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Release Notes Version 5.6 May 2017: Summary List

IMPORTANT / PLEASE READ: The release notes are organized in a new way. Features are categorized into three groups: automatic updates which are immediately available in your org after the release upgrade, incremental improvements to existing features that require some Admin configuration, and new features which typically require more extensive Admin configuration and may involve thinking differently about your business processes. Please note, a module such as CoPilot or Surveys may have enhancements in more than one of these categories.

This page contains a high-level summary list of all the enhancements and new features in this release. At the bottom of the page, you'll find links to follow on articles which describe each item in more detail.

Automatic Updates

Cockpit/Playbooks/Success Plans:
  • Cockpit Snooze feature includes Update and Un-snooze options
  • CTA element Reporting Category name is editable now
  • Cockpit List View displays Next Task Due Date
  • Display Account or Relationship specific Health Scores for CTAs
  • Access Timeline from the CTA detail view
  • View, edit, and log activity drafts from Cockpit
  • Reorder slides while configuring Success Snapshot templates
  • Export filters associated with a report
  • Auto run of reports is disabled in the Report Builder
  • Chart reports honor decimal place setting for Show me fields
  • Config Snapshot includes CoPilot Outreaches and Power Lists
  • Add to-do tasks in Timeline Activity editor
  • Timeline is available in the Cockpit module
  • Email Assist tasks can be tracked as Timeline Activities
  • Build reports on Activities in the Report Builder
  • Customers can view their Gainsight data in the new Gainsight 360
  • Email Templates 2.0 designer offers improved formatting
  • Whitelabeling message indicates whether domain is whitelabeled
  • Description Removed from Survey Thank You Page
Rules Engine:
  • Bionic Rule Config Preview available
  • Tasks dependency graph (DAG) in Bionic Rules > Setup Action
  • Support for Standard Objects in Bionic Rules Fetch Tasks
  • Scorecard 2.0 fields are supported in Bionic Rules
  • Field Deletion option in Setup Rule screen
  • Alert appears while closing any Bionic Rules task with unsaved changes
Gainsight Connect:
  • UI enhancements in Gainsight Connect
Data Management:
  • Four new standard fields provided for Scorecards 2.0
  • Multiple fields can be matched in data import lookup function to ingest correct GSID
  • Create Custom Dropdown Lists
  • Fields populated with default values even if field mapping is not performed while importing data
Object Permissions:
  • Salesforce Object Permissions are honored in Gainsight Customers tab, Account widget, and Opportunity widget

Incremental Improvements

  • Deactivated CTA elements no longer appear in other functionality
  • Configure Objective CTAs to display in C360/R360 > Cockpit section
  • Option to select Account ID field for associated contacts in CTA configuration
  • Custom fields can now be displayed in Playbook tasks
  • Email Assist tasks are tracked as Timeline Activities
  • Configure a default CTA Type
C360 / R360:
  • Reporting category can be assigned to an activity type
  • Configure multiple Relationship 360 layouts
Scorecards 2.0:
  • Define Criteria to Assign Multiple Scorecards to Accounts or Relationships
  • View Scorecard mass-edit report
  • Set Score for multiple scorecards in a single rule
  • Schedule Scorecard assignment to Accounts/Relationships
  • View multiple scorecard configurations in C360/R360
  • Assign weights to Dropdown or Matrix Survey questions
  • Partial Survey Responses can be Saved
  • Store Survey data in a single MDA Object for easier reporting
  • New NPS® Text Analytics visualizations in Surveys module
Rule Engine:
  • Dropdown Lists support in Rules Engine > Bionic Rule and Custom Rule
  • Formula Builder integration with Bionic Rules
  • Aggregation Task in Bionic Rules is renamed as ‘Transformation’ Task
  • ‘Create CTA’ action enhancements in Rules Engine
  • Load to Company Action Type available in Bionic Rules
Cross-org Migration:
  • Download a changeset file when a migration job is complete
  • Rerun migration jobs for different orgs
  • Additional asset types can be migrated
Data Management/Connectors:
  • Required constraint at the field level for loading new records
  • Define Unique Keys in Standard and Custom Objects
  • Gainsight Bulk API to load data into standard objects
Gainsight Connect:
  • Email Notifications option in Gainsight Connect

New Features

  • Advanced Outreach (Beta) to create and schedule a series of related emails, plus analytics
  • Create Multiple Scorecard configurations
  • Events Framework for triggering follow-up actions, including sending an email after case closure

Please refer to the following articles for a detailed description of each enhancement or new feature:

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