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Patch Release Notes: Version 5.5.X

Version 5.5.15, April 21, 2017

Security (Survey)

  • To prevent Cross-site Scripting (XSS) attacks, Gainsight has added encryption techniques in the following area:

    • While adding a survey name (Administration > Surveys > +SURVEY).

Version 5.5.14, April 20, 2017


  • Contact Names are captured correctly when Email Assist feature is used in Cockpit: When users click APPROVE & SEND EMAIL in the task detail view, the Edit Email window opens.

Previously, Contact Name/User Name related information was captured correctly in the Edit Mail window, but the Contact Name related data was not showing up in the Report Builder > Email Logs. This was happening because Email Assist was unable to take the contact info into account. Hence, the Email Assist Outreach did not have contact information. This issue is now resolved and Email Logs show the Contact Name related information when the email is triggered through Cockpit.


  • Cloned Matrix Questions can now be saved correctly after editing the sub-questions without error: Previously when you were trying to add a new sub-question under the Matrix question that was cloned, an error message was displayed. This was caused by a UI issue that did not recognize the correct ID value of newly added sub-questions. This issue has now been resolved, and the cloned questions can now be saved without issue.
  • Survey Descriptions will no longer break mid-word: Previously the formatting of some Survey descriptions started a new line in the middle of a word. This has been resolved, and formatting will no longer result in broken words within the description.

Customer 360

  • Date/Time field appears correctly in R360 > Summary and R360 > Attributes sections.

Security (Scorecards)

  • To prevent Cross-site Scripting (XSS) attacks, Gainsight has added encryption techniques in the following areas:

    • While adding a measure (Administration > Scorecards Configuration)

    • While configuring help text for the grades in the measure.

Version 5.5.13, April 06, 2017

Notification (Survey)

  • ‘Account’ link in email notification navigates to Customers > C360 page: Navigate to Customers > [click on any customer’s name] > C360 page where you click on the bell icon (refer the following image) to select the Survey Response Submitted check box. 

Selecting the Survey Response Submitted check box enables you to receive a notification every time a response for survey is submitted by any user. When you click on the "Account" link in the email, it should navigate you to the Customer 360 page.

Note: Click the + icon on C360 page to subscribe to the specific account as shown in the following image.



  • ‘Survey Response’ link in email notification navigates to Survey Response Page: Users receive Gainsight email notifications related to submitted survey responses. This email has the Survey Response link that navigates the user to the corresponding pages.
    Previously, whenever a user clicked on the Survey Response link, it navigated to a path which was a survey site URL and displayed the following message, in spite of opening the survey response.

User was receiving survey site URL (example: ‘’) through the notification email, but ideally the url should be SFDC_base_url (example: to navigate the user to the C360 page directly instead of navigating you to any other unauthorized page. This issue is now resolved and the page loads when users click the Survey Response link in the notification emails.

  • Analyze tab with advanced logic in Survey > Analyze > Filter: In the Survey > Analyze page, when you created a filter for the Response Date field and selected the "Greater than / Greater or equal" condition, the From and To options were displayed for the date field. However, this condition type should display only a single date field. The issue is now resolved by removing the To field from the UI, and considering the From field date as the selected date.

  • Cursor in Survey Questions: Previously, when there were multiple questions along with a header in a survey (drop-down or multiple choice), and the respondent selected any of the available answers, the cursor automatically moved to the end of the survey. The issue is now resolved and the cursor does not automatically move to the end of the survey.


  • Data in Service Console > Customers tab: Previously, when you viewed the C360 page for multiple customers from the Customers tab using the service console and refreshed (complete refresh - F5) any of the C360 page, and then returned to the Customers tab after the refresh was complete, no data was getting displayed. The issue is now resolved and the data in the Customers tab is displayed correctly as shown in the following image.

Version 5.5.12, April 04, 2017

Rules Engine

  • Add filter in the Send Email option: Previously, when you added a filter in the Send Email action (Edit Rule > Setup Rule > Setup Action), the option to add fields from the Account and Customer Info objects was not available. Also, for the existing rules the field name was displayed as "None" instead of the "<Name>" in the Criteria section. The rule execution was not impacted in this case. The issue is now resolved by providing the new option - "Others" in the Criteria section. This enables you to select fields from the Account, Customer Info, Contact, and Account Contact objects. 


