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Release Notes Version 5.10 November 2017: Permissions, Components, and Issues 2

GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20 (1).png: This symbol indicates that an enhancement originated as a customer suggestion on the Gainsight Community.

Components Introduced and Modified in 5.10 Release

The following pages are introduced:


The following static resource is introduced:

  • Optimized_DataOperation.resource-meta.xml

The following classes are introduced:

  • TestAuthorization.cls
  • TestAuthorization.cls-meta.xml
  • SOQL.cls
  • SOQL.cls-meta.xml
  • Authorization.cls
  • Authorization.cls-meta.xml
  • GSCommonRestAPI.cls
  • GSCommonRestAPI.cls-meta.xml

The following objects are modified:

  • CTATypes__c.object
  • StatePreservation__c.object
  • Dashboard__c.object

The following objects are introduced:

  • SPSharingAssociation__c.object

The following triggers are introduced:

  • PopulateUniqueConstraintTextField.trigger
  • PopulateUniqueConstraintTextField.trigger-meta.xml

Issues Addressed


  • Previously, while exporting an MDA report to CSV (that is built on a custom MDA object having more than 100K records), only 100K records were exported. The issue has now been resolved, and CSV file export up to a maximum size of 25MB is allowed.
  • Previously, when a pie chart is built on a field containing the character “&”, the “&” character is displayed as "IM&G" in the legend label. The issue has now been resolved and pie charts with “&” character are displayed correctly in reports.
  • Formula text field to display color label is not working in reports.

The issue has now been resolved and formula text field to display color labels are displayed as intended.

  • For Scorecard Mass Edit reports, formatted texts were displaying HTML elements when used in other areas like dashboards.

The issue has now been resolved, and formatted texts are displayed as intended.

  • Previously, Scorecard Mass Edit reports were not honoring date formats based on the user locale. Even if the date format was changed to English(US) in the Name > My Setting > Personal > Language & Timezone page in Salesforce, the report still displayed the date format in the YYYY-MM-DD format. The issue has now been resolved and date formats are displayed based on the user locale for Scorecard Mass Edit reports.
  • Previously, export of drill down reports was not working for reports built on CTA objects when the “Assignee!= null” filter is applied.

The issue has now been resolved, and export of drill down reports built on CTA objects works as intended.

  • Previously, when a report is built on a CTA where the CTA name contains the “>” symbol, the CTA name is not rendered correctly in the report.

The issue has now been resolved, and the CTA name is rendered correctly in the report.

  • State preservation was not working when a Scorecard Mass Edit report is created on the Scorecard 2.0 Fact object. The issue has now been resolved, and state preservation is honored for Scorecard Mass Edit reports.

  • Previously, you were not able to build a report on the GS Scorecard object, when the “Trend Indicator includes All" filter is applied. The issue has now been resolved, and the report is rendered as intended.

Rules Engine

  • Previously, Merge Task of Bionic Rules Transformation task was case sensitive. Now, ‘Case insensitive mapping’ option that performs case insensitive mapping of the join columns is added.

  • The naming convention used to store the task output folder is now modified while exporting to S3 from Bionic Rules - Setup Rule. In the Setup Rule - Export to S3 section:

  1. Select the Enable Export option.
  2. Enter a value in the Export with this file name field.
  3. Select a value to be appended to the file name from the drop-down list. The naming convention is defined according to the selection:
  • None - fileName.csv
  • Rule Date - fileName-2017-10-10.csv
  • Execution Datetime - fileName-2017-10-10-21:15:57.csv

By default, Execution Datetime is selected in the drop-down list.

  • In the Bionic Rules > Setup Rule screen, you can now preview the fetch task results using the newly added PREVIEW option.

Click PREVIEW to view the first 10 results of the selected fetch task in the Preview Results of <Fetch task name> dialog box.

Note: The results are retrieved based on the latest configuration of the rule. An error message is displayed, if no record exists for the set configuration.

  • Previously, when two actions - Load to Feature and Load to MDA were created in the Setup Action screen, on deleting Load to MDA, Load to Feature got displayed twice in the screen. This is fixed now.
  • Rules Engine now supports mapping Long Text Area data type to Rich Text Area data type.


