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Release Notes: Version 5.1 July 2016


Major enhancements include:

  • Gainsight UI Refresh: Gainsight UI refresh provides a more consistent navigation experience across the application, as well as cleaner and improved page layouts.

  • Gsnap: record and send 1-minute personalized video communications to customers
  • Success Plans for Relationships: add the Success Plan section to the Relationship 360 and create Success Plans for Relationship Types.

  • Attach files to CTAs: in the CTA detail view, select files from SFDC or your computer.

  • Reporting improvements: create pivot reports using SFDC objects; new fields for reporting on the CTA Group object; summary widgets; landing page load time decrease; importing reports from vault; column calculated function values; and color palette.

  • Navigation: Vault and CoPilot (previously within Cockpit) are now top-level tabs in Gainsight. 

  • CoPilot improvements: configure task owners for emails syncing to SFDC tasks; abort triggered outreaches; and configure default CSM fields. 

  • Vault permalinks available for each asset
  • Scorecard Measure Labels: measure labels are automatically created based on your Measures to help you Group By Measures in the report builder.


Gainsight UI Refresh

1. Enhancement: Gainsight UI refresh provides a more consistent navigation experience across the application, as well as cleaner and improved page layouts. Most of the UI changes are focused on the Cockpit and Customer360 pages, as well as Administration navigation. Other areas of the application will receive a more detailed refresh in future releases. For a detailed look at the UI improvements across the application, see this PPT.

To share feedback on the refreshed UI, please visit the category called 5.0 UI Feedback on Community.

To help familiarize your CSMs with the new UI, you may want to share the following updated user guides:

For Administrators, please refer to the General Administration Overview, for information on how to navigate in the revamped Administration pages.


1. EnhancementAdd a Success Plan section to the Relationship 360. You can now add a Success Plan section to a relationship type using the Sections tab at Administration > Relationships > 360 view. This section will then appear on the R360 page.


2. EnhancementConfigure Success Plans for Relationships. You can now configure success plans for relationships at Administration > Workflow > Success Plans. Success Plans for Relationships can have their own page layouts, templates, Relationship types, objective categories, etc.


In addition, you can now have different objective categories for different success plan types and you can also utilize categories that are common across Success Plan Types.



  • Currently, you cannot create Success Plans for Relationships using Rules Engine.
  • The Export Plan as PPT functionality is currently unavailable for Success Plans for Relationships.

3. EnhancementThe Relationship Scorecard object is available in Report Builder. You can use reports and rules based on the current health score of a relationship. Previously, we were using the scorecard snapshot to report on Relationship Scorecards, which has a 24 hour lag with the health score. As a result, corresponding reports and rules were lagging by a day for relationship scorecards. Scorecard Fact solves this pain point by making it real time.

For a relationship scorecard, a scorecard fact is created in the format of <Scorecard Name> Scorecard Fact. For example, in the following image, we are figuring out the score of each measure per relationship:


4. EnhancementTooltips are now available for Scorecard labels and Scorecard snapshot at R360 > Scorecard. The tooltip reflects the scorecard label and its score. This tooltip is useful if you have set color labels for Scorecards.


5. EnhancementCreate Playbooks for Relationships and Relationship Types. In Cockpit > Playbooks, you can now create Playbooks for specific Relationship Types. 

Note: If you want to use a previously made playbook for Relationship CTAs, you will need to clone the playbook, rename it, and make sure it is a “Relationship” playbook.

For any existing rules creating Relationship CTAs, we suggest that you create the new playbooks (as mentioned above) and reconfigure the rules to look at the new Relationship playbooks.



EnhancementAttach files within a CTA and share it with a group of people. You can attach multiple files from your computer in the CTA detail view and share the files with a specific group, per your chatter group configuration. The file size must not exceed 2 GB.

To enable this feature you must:

  1. Have a proper chatter group configuration, which is private.
  2. You must enable the CTA PRIVATE FILES feature.
  3. Navigate to Administration > Workflow > Calls to Action to select the appropriate group from Auto post files to that defines the visibility of the attached file.