Rules Engine.png

Version 5.5.11, March 24, 2017

Rules Engine

  • CRITERIA in Rules Engine > Edit Rule (Bionic Rule) > Setup Action screen > Load to SFDC Object (Action Type): Previously when in the Setup Action screen, when you selected any Action Type, added multiple criteria, and saved the rule, the left hand side criteria was getting duplicated. This resulted in improper data mapping in UI even though the preview of the rule was showing the right setup. This issue is now resolved and Criteria is saved correctly as expected with the right values.

Version 5.5.10, March 23, 2017

Rules Engine


Starting now, Custom Rules that hit the maximum record limit will fail. The limit is capped at 300k records per rule run. Prior to patch V5.5.10, the rule succeeded even if there were more records in the source, but it only picked up the first 200k records.

Gainsight recommends the Rules Admin to follow the steps listed below:

  • Review your existing rules to determine if they will fail in the near future - check the execution history to see the no. of records processed. If it is close to 300k, and it continues to grow, then there is a good chance it will eventually hit the limit and fail.
  • Create a Bionic Rule and retire the Custom Rule. Read more about Bionic Rules.
  • If your rule was hitting the limit, then immediately after the increase in limits, you can expect a change of behavior. For example, you'll see a larger than usual # CTA's are created.
Gainsight regrets any inconvenience caused by the limits, and assures you we are working towards higher limits and robust notification when the limits are hit.
  • Bionic Rule with Relationships: In Rules Engine > Edit Rule (Bionic) > Setup Rule, when you select an object that does not have any Relationship lookup on it and proceed to the Setup Action screen, it displays an error message as shown in the following image.

Previously when the Relationship id field from the GS Relationship Object was used in the Merge task, then the same error message was inappropriately shown to the user in the Setup Action screen. This is now resolved and functions appropriately.

IMPORTANT: When the GS Relationship object is used as the source object, you must ensure Relationship ID and Account ID are added to the Show fields and propagated all the way to the last task. This is mandatory if you want to use the Create CTA action (Account ID is mandatory while executing rule).

  • Set Score 2.0 in Rules Engine: When you select Set Score 2.0 from the Action Type drop-down list for the Source Object with MDA joins in Rules Engine > Edit Rule (Custom Rule) > Setup Action > +Action, clicking RUN NOW no longer discards the record even if the Account ID comes from the joined source object.

  • Map Case:ID field: You can now map Case:ID in the email template to the token from the Rules Engine using the Email Action, before sending the email out to the customer. Previously, the Case:ID could not be mapped to the token even though this was included in the Show fields (as shown in the following image).

  • MDA Objects with lookup in Rules Engine: In the Rules Engine > Edit Rules (Custom Rules) > Setup Rule screen, when you select a couple of MDA objects that have lookup to each other, and refresh the page, it no longer shows the following error message, and functions as expected.

  • ‘COUNT of Created Date’ field in Setup Rules screen in Rules Engine: When you enable the aggregation 'Count' on a date field in Setup Rules > Show section, it takes the aggregation correctly and fetches data properly.

When you use the Account::COUNT of Created Date field in Setup Action > Set Score (Action Type) >  +CRITERIA, it now considers it as count (numeric inputs) and lists the options accordingly. Previously, it was considered a date field and caused an error during rule execution. This issue is now resolved.


  • The Administration > Calls to Actions > Relationship tab gets loaded for the selected Cloned Relationship type created in Relationship Configuration page. Previously the page load showed the spinning wheel continuously.

    1. Navigate to Administration > Relationships.

    2. Clone any of the existing relationships, rename it, and save it. The following image shows such cloned Relationship Type.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Calls to Action > RELATIONSHIP tab.

  2. Select the cloned Relationship Type from the drop down as shown in the following image.

The page gets loaded now.

  • Email task type in CTA: You can now read undefined properties such as 'controllerName' in the console when you click the email task type in CTA. Previously when you first clicked an email task type and then tried to open the CTA detail view, an error message was displaying. This issue is now resolved.


  • Prevent Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Attacks: Previously, when you tried to include any special characters in the Language Code and Language Name fields, the output of the Language Name in the Survey language(s) page malfunctioned.

    Previously, it was easy for an attacker to bypass the client-side validation. In order for an XSS attack to take place, the vulnerable fields required users to directly include input in the fields, where the attacker can then insert a string that will be used within the web page and treated as code by the victim’s browser.

    XSS attacks are now prevented by displaying an error message whenever you try to include any of the following strings: \ \ \ " ' < > & /.