  • An error no longer occurs in Cockpit List View while closing tasks that are dependent on other tasks.

  • Email task details in Cockpit task detail view loaded with a delay. This is resolved now. Email task details load as expected and a loading icon is added to notify the loading progress to the user.

  • Previously, adding fields with special characters in CTA detail view resulted in incorrect label display. This is fixed now. Fields with special characters are now displayed as configured in detail view layout configuration.

  • When you select a CTA in Cockpit List View, the page stuck with chatter section displayed in the bottom half and making it difficult to scroll up or down in the page. This is resolved now. The page is now displayed as expected on selecting a CTA.

  • When the permissions on CTA group object are modified for a User with standard profile, logging in as the respective user and saving the respective edited Success Plan resulted in an error. This is resolved now. This error no longer occurs.

  • Special characters are now displayed as expected for CTAs created through Rules Engine.

  • In the Administration > Call to Action page, incorrect error message was displayed on deleting the CTA reason that is used by a CTA. This error message is corrected now.

  • For CTAs created through Rules Engine, scheduled runs resulted in failure but, manual rule runs were successful. This was observed when task mapping was incomplete. To fix this, navigate to Administration > Task and complete task mapping before scheduling the respective rule run for a successful rule run.

  • The count of completed tasks displayed incorrect values in Cockpit List View and the Success Plan - Objectives tab. This is resolved now and the count of completed tasks is displayed as expected.

Lifetime Revenue Management (LRM)

  • Pre built reports generated in the LRM are not displayed in the report builder repo when you select the UI Views object. This issue is now resolved and you can view LRM reports in the Report Builder.


  • In GS Connect, you may not able to edit Company/Relationship mappings sometimes. This issue is now resolved and GS Connect is now working as expected.

  • S3 jobs were failing while trying to fetch data from the Amazon S3 connector to Gainsight, and the “Provided timeZoneId[undefined] does not exist” error message was displayed. The issue has now been resolved and S3 jobs are now running as expected.

Data Management

  • In a calculated field formula, if there are similar field names, when you access the fields through any functionality to generate a result from the formula, it will show an error and it does not yield any results. This issue is now resolved and the calculated field formula is applied as expected.

  • Navigate to Administration > Data Management. While trying to create an object via csv file upload, if the csv file contains a header named 'nodeName', the data management page displayed blank. If the object is created and data is loaded manually, it was not allowed to proceed further from the Validate link. This issue is resolved in this use case and you can ingest data from the Data Management page as expected.

  • Unable to view the ‘X’ button on the field names and operators in the Formula Builder page: Navigate to Administration > Data Management. Select a custom object which has calculated fields. Open the formula builder page from a calculated field. While editing a simple formula, when you hover on the field name and operator, the ‘X’ button did not appear to remove the field or operator. This issue is resolved now and you can remove the fields and operators as expected.

Customers Tab

GainsightCommunity_Icon_20x20 (1).png: Columns in the Customers tab are not visible when you scroll down the page: Previously in Customers tab, if you scroll through the customer's page the column headers were not visible. This issue is fixed and now you can see the column headers after scrolling down the page.

Known Issues

Activity Timeline

  • You cannot create a custom field with postgres reserved keywords. For more information, see Postgres documentation.

  • You cannot create a custom field with a numeric name.

  • If a Date Time Custom field is mapped to Events End Date Time field, then in consumption areas, the user must not select a date more than 14 days from Activity Date, as Salesforce has a restriction that an event cannot last longer than 14 days for End Date Time field. For more information, see Salesforce Documentation.

  • Duration field value needs to be equal to End Date time minus Start Date Time. Either you can map only one field (Duration or End Date) or ensure the difference between end and start date is equal to duration. For more information, see Salesforce Documentation.