  • The file size must not exceed 2 GB.
  • Attached files count toward your SFDC standard file storage limit. For more information, see this SFDC article.


In addition, you can build a report using the GSFileLink object to search for CTAs that have files attached to them.


Also, you can create a new CS360 section at Administration > CS360 Sections to add the CTA files report on the customer 360 page as a section.



1. EnhancementGenerate pivot reports using a SFDC object in Report Builder. The Apply Pivot option is visible under the gear icon when you have two fields in the By section. Note: You can enable pivot only for one field at a time.


2. EnhancementNew Widget (Summary Widget) visualization type in Report Builder. Under Visualization type, there is a new Widget option. Widgets work with one Show me field, no fields in By, and when an aggregation is selected on the Show me field. You can save these reports and add them to a dashboard as a widget. You may display up to four widgets per horizontal row in Dashboard containers.


For example, you can generate a report on the Average Annual Revenue for a particular account and visualize the data in a Widget, as shown in the following image. You can save such reports and add them to a dashboard as a widget. Values in the widgets will change dynamically based on end-user filtering in Dashboards.


Note: You cannot export the Dashboard or Report that contains Widget.

3. EnhancementYou can now add summary widgets to your dashboard at Administration > Dashboard Builder. This widget can contain only a report of the Widget visualization type. For more information, refer to Configuring Summary Widget.


4. EnhancementAdditional fields available for Success Plan reporting on the CTA Group object. Five new fields are available in the Report Builder: Closed Lost Objective Count, Closed Won Objective Count, Closed Task Count, Open Task Count, and Open Objective Count. These fields contain aggregated values for objective CTAs and tasks and their statuses.

In the image below, the report would provide an objective count against CTA Groups.


5. EnhancementReport Builder landing page load time is much faster. Previously, you could make a trip to the coffee shop while waiting for the reports list view page to load.

6. EnhancementCustomize your color configuration for Reports, using the Color settings option present in the Report Builder page. Your settings are reflected in the C360, Gainsight Home Dashboards, and Success Snapshots.


Color configuration in Cockpit does not have any affect on the color configurations in the report builder


In the following image, each color shows the legend color that would appear for the visualization you select. You can have 20 different legend colors. For more information on color settings, refer to Color Settings in Gainsight Reports.


7. EnhancementAdd Column Calculated Function values (column aggregates) to tabular reports. In the report builder, for any numeric field in a tabular report, Admins can set aggregations (sum, avg, median) for individual columns. To set column totals, click the Gear icon for the field; then under Column calculations select the aggregation that you would like to see. For example, you can select Sum, Average, or Median option (function) to appear in the column totals.


The column aggregate values will display in reports on the Customer360, Gainsight Dashboards, and Success Snapshots; but are not available in CSV exports. Column totals work across all SFDC and MDA objects.



  • Column Calculated Function values are not supported for Pivot reports that are visualized in Tabular format or any other chart visualization. Additionally this feature is not supported when you export such reports using a CSV or Excel sheet.
  • Works only with Tabular reports.
  • For SFDC, it displays the Column Calculated Function values for only up to 2000 records, whereas for MDA it displays Column Calculated Function values for records up to the limit that is set in the Tenant Management.
  • For orgs that have multiple currencies, the currency field, if used along with this feature, will not show any data in the Column Calculated Functions.

8. EnhancementImport Report assets from Gainsight Vault using the import icon, which is highlighted in the image below. In addition to importing Playbooks, Surveys, Rules, and Email Templates, you can now import Reports into your org.



1. EnhancementGsnap helps users send a 60-second personalized video recording to one or more contacts, along with brief notes and attachments. For more information, see the Configure Gsnap article for Admins, and Record Gsnaps article for CSMs.

