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Patch Release Notes: Version 5.7.X

This document contains information about new functionality or fixes made to existing functionality in patch releases of the 5.7.X version.

Note: The following Gainsight patches were released as a major version (5.7), because Gainsight introduced a new SFDC field to fix a survey issue, and SFDC does not allow new fields in patch versions. 

Version 5.7.3, July 18, 2017


  • Unable to load data into LRM when it has more than 500 Products: LRM fails to load transaction data when it has more than 500 products, instead it displays a duplicate code error. This issue is now resolved by increasing the product limit to 5000. It is working now as expected without errors.

Rules Engine

  • Load to Milestone action in Setup Action now creates milestones as expected: Navigate to Rules Engine > + Rule > Setup Action. Previously, the Load to Milestone action created only one milestone, though the condition set for the rule required multiple milestones to be created. This is fixed. Now, Load to Milestone creates the expected number of milestones based on the rule.


  • Operational emails contain Unsubscribe link in footer: Previously, when you created an operational email, the Unsubscribe link in the footer was still displayed for the Send Test email option in the Email Template. The issue has now been resolved and the Unsubscribe link is no longer displayed for operational emails in the Email Template. For more information on operational emails, see the Operational Email Guidelines article.
  • Unable to edit linked text in Email Template (2.0): In Email Builder 2.0, you were unable to edit linked text while configuring an Email Template. You could edit the link by clicking Edit, but you could not edit the text. The issue has been resolved.

  • Unable to add user-type filters while configuring user-type Outreaches: Previously, the functionality to add a user-type filter was not working while configuring user-type Outreaches (that include a report) with the Email Builder 2.0 template.

The issue has now been resolved, and you can add a user-type filter to an Outreach containing reports, to send them to individual users. Perform the following steps to send Outreaches to individual users:

  1. Create a user type power list.
  2. Create an email template (2.0) and include any report. Make sure that the Assignee field exists.
  3. Create a user type outreach and include this report.

The required user fields are now displayed in Outreach.


  • Cockpit UI alignment issues in iPad: Earlier, Cockpit UI did not align properly in iPad in the landscape mode. This issue is resolved now to work as expected.

Version 5.7.2, July 07, 2017

Rules Engine

  • Bionic Rules now honor the selected Account Lookup in Setup Rule: Previously for Bionic Rules, in the Setup Rule screen, when another account field (when multiple accounts exist) was selected for Account Lookup, the rule was not honored resulting in incorrect data retrieval. This is fixed. The selected Account Lookup is now honored and data is retrieved as expected.
    Note: Ensure to click SAVE in the corresponding dataset task before running the rule.

Version 5.7.1, July 07, 2017


  • Unable to save CTAs: Navigate to Cockpit > CTA detail view. Update any editable field in the default group of the CTA and Linked Objects. When you tried to save the CTA, the system did not allow it and instead displayed an error. This issue is fixed now to work as expected.


  • Migrate Picklist and Multi-picklist values: Using the Cross-org Migration tool, you can now migrate Reports that contain picklist and multi-picklist values. 

Version 5.7.0, June 29, 2017


  • Add a Scorecard widget to Relationship Type configuration: In C360, the relationship section loads correctly when a scorecard widget is added to the relationship type.
  • Load Success Plan when Scrolling is turned ON: In C360, the Success Plans section loads correctly if Scrolling is turned on.
  • Reports created using Data Spaces in C360: In C360, if you access a report created using a Data Space, the Add button does not appear. Previously, if you accessed a report created using Data Space, the Add button appeared. Since a Data Space is a combination of two objects, you cannot add a new record. 

  • View Account and Opportunity widgets in Lightning mode: You can now view Account and Opportunity widgets in SFDC’s Lightning mode.