    For Example:

  1. Navigate to in Administration > Languages > +ADD LANGUAGE > Language Name and Language Code (vulnerable fields).

  2. Update one of the vulnerable fields by intercepting the proxy with any of the following values: \\\"'< >&/.
    You will see an error message is displayed preventing you from using special characters. Refer to the following image.

Version 5.5.9, March 14, 2017


  • Error while proceeding to field mapping in S3 Connector: In S3 Connector > S3 Configuration > [click on S3 Job with PGP encryption enabled] > click PROCEED TO FIELD MAPPING, you no longer get an error that says “Unable to find key associated with the Job”. This error was occurring particularly when you were using Internet Explorer with the PGP encryption enabled for the S3 Job.

  • Gainsight Connect Mapping Fields: The following steps shows what happened when Source Field is set as Null and add another field mapping:

  1. Navigate to Gainsight connect and click edit icon of any object.
  2. Navigate to Field mappings section where you set any Source Field as null.
  3. Click UPDATE.
  4. Click +FIELD MAPPING to add another field mapping. You will find the Source field
    with Null value is removed. 

Note: Previously, the Source field that was set as Null was not getting removed while adding another field mapping.This is now resolved.

Version 5.5.8, March 10, 2017


  • Editing Comment in CTA Detail View in Relationship 360 (R360): In R360 > Cockpit > CTA Detail View, when you add a CTA comment and then immediately click on another CTA, you can now quickly move from one CTA to another. Previously, the page was not loading and needed a complete page refresh. This issue is now resolved.

Version 5.5.7, March 09, 2017


  • Case ID link in CTA detail view > Group, functions as expected: Previously, when you clicked on the Case ID link, the comment was disappearing. This issue was occurring only outside of the Support Console. This issue is now resolved and the link functions as expected. Following image shows the Case ID link in the CTA detail view:

  • CTA Picklist for a Relationship Type in Rules Engine: Previously, the CTA Picklist (Reasons, Statuses, or Priorities) did not populate if it was inactive in any of the Relationship Types.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 12.04.04 AM.png

This issue is now fixed. If any of the Picklist values are disabled for one Relationship type, those Picklist values will be seen in the Rules Engine for Other Relationship type,

  • CTAs’ upcoming Tasks in Cockpit Calendar View: If you have CTAs with tasks due for the selected period in Cockpit, you can now see these CTAs in the calendar view. Previously these CTAs were not appearing in the calendar view after upgrading the application to version 5.5. This issue is now resolved and functions as expected.

  • View entire file attachment section: In Cockpit > Detail View for any CTA, you can now view the entire file attachment section. Previously, navigating between multiple tabs in the CTA Detail View prevented viewing the complete section. This is now resolved.

  • Duplicate Playbooks screen in Cockpit : There is no longer a problem duplicating playbooks when the Relationship check box is not selected in Cockpit > Playbooks. CTA Types are now shown when you clone a Playbook when Relationship is disabled.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.09.03 PM.png

  • Error message update while linking objects to CTAs: In Administration > Calls to Action > Linked Objects, when you try to link objects to the CTAs without having the required permission, you can now see the following error message:

"Insufficient Privileges. You do not have the necessary permission to link object. Contact your SFDC administrator to enable 'Modify All Data' permission for your profile."

    IMPORTANT: This error was mainly observed when the user profile did not have the “Modify All Data” and “Customize App” permissions.

  • Playbook Assignee at the Relationship Level: In Cockpit > Playbooks > [select  Relationship Playbook] > [Add/edit  any task from the Playbook Details section],  the task Owner field should now show GS relationship user lookups.

   IMPORTANT: Relationship user lookups now work for all Relationship CTAs, Playbooks, Tasks, Success Plans, and Success Plan Templates.

  • In Rules Engine > click +RULE > Setup Action screen > +ACTION > Create Call to Action > [select Create CTA check box], when you select the Owner and Default Owner fields, the Owner field no longer changes to null.

When you navigate to Preview of the same Rule > RULE ACTIONS tab, you no longer see a blank Owner Field. Refer the following image.

  • Lookup fields in Cockpit CTAs: Create a lookup on user object for Call to Action object. Navigate to Administration > Calls to Action, and select the CTA type for Detail view layout configuration. Link the ID field in the Call to Action layout.

      Navigate to Cockpit, click +CTA to create new CTA and close it. Reopen the same CTA for which you have mapped the ID field. In the CTA detail view, ID field in the Call to         Action tab now shows data as expected and will not appear blank.

  • Correct count of Closed CTAs: Whenever a new CTA is created with the Closed Success status, the Closed date is populated which gives the Correct count of Closed CTAs in reports.