  • If an attachment has double quotes (") in file name after uploading and posting the activity, the double quotes are replaced by encoded value in the filename (For example, file name is abc"def.jpg. After uploading to an activity the filename will be abc%22def.jpg)

  • If an attachment has a semi-colon in the filename, while downloading the file extension will be missing. (For example, if the filename of an activity attachment is abcd;.xls the file will be downloaded as abcd without extension)

  • If an attachment has a comma in the filename, then you will not be able to download the file.

  • In case of Daylight Savings Time (DST), the log date of an activity may not be correct.

Advanced Outreach

  • For Advanced Outreaches created before the 5.10 release, the Participant Activity Feed may not appear correctly.

  • If an Advanced Outreach has an inline survey, the preview may not appear correctly.

  • In Multi-variant email templates, if the “Send default variant” option is unselected and if a participant doesn’t associate with any variant, the email preview still loads with the default email template.


  • When a report containing multi-currency data is exported as CSV, the multi-currency values are not honored in the exported file.

  • Salesforce Inactive users are able to access a shared dashboard, which is not intended. If a dashboard is shared, and after sharing the user is marked as Inactive, the user is still able to view the shared dashboard.

  • A blank screen is displayed when the default external 360 layout is not configured, and the user navigates to external c360 from an external dashboard.

  • An inappropriate error message is displayed when you try to create a report on an MDA object where no data is available.

Rules Engine

  • While editing a rule, no error is displayed in the Setup Rule screen when an object used in the rule set up is deleted from the source.

  • When a Bionic rule run results in partial failure, in few scenarios, the Timeline execution logs are indented improperly and unreadable.

  • Delete icon is missing in Rule Chain scheduler.

  • On modifying the aggregation logic of a transformation task which is used in an action, no error is displayed while saving the updated aggregation logic and an invalid mapping dialog box is displayed in Setup Action. This is incorrect behavior.

  • Relationship standard object is displayed as source in Custom rules for relationship. This is incorrect behavior as standard objects are not supported as source.

  • Execution logs are lengthy and unreadable.

  • In few scenarios, on navigating back to the Setup Action screen the action name is not displayed for a close CTA action.

  • For a manual rule chain run, the execution time is always displayed as 12:00 am.


  • In CTA detail view for relationship CTAs, when a record is edited multiple links to navigate to SFDC Account page are displayed.

Data Management

  • When you use Gainsight org in Microsoft Edge, If you enable self-lookup while creating a field of type GSID, Required and Enable lookup checkboxes are not shown as blocked.


  • In the Administration > Gainsight Connect > Field Mappings section, Picklist/ Dropdown list fields are shown incorrectly as String data type.

Gainsight 360

  • Export is not available for Gainsight360. This will be available in the upcoming major release.

Permission Sets updated in 5.10 Release

With every new release, the Gainsight and SFDC permission sets are updated for several features to give access to new objects, fields, apex classes, and visualforce pages. The following table lists the components for which the Admin, Standard, Read-only, and/or Special permission sets are updated in this release.

Component Permissions
Admin Limited Special Standard
Pages Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
(Field length increased)
(Field length increased)
(Field length increased)


Added fields:

  • Objective__C
  • LayoutType__c
  • SuccessPlan__c
  • Type__c
  • UniqueKey__c
Yes Yes  No Yes
Yes Yes No Yes
Yes Yes No Yes
Yes Yes No Yes
Yes Yes No Yes

Added new field:

  • CreatedDate__c


Yes No Yes
TestAuthorization.cls Yes Yes No Yes
TestAuthorization.cls-meta.xml Yes Yes No Yes
SOQL.cls Yes Yes No Yes
SOQL.cls-meta.xml Yes Yes No Yes
Authorization.cls Yes Yes No Yes
Authorization.cls-meta.xml Yes Yes No Yes
GSCommonRestAPI.cls Yes Yes No Yes
GSCommonRestAPI.cls-meta.xml Yes Yes No Yes
Triggers Yes Yes No Yes
PopulateUniqueConstraintTextField.trigger Yes Yes No Yes
PopulateUniqueConstraintTextField.trigger-meta.xml Yes Yes No Yes
Static resources
Optimized_DataOperation.resource-meta.xml Yes   Yes  

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