Guide Center from any page in the application. In this release, we published walkthrough guides to help Admins configure Adv. Outreaches, as well as in-app messaging on what’s new in Gainsight (including Sally, Shared360, and more). From time to time, we’ll use in-app messages to communicate about important product changes, or to collect user feedback. We’ll do our best to use in-app messaging judiciously and avoid disrupting user’s workflow as much as possible. After the summer release, we’ll continue to develop and publish more in-app walkthrough guides to help users learn how to use new features, or to help expedite the new user’s onboarding experience.

Sally for Slack.png

Note: Guide Center and In-App guides/messages works fine in all the major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari 7+, etc. However it may not work as expected in the IE browser. This is a known issue and will be resolved in an upcoming patch release/hotfix.

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