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Patch Release Notes: Version 5.6.X

This document contains information about the new functionality or fixes made to existing functionality in patch releases of the 5.6.X version.

Version 5.6.8, June 13, 2017


  • The Show data from all children check box now currently shows data from the Account Hierarchy in all areas of the C360. Previously, the data for child accounts was not displayed in other areas of the C360, such as Cases.

  • While adding a contact record to the R360, a drop-down list to select the type of records will be present. Previously, while adding a contact to R360 you could not select the record type.
  • An issue with the display of picklist values in the R360 is now resolved. Previously, picklist values displayed the API value of the selection.


  • Unable to load Scorecard habit reports with filters: Previously, Scorecard habit reports containing filters were not displaying in Report Builder and other consumption areas.

The issue has been resolved and the Scorecard habit reports with filters are now displayed.

Note: The above resolution only applies to reports that are newly created. If you have an existing report with the specified configuration, please re-create the report for desired results.

Rules Engine

  • Script error no longer occurs in Setup Rule on deleting a field used in rule setup: Navigate to  Rules Engine > RULES LIST > Edit Rule (Custom) > Setup Rule. If a field used in a custom rule setup (Filters section) is deleted, earlier, the Setup Rule screen displayed incorrectly and a script error occured. This is resolved. Now, the Setup Rule screen is displayed as expected and the script error no longer occurs.
  • Action mapping criteria displays ‘None’ on navigating to Setup Action directly: Previously, for few rules when you navigate from RULES LIST to the Setup Action screen directly, the option for the field in the criteria section displayed ‘None’. This was noticed when:
    • Action Criteria was based on SFDC Account or CustomerInfo object
    • Source object in Setup page was not Account or Customer

This is resolved. Now, the field in the Criteria section displays the option as expected as shown in the following image.    

  • An error no longer occurs when no value is assigned to Rules Engine > RULES LIST > + Rule > Setup Action > Action Type > CTA > (associated) boolean field: Previously, when the selected Action Type - Call To Action had an associated custom boolean field (added in the CTA detailed layout), an error occurred if no value was assigned to this boolean field in the Setup Action screen. This is fixed. Now, the system handles the error allowing a smooth transition to the next screen.


  • Message changed for Survey recipients who have already taken the survey: If a survey recipient navigates to the survey page after completing the survey, they will receive the following message, “Thank you. You have already responded to the survey.”
  • Survey footer failing to translate when sent via CoPilot: For multilingual surveys, the footer of the survey would fail to translate whenever it was sent through CoPilot. This has now been resolved.
  • Click Tracking Disabled for Survey URL: The click tracking feature within surveys has been disabled within Email Templates 2.0. When enabled, this feature lengthened the survey URL, which increased the chances of it being blocked by a recipient's firewall. With click tracking disabled at this time, surveys are more accessible for recipients.


  • Tokens failed to retain display names after editing email content through HTML editor in Email Templates 2.0: Previously, when editing a 2.0 email template with tokens, the display name for the token would revert to the original wording if the HTML editor was used. This has now been resolved.
  • Email 2.0 templates created via HTML did not retain style changes after saving: When created using HTML tools, 2.0 email templates would not retain changes made to font and style after the save button was clicked. This has now been resolved.

GS Connect

  • Gainsight Connect failure on the Company and Relationship objects: Previously, when you imported data into the Company and Relationship objects through Gainsight Connect, you received an error message and data importing failed. The issue is fixed now and you can import the data through Gainsight Connect as expected.

Version 5.6.7, May 30, 2017


  • Unable to load Cockpit when the Org is upgraded to 5.6 and Cockpit Custom view is selected: In production orgs with version 5.5, create a ‘Custom’ view in Cockpit as shown in the image below and navigate to any other functionality. Upgrade the org to version 5.6 and navigate to Cockpit. You can observe that the Cockpit page is not loaded. Issue is fixed now to show the Cockpit page with My CTAs view.

Rules Engine

  • String field from MDA to be mapped to Account ID: Previously, Rule action (Load to SFDC) was not allowing the mapping of string field from MDA to be mapped to Account ID. It also allowed the field as the account lookup and account reference when the Action Type was Load to Customers. This was happening because the field-mappings were restricted based on the compatible types and for String datatype; hence, the ID fields of Salesforce objects were not allowed to be mapped. This issue is now fixed.


  • Some fields were not displaying within the Power List criteria because the field length was too long: Previously, certain fields would appear blank within the criteria section of a Power List because the fields contained too many characters. This has been resolved, and these fields now display properly.

  • Images inserted through HTML code were getting stripped. Images added to a CoPilot Outreach were losing information unless the image url was being added directly as a workaround. This has now been resolved.

Version 5.6.6, May 25, 2017


  • Unable to Apply/Replace a Playbook: Navigate to Cockpit > CTA Detail View. There was an issue that you could not apply or replace a Playbook and you received an error message ‘Status: Request failed, Message: Illegal assignment from String to Datetime’ as shown below:

The issue was observed in the following instances also:

  • While adding a template to the success plans

  • While creating a Rule ‘Create a CTA’ through Rules Engine

  • While adding a task through Timeline functionality

The issue is resolved now and you will no longer see the error message again. You can perform the activities mentioned above as expected.

Version 5.6.5, May 23, 2017


  • Customize Survey CTA Names in Survey > Set CTAs using tokens: Admins can control the names of CTAs created as part of a Survey in the Set CTAs page, similar to Rules Engine CTAs, using tokens as identifiers.

Version 5.6.1 through 5.6.4, May 23, 2017

The fixes which were planned for the V5.6.1 through V5.6.4 Patch Releases were rolled into the Version 5.6 Release for customers.

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