  • Survey Response Date Filter: Previously, it was exporting incorrect result when you tried to filter the reports by Response Date = Custom. In order to fix this issue, an extra parameter was added to honor the user timezone. This change is only applicable to the Survey module and does not impact any other components. Now, when you click any Survey > [click the Funnel icon] > [Filter by Response Date ‘equals’ Custom in Filter Reports window] > click APPLY > [click the Export icon], the exported reports contain the correct results.

  • Export captures records in Survey Response Statistics: In Survey > Analyze > [click on the Funnel icon] > [Select ‘Responded ‘equals’ Value check box’ in Filter Reports window] > click APPLY, this displays the records of the responded details under Survey Response Statistics section. Previously, when you exported the report, it exported all the records. This issue is now resolved and the exported report shows the correct records.

  • Page Branching for Multiple Choice Questions: When you try to perform Page Branching for a Multiple Choice question you can now see the SAVE and CANCEL options available on the Page Branching window without any error as shown in the following image.

  • Links in Survey Response notification: When a contact responds to the survey, you receive a notification email containing the Survey link. The link in this Survey Response notification now navigates to the actual response. This Survey link was previously broken, it is now fixed.

Success Plan

  • Statistics are getting updated in Success Plans: In Customer 360 > Success Plans > OBJECTIVES tab, you can now see the updated status soon after you close an objective.

  • Default Priority and Status in Success Plan: Default Priority and Status are being applied now, when you create an Objective in Success Plan configuration. Previously the following issues were found but they are now resolved:

    • When creating Objective template for Success Plan, default Priority was not being applied
    • When applying the Objectives CTA in C360, default CTA open status was not being applied

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 12.30.32 AM.png


  • Dashboard filter values honors the state preservation feature when the Home page is refreshed: Previously Dashboard filter values were not honoring state preservation when the filter was applied on a User lookup field. If the Filter value is Current User at the Report level and if you change it to Other User at the dashboard level, then the other user value was appearing blank after refreshing the page.


  1. Create a Report on any Source Object which has a user lookup field.
  2. Select that field as the filter and put the value Field = Current User.
  3. Add this report to a dashboard.
  4. In the dashboard, change the filter value to Field = Other user = X.

  1. Refresh the page. The value X will not be removed and it will no longer appear blank.

  • Scroll down in Dashboard Builder to see all the reports: You can now scroll through the complete list of reports in the left pane in Dashboard Builder page as shown in the following image.

  • Filters in Report Builder: Previously, when you selected a filter on Current Score Value/Previous Score Value fields in the Report Builder, it was showing the wrong filter name on clicking APPLY. This issue is now resolved. On applying filter on "Current Score Value" < 60, the filter value/name remains same after clicking APPLY.

  • Date Field in Report Builder and Consumption Areas: There was an issue with respect to Date field filter value, where it was showing as "Input Text" instead of Date (that is, Calendar View). This issue was observed only when you created a report on MDA object which had field mapping to SFDC Week/Month. This issue in Report Builder and consumption areas is now resolved. You can now create a report on an MDA object which has field mapping to SFDC Week/Month and filter on Date should be applied without any issues.


  • Account Widget on ‘View Account’ in SFDC from C360: Previously when you tried to View the Account in SFDC using the C360 > View Account option, you were not able to access the Account page. But now the navigation from Gainsight to SFDC happens smoothly.

      In Salesforce Account page > Gainsight 360 section > Summary tab, you can now view the Salesforce account widget.


  • Stored XSS related issues are resolved in several Modules: Stored XSS related issues were found in the following modules:

    • Administration > Email Configuration > OPT-OUT SETTINGS: All input fields except Caption field.
    • Administration > Languages > ADD LANGUAGE: Language Name
      Note: Script is triggered when selecting language in Survey (through choice box) > Survey Settings.
    • Administration > Report Builder > +REPORT: Report Name field.
    • Administration > Scorecard Configuration: Enter Measure Name, Configure Help Text.

   These are resolved by doing input validations and output encoding. Attacker can no longer inject any kind of malicious scripts to exploit XSS.

Rules Engine

  • Action Setup in Bionic Rules: Previously, in the edit mode of Bionic Rules, clicking the NEXT button was not consistently displaying the actions when you get to step 3 (Setup Action), even though actions were available.

     But when you opened the rule in edit mode and clicked on Setup Action directly without clicking NEXT, the action was shown. This issue is  now resolved and you can now click NEXT to see the list of the actions on the Setup Action screen.