  • Unable to close CTAs: Previously, when you tried to close CTAs with Read-only and Boolean type fields, the system did not allow it and instead displayed an error “CTA cannot be Closed. Enter the mandatory fields to close the CTA”. This issue is fixed now and works as expected.
  • Template Name is missing in Email Logs report for Use Case as Cockpit when Email 2.0 template is used: Navigate to Cockpit > Playbooks. Create an Email type task in any playbook with a 2.0 email template. Navigate to Cockpit, apply this playbook to any CTA, and send an email from the new email task. Navigate to Administration > Report Builder > Email Logs. When you run a report with Use Case as Cockpit, template name and template ID did not appear in the respective column as shown in the following image.

    This issue is now resolved for new Emails that will be sent going forward.


  • Multiple response for the same participant on CoPilot surveys: Previously, multiple responses were recorded for the same participant on a Copilot Survey, when distributed using CoPilot.

The issue has been resolved, and the survey responses are now recorded correctly by using the Unique Participant Key.

  • NPS® Text Analytics not displayed for closed/expired surveys: Previously, NPS® Text Analytics were not displayed for closed or expired surveys. When a survey was not in the closed state, the NPS® Text Analytics was displayed as intended, but when the same survey is closed, the NPS® Text Analytics were not displayed. The issue has been resolved, and NPS® Text Analytics is now displayed for closed and expired surveys as well.
  • Save option removed for anonymous surveys: The option to save anonymous surveys was removed from the Survey response page.


  • Unusual characters displayed in the subject of CoPilot test emails when apostrophe(’) was included: Previously, when the apostrophe character was included in the subject while configuring a CoPilot email, unusual characters were displayed in the subject in the Test email.

The issue is resolved, and unusual characters are no longer displayed in the subject of CoPilot emails when apostrophes are included.

  • Power list text containing apostrophe(’) gets removed when edited: Previously, when a Power list was edited, the text in fields was removed if they contained the apostrophe (’). For example: If there is an Account Name field named Mark’s Garment in the Power list, when you edit the Power list, the name changes to just Mark (text after the apostrophe is removed). The issue was resolved and text after the apostrophe is no longer removed when a Power list is edited.
  • Images not displayed when inserting HTML code in Email Template:  Previously, when inserting HTML code in an Email Template, the images inserted were not getting displayed. The issue was resolved and images are now displayed while inserting HTML code in Email Templates.


  • No data is displayed in Report drill down for Habit reports: Previously, for Habit reports, when you drilled down into a report to view granular level data, no data was displayed.

The issue was resolved and drill down data for Habit reports is now displayed.

Rules Engine

  • Last modified date is now visible on Scorecards when the score is set to N/A through Rules Engine: Previously, in the Setup Action screen, for the Action Type - Set score, when Set Score from was set to N/A or ‘0’, the modified date was not visible for the respective scorecard in the Scorecard page. This is fixed. Scorecard displays the last modified date as required when the respective score is set to N/A through the Rules Engine.
  • Incorrect display of criteria value on revisiting Setup Action with count of picklist fields criteria: On revisiting the Setup Action screen, the criteria value displayed incorrect values, when the count function was applied on the Picklist fields during the action setup. Refer to the following image:


This is fixed. The criteria value displays correct values as expected.

  • An error no longer occurs when Combobox data type is used for mapping in Action Setup: Navigate to Rules Engine > + Rule > Setup Action. Previously, in the Setup Action screen, an incorrect mapping error occurred when a field with Combobox data type was used for mapping. This is fixed and the error no longer occurs. Now Combo box can be mapped with String, Picklist and Combo box.
  • Modification in data type limitations of identifiers used for mapping in Rules Engine: Navigate to Rules Engine > + Rule > Setup Action. Previously, with Bionic Rules for Account and the Action Type - Load to Relationship, not more than three out of six identifiers with the same data type were allowed for the mapping. Now, Rules Engine sets one of the six identifiers by default. The following is the limit for the other five identifiers:
    • Five - String data type
    • Three - Other data types

The default identifier is not displayed in the Setup Action screen. You can view this identifier with the others in the Rule Actions tab of rule details. Refer to the following image:


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