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Release Notes Version 5.10 November 2017: Summary List 2

Enhancements are categorized into two groups: automatic updates that don’t require admin configuration to take advantage of, and incremental improvements to existing features that require some admin configuration. Please note, a module such as CoPilot or Surveys may have enhancements in more than one of these categories.

GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20.png: This symbol indicates that an enhancement originated as a customer suggestion on the Gainsight Community.

Short on time? Watch our 6-min. release highlights video to see what's new in Gainsight! Links to release webinar recordings are available at the bottom of the page.

Automatic Updates

Cockpit/Playbooks/Success Plans
  • Gantt charts in Success Plans can now be viewed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis along with the editable Due Date and Owner fields. See Success Plans: Gantt Chart View.
  • In Email Assist, unmapped tokens are depicted in red, and mapped tokens are depicted in grey.
  • GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20.png Contacts are now synced while syncing Gainsight tasks to Salesforce tasks. See Configure and Sync Tasks from Gainsight to Salesforce.
  • GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20.png Linked objects now have a direct SFDC record hyperlink. Also, in CTA detail view > Customers tab, a hyperlink is added which navigates you to the corresponding SFDC Account page. See Configure CTA Linked Objects.
Activity Timeline
  • UX has been redesigned in Advanced Outreaches to make it more clear and also to enhance the ability to edit email titles for all Adv. Outreach models. See Configure Adv. Outreaches path.
Rules Engine
  • GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20.png In Sharing > 360 Layouts > Section configurations, Scorecard 2.0 and Success Plans are now included under Available sections along with the Summary, Account Attributes, Related List, and Relationships sections. See Configure Shared 360.
  • In the 360 Layouts > [edit New/Existing Layout] > Sharing settings > Security Settings area, IP address can now be filtered by selecting the IP Based Access check box.
  • GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20.png C360/R360 layouts can now be shared with internal Users or external Contacts. For more information on the GS User and GS Person objects, see Gainsight User Object and Gainsight Person Object Model.
Data Management
  • Three new system fields named GS Created Date, GS Modified Date, and GSID are automatically generated by the system in the new and existing custom objects.
Cross-org Migration

Incremental Improvements

Activity Timeline
  • GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20.png Dropdown (Picklist) and Date Time fields can now be added as custom fields to an activity layout. For more information about how to create a custom dropdown category and display in the Activity Layout, see Dropdown List and Multiselect Dropdown List, and general info is in Configure Timeline View for C360 and R360.
  • Activities in Timeline can now be synced with Salesforce Events in Administration > Activity Sync page.
  • GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20.png A new option for Admins to initiate an immediate manual sync of Timeline Activities from Administration > Activity Sync page is provided.
  • Reports can now be created on Timeline Activity notes in the Report Builder. For general information, see Configure Timeline View for C360 and R360.
Scorecard 2.0
  • Admins can now change the scorecard Scheme Type (Numeric, Color, or Grade) after it is created.
  • Admins can now delete and customize scheme ranges. See Configure Scorecards 2.0.
Cockpit/Playbooks/Success Plans
  • GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20.png Success Plans can now be shared as a link via email with Contacts & Users. See Success Plan Sharing.
  • GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20.png Admins can now add the Success Plan Owner (SP Owner) by searching for the dynamic objective owner in the Success Plan template. See Configure Success Plans for the C360/R360.
  • Admins can now edit the Description field label name while configuring a Success Plan in Administration > Workflow > Success Plans.
  • Admins can now add custom fields while configuring a Success Plan using Bionic Rules. See Creating Success Plans Using Rules Engine.
  • GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20.png Admins can now create a maximum of 20 CTA types per entity/account in Administration > Calls to Action > Call to action type > [click +TYPE].
  • GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20.png From the Gainsight Home tab, CSMs can now share a dashboard as a link through email with a user. See Dashboard Sharing.
CoPilot (Advanced Outreaches)
Rules Engine
  • GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20.png View C360 Summary based on layout configuration.
  • View C360 Attributes and select from multiple Attribute sections as needed. 
  • Scorecard response can now be filtered based on the measure group.
  • GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20.png Timeline Activities can now be filtered by Activity Type.
  • Query for the name of the CSM assigned to an account.
  • Relevant resources: Using Gainsight Sally in Slack (End-user) and Admin Configuration for Sally.
Data Management
  • Admins can now populate GSID from another record by looking up to one or more fields in the same standard object with a new functionality Self Object Lookup. See Data Import Lookup.
  • A new MDA object named Relationship Person in the Person object model is introduced to store the attributes of a person in association with a Relationship. See Gainsight Person Object Model.
  • After the V5.10 release, Gainsight does not support creating new projects in the older versions of Mixpanel, Segment, and Data Load Configuration in Administration > Connectors. Gainsight recommends to use V2.0 of Mixpanel and Segment in Administration > Connectors 2.0 and to use Bionic Rules for data aggregations.

Additional Resources

The Release Notes are organized into the following articles:

Release Webinars
  • Webinar #1 - Cockpit, SP's, Timeline, Scorecards 2.0, Bionic Rules (45 mins.)
  • Webinar #2 - Adv. Outreach, Gainsight Everywhere, Sally for Slack, Reporting (60 mins.)

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