The following are important enhancements available in Release 4.36:

  • Email Validator: new tool for Admins to manage your email blacklist and opt-out settings, as well as better handling of duplicate email addresses

  • Enhanced CTA and Task Due Date and Owner management, including support for due date dependencies in Cockpit and Playbook setup

  • CoPilot improvements: edit HTML code in email templates, view open rate percentage in Outreach list view, and send email copies to specific or dynamic email addresses

  • Add Embedded Pages to the Relationship 360 (such as Chatter)

  • Success Snapshot improvements to simplify and provide more flexibility on the types of branded Powerpoint templates that you can upload

  • Success Plans export to PPT: easily share detailed or summary level Success Plan analytics with your customers, using Success Snapshot templates

  • Rules Engine enhancements: advanced logic and filters are retained during editing process, plus new options to send execution result emails

  • Reporting improvements: dashboard filters are preserved in emailed reports, and dashboards may contain up to 20 reports

  • Gainsight Mobile: enable more C360 sections for mobile viewing
  • S3 Connector
  • Gainsight Data Management



1. Location: Cockpit > CoPilot > Email Template > + Template or edit an existing one

The Edit Code icon helps you edit the html code in the body of an Email Template. This feature offers you the flexibility of modifying template designs easily.


The following window appears when you click the Edit Code icon. You can edit the Email Template’s body as per your requirement and then click Update.



2. Location: Administration > Gainsight Email Configuration

This feature helps you check whether an email address has been blacklisted from receiving an email communication. If present in the blacklist, you can remