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Gainsight Inc.

Release Notes: Version 4.40 May 2016


Major enhancements include:

  • Rules available for download from Vault
  • Multilingual Survey support
  • Use Rules to create actions on an absence of data such as no usage or no support tickets
  • Set Aggregations on Account ID field to support benchmarking
  • Build Formula fields on MDA objects



1. EnhancementPre-built Rules are available for download from Vault. Rule templates in Vault support only Gainsight objects within Salesforce, and only the following actions are available: Call To Action, Load to Customers, Load to Milestone, Set Score, and Load to Usage data. Some of the Rule assets require using and/or creating a custom field. A list of the custom fields, and their corresponding objects, API names, and more is available here. For more information refer to, Rules in Vault.

2. EnhancementVault asset list view displays icons for each asset type. The following image displays icons for each asset type, and also the availability of Rules in the Filter icon.


Rule Engine

1. EnhancementUse Rules to identify an absence of data: In order to help you identify an absence of data, we offer a feature in the Rules Engine that allows you to perform actions for records that do not have data for the object fields selected in the Show section. This feature can be enabled when setting up a rule using the Include accounts where data is unavailable toggle button.


For example, you might want to:

  • Create CTAs for accounts where there is no usage ( logins or particular usage measure )
  • Set the score to NA when there are no open support cases.
  • Create CTAs for accounts where there is no contact that is identified as an sponsor.

In other words, you are using rules to identify accounts that do not have cases or specific milestones associated with it.

Note: The “Apply to Gainsight customers only” option in the rule setup screen is respected. If you want your rule to look for all accounts in SFDC with an absence of data, then do not click the “Apply to Gainsight customers only” option.

For more information, refer to Identifying Absence of Data via Rules.

2. EnhancementSet Aggregations on the Account ID field: When setting up a rule, if you drag-and-drop an Account ID field and select aggregations on it using its drop-down box, you can only implement Load to SFDC Object and Load to MDA Subject Area action types. The following image describes how to select an aggregation on the Account ID field:


If you want other action types to be made available while you are setting up a rule, you must drag-and-drop the Account ID field again into the Show area, as shown in the image below:


For more information, refer to Performing Aggregation on Account ID and Limitations.

3. EnhancementRules Engine List view offers Vault import button for importing a Rule from Gainsight Vault.


4. Enhancement: A scheduled rule now displays the name of the person who modified the rule recently. In the rule’s detail view, the labels Last Rule Updated By and Last Rule Updated Date will show this information. Earlier these values were updated when the rule was executed (Manually/Scheduled).


Note: Rule updates will be saved only if a user modifies the rule, or if the user uses the Next button to navigate through a rule. If a user navigates through a rule via the breadcrumb trail (tabs) along the top of the rule pages, the user’s action will not be registered as a rule update.

Data Management

1. EnhancementBuild formulae on MDA Objects. You can now create a calculated field and build a formula on a Matrix Data-Object. For more information, see Creating Calculated Fields on Matrix Data - Object.


S3 Connector

1. Enhancement: S3 Configuration has a new reset button to reset your Access Key and Security Token at Integrations > S3 Connector.


2. Enhancement: In addition to time based scheduling, a Data Ingestion Job is executed as soon as the file is uploaded to the input folder. This helps you to avoid the trouble of scheduling the Data Ingest Job. Additionally, you can check the execution status in the Execution History option.


This enhancement comes with the following limitations:

  • The file name/file cannot be used in other data ingestion projects. An error occurs if such an operation is performed.
  • While editing an existing Data Ingest Job, you cannot modify the existing Matrix Data - Object. You need to create another Data Ingest Job with a different Matrix Data - Object for data ingestion.
  • On any given day, you can upload up to five files with a maximum size of up to 200MB. Each file has to be uploaded with a minimum gap of two hours.


1. EnhancementSuccess Snapshot PowerPoint files may contain slides at Administration > Success Snapshot. Previously your corporate PowerPoint file had to be empty, except for the master template. With this release, you may include slides in your template. If the file contains slides, the Success Snapshot slides will be appended to the existing slides. For more information, see Configure Success Snapshots.


2. EnhancementReport Repository, by default, now displays all reports in alphabetical order by report name at Administration > Reports 2.0.


Console App

1. Enhancement: If you are using the Console App, the App is enhanced to open hyperlinks within the same console instead of a new browser tab.

The Console App has been enhanced at the following places:

  • Gainsight home page is enhanced to open the C360 page and the case number hyperlink (the standard SFDC page) within the console instead of a new browser tab.


  • The Cockpit tab is enhanced to open the C360 page in the console instead of a new browser tab.


  • If a C360 page has a related list section on the Cases object, then you can get to the standard SFDC page of a case number using its hyperlink, which opens a new tab within the console, instead of a new browser tab. In addition, you also have the Pencil and the Eye icons under the Action column, that help you edit and view the case respectively.


For more information on how to enable the Console App, refer to Enabling Service Console.

Multilingual Surveys

1. EnhancementConfigure surveys and questions in a variety of languages. Now you can add a new language and provide translation text for the survey. The first step is for your Admin to add the new language in Administration > Survey, and then configure the static and validation messages using the Global Settings option. Next, you will configure the translation text for every question and preview it.


After adding the required languages, you can add them to a survey.


For more information, see Multilingual Surveys.

Issues Addressed


  • The Export to Excel feature did not work on Safari.
  • When a report was exported to Excel, numbers were stored as text, which was an incorrect behavior.
  • Script tags, when entered in the description field of a Case, were not stored as text, which was an incorrect behavior.
  • For pivot reports, the Export to Excel feature returned unwanted characters in the Excel sheet.
  • For multi-picklist data, reports were not rendered correctly on the dashboard.
  • In Success Snapshot, for Stacked bar and column charts, data points were missing.


  • An error occurred while accessing the Analytics tab under Customers.
  • When Relationships was enabled the R360 page was not scrollable.
  • On the CS360 page, the drop-down values in the Search field changed from Customer to Instance.
  • On the Customers tab, sorting of scores failed.
  • On the CS360 page, if multiple tags are assigned to an account the UI got overlapped with the other UI causing inconvenience.
  • The drop-down box under Customers > Analytics contained API names instead of meaningful names.
  • In Sponsor Tracking, the old and new value of the company attribute did not work as expected.

Notice of Feature Deprecation

In September, 2016, we will deprecate a legacy feature called Alerts. The Alerts functionality is replaced by the option to create Calls to action (CTAs). Alerts currently still appear under Surveys > Rules > Action; and under NPS® > By Survey > Detailed Response > under the three orange dots.


NPS, Net Promoter, and Net Promoter Score are registered trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld
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