  • In Bionic/Custom Rule > Relationship type, CTA owner: In a Relationship rule, you can create a CTA that no longer gets assigned to the Default Owner when the dynamic Owner Field (example, Account::OwnerId) is not null.

  • In Rules Engine > Rules List > [click any Rule] > Setup Action, you can now select the Include in identifiers check box that enables you to use the CTA Name as an additional identifier along with Account, CTA Type, and CTA Reason while looking for open CTAs that should be updated. After upgrading to 5.5 version, this identifier was changed to false, but this issue is now resolved and functions as expected.

  • Preview of any Rule in Rules Engine now shows the fields (setup rule, action, schedule, test run, actual run) accessed over account lookup.

Customer 360

  • C360 page for customer: If you access a Customer from Dashboard in Service Console, C360 view opens in a new tab in Service Console. Previously the C360 view was getting opened a in a new tab of the browser.


  • CSV file in CoPilot > Power Lists: When you upload a CSV file on CoPilot > Power Lists > [Provide name/select a base object for the Power List] > +CRITERIA (in the ‘which meets the following criteria’ section), you get an option for uploading the CSV file as shown in the following image.

Previously when you uploaded the CSV file, CSV mapping was not functioning properly on UI as the CSV upload was broken in CoPilot. This was happening when you went back to edit the power list that you created with a CSV file. 

This issue is now resolved.The UI now shows all the fields and sections correctly as expected and when you edit the Power List, the CSV file shows up.


  • The Relationship search used to break previously if you have configured any field from the Relationship Object to be displayed in search results. This issue is fixed now.

Activity And Timeline

  • Timeline Activity fields visible using IE: Using Internet Explorer (IE), while logging an activity in the Timeline tab you will be able to see Duration and Internal/External attendees sections.

  • In the Timeline Activity Editor, horizontal scroll appears in Safari browser. You will be able to scroll through the notes using the scroll bar.

Version 5.5.6, March 01, 2017


  • In Administration > Operations > Connectors > connector, text is no longer truncated after double quotes and hence event names are populated as expected. Previously, the event name was truncated while loading to flipped measure due to the presence of double quotes.

Version 5.5.5, February 28, 2017


  • SessionId and Auth Token are cached in the browser's local storage. Previously, the Auth Token was not getting reset after it expired. This caused an error while accessing Gainsight application especially after a re-login since the cached Auth Token became invalid.

    This issue is now resolved by validating SessionId in each request with the cached SessionId and re-generating and Caching the new Auth Token when required.

Version 5.5.4, February 27, 2017


  • Enabling Auto Sync Tasks to SFDC in Administration > Calls to Action > General settings now functions as expected. Previously, when you were creating a CTA or tried to apply a playbook to the existing CTA, the associated tasks were not getting synced.

  • CTA comments field and comments in the CTA detail view layout are now visible in the Firefox browser.

  • When you create a new field with lookup to the Case object (for risk type) and click SAVE, the page is displayed without any error. Now, if you navigate to Cockpit and click on the Risk type CTAs, the page loads.
    Note: This happens only when a lookup is created for the case object.

Report Builder

  • In Success Snapshots, the "Weekly Checkin" and "Monthly Checkin" reports no longer display "Error occurred while fetching date" when filter customer data check box is checked.


  • On Survey > Survey Response page, the multilingual surveys had an issue with “matrix question” when rendered on mobile devices. In this case, the questions were displayed in English (default), but the answers were presented in another translated language such as French/Russian etc. on mobiles (both iPhone and android). This issue is now resolved and functions as expected.

Rules Engine

  • The "NEXT" button at the bottom of the Setup Rule screen now works as expected. Previously, it was unresponsive.

  • Create a rule with two or more actions and edit this rule from RULES LIST tab.
    When you click Setup Action from the wizard, all the actions created here now shows all the data using as shown in the following image.

Version 5.5.3, February 22, 2017


  • Previously, in the  Administration > Workflow > Mass Edit page > Apply Actions section, clicking Delete option from +ACTION drop-down list was deleting ALL CTAs (records) irrespective of applying the filter criteria. This issue is now resolved and it functions as expected.

  • In Cockpit, when you add/modify the associated contacts for any of the CTAs and click on another CTA where the existing associated contacts no longer get overlapped with the newly added/modified one.

Version 5.5.1 and 5.5.2, February 20, 2017

The fixes which were planned for the V5.5.1 and V5.5.2 Patch Releases are rolled into Version 5.5 Release.

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