Important: For Gainsight’s existing customers, we are offering Gsnap for FREE for the next several months. Contact your Gainsight Account Executive to get updated pricing on this offering.


Rules Engine

1. EnhancementRule Settings Options are expanded. Previously, the Gear icon in the Rules List View took you to the Data Load Configuration page. The page is now renamed to Permissions - Rules Load Actions and includes additional options.


Now you will see four options when you click the Settings icon:

  • OAuth User Info: Shows the OAuth user currently authorized, and the date of authorization.


  • Usage Configuration: Shows the current setting of Time Granularity. Time granularity can be in months or weeks.


  • Timezone Settings: Shows the current time zone settings. Previously this icon existed outside the Gear icon.


2. EnhancementError Message appears when you try to disable absence of data in rules with ‘Filter accounts where data is unavailable’ is selected. The following message appears when you try to disable the absence of data option (Include accounts where data is unavailable).


To avoid this message, before disabling absence of data, you must delete Action Types that have Filter accounts where data is unavailable selected, or you must clear these checkboxes.


3. EnhancementRules Engine search field is sticky. On the Rules Engine > Rules List page, if you search for a rule using the search field, the text typed in the search field persists even if you navigate to another rule and then come back to the Rules List page. This is true even when you switch between different tabs, such as Rule Chain and Timeline. However, the text entered in the search field is erased when you navigate away from the Rules Engine.


4. EnhancementDirect Link to the Rule included in the rule execution email. The email that one receives after rule execution now has a Direct Rule link field that takes you directly to the Edit Rule section of the executed rule.


5. EnhancementAuto Assign owners for Case and Lead records. While setting up the Load to SFDC Object action type for the Case or Lead objects, you can select the Run Auto Assignment Rules checkbox to assign the created cases or leads to a user that is already defined in Salesforce. Otherwise, the cases or leads created will be automatically assigned to the logged in user.



1. EnhancementYou can now build reports using scorecard measure labels. As a one time process, please navigate to Administration > Account Scorecards, to trigger the automatic creation of your measure labels. Once the labels are created, there is a parallel job which runs to populate the data. The job will complete the data population based on the volume of history available, and may take several hours or more.

Earlier, to perform a Group By for scorecard labels, you had to perform a two step process (Create columns in usage data and then Create rules to mimic the scorecard configuration). Not many users were able to replicate this process accurately. You can now build reports using scorecard measure labels on Usage Data, User Adoption, and GS Scorecards objects. For every measure that you create, Gainsight automatically creates a corresponding Measure Label. This helps you perform a Group By Measure Labels in the Report Builder.

For example, if you have a measure named ’Bugs’, you will also have a ‘Bugs label’ (text data type), which is generated automatically, that can be used to generate reports.

For more information and detailed instructions, refer to Scorecard Measure Labels.


Note: The scorecard schema, if modified, is automatically reflected in the built report.


1. EnhancementCoPilot is now available as a separate tab in Gainsight. In our August release, we will remove CoPilot from the Cockpit tab. Until then, you can still access CoPilot from the Cockpit.


2. EnhancementAssign a default task owner manually, or assign the task owner dynamically for a Salesforce Activity. These options are available in the Outreach configuration.


As shown in the image above, the Task Owner Field drop-down box pulls its values from the Select the list fields section in the Power List (pictured below). By default, the Default Task Owner will be the user currently logged in.

Note: If the Power List and Outreach were configured prior to the July release, you must add the CSM field to the select list fields manually in order to see the Task Owner selections in the Outreach configuration.


3. EnhancementMoving Gainsight Email Service at Administration > Connectors to Administration > Email Configuration > Survey Email Setting.



  • Gainsight Email Service is enabled by default when MDA is enabled.
  • If you want to distribute surveys using the Gainsight Email Service, you must enable this setting.
  • If you want to distribute surveys using CoPilot, enablement of this setting is not required.

4. EnhancementDefault CSM field is now available in the ‘Select the list fields’ section for Power Lists. To configure the CSM field that appears by default, go to Administration > General > Customers > CSM. This field helps personalize outreaches by ensuring the CSM’s name and email address are present in the Power List.


5. EnhancementNew option to Abort Outreach after triggering. After you trigger an outreach, you can abort the email trigger using the new Abort Outreach option. The Execution History will list such outreaches as "Aborted". The total count of aborted recipients will be available under the Skipped column.

Note: If emails are already triggered or delivered to the recipients, there is no way to abort the outreach execution or to take the triggered emails back. In addition, aborting an outreach is not always deterministic. It is possible that you are too late in clicking the Abort button, and the emails are already delivered to all of the recipients.

One must remember that during the outreach execution process, the abort feature figures out the next logical step for aborting. If outreach execution is queued, all emails are aborted safely. If the outreach is already in progress, only a few emails will be aborted. For execution already in progress, you must check the Excel sheets that you receive via email. All aborted recipients will be available under the Failed Records sheet. You can also find the total number of recipients that were aborted under the Skipped column in Execution History.


6. EnhancementAdditional Criteria are added to the Power List Excel sheet. After you execute or refresh a Power List, an email containing the results is sent with an Excel attachment. The Excel file now includes the Which meets the additional criteria from Contacts section of the power list.


7. EnhancementLink and button tokenization is available in CoPilot > Email Templates. This helps you create parameterized URLs or personalized links. For more information, refer to Creating Parameterized Links/URLs in Email Templates.


1. EnhancementVault can be added as a default tab in Gainsight.

To include Vault as a default tab:

1. Click the + icon (All Tabs) icon.


2. Click Customize My Tabs.


3. Under Available Tabs, select Vault and then click the Add icon.


4. Click Save.


2. EnhancementPermanent links are available for each Vault asset. Hover on an asset name, and click the link icon to copy the URL for this asset. You can paste the URL in another browser tab to configure and download the asset.

Note: If you are not logged in, you will be asked to sign in. Only Gainsight users can view Vault assets.


3. Enhancement‘Show more’ instructions, if any, are visible in Vault assets. The window, as shown below, appears when you are trying to download an asset.


4. Enhancement: In Vault, along with other assets, you can now configure and download reports. In addition, you may use the filter icon to filter out specific assets.

For more information on downloading reports, refer to Reports in Vault.


1. EnhancementConfigure the Neutral label in the NPS® survey question. In a survey, for an NPS® question, the Neutral label is now configurable. By default, the Show Neutral checkbox is selected.


Issues Addressed


1. Export to Excel failed if the text fields had HTML tags, such as <script> and special characters, such as <>. This issue is now resolved.

2. Date format appeared differently in Report Builder and the Customers tab, which is now resolved.

Customer 360

  1. The HTML code appeared in attributes that made the links unclickable. This issue is now resolved.
  2. Inline edit for date field did not work as expected for the account attributes on the CS360 page. This issue is now resolved.
  3. In Support Console, the user was unable to see the search box on dashboard.


  1. Formatting issues in surveys are not addressed.
  2. A survey having more than nine questions that triggered rules for creating CTAs did not work as expected. This issue is now resolved.
  3. Issues pertaining to permissions are now resolved.
  4. Issues pertaining to carriage returns in CSV are handled.


  1. UI issues in CTA list view are now addressed.

Success Plans

  1. Issues with the Detail section of success plan is now addressed.
  2. Issues pertaining to use of Success Plans on IE11 are now addressed.

Known Issues

When Admins configure the Gsnap email, they can modify several elements, including the email text and title. Although it's also possible to alter the "Watch Now" button, we do not recommend making any changes to the button label. Currently, the button links directly to the Gsnap video.

If you already edited the "Watch Now" label, we recommend that you still add the link token to the button, but temporarily you will have to use the label "Gsnap link." Otherwise, when recipients try to click the button, it won't respond.


NPS, Net Promoter, and Net Promoter Score are registered trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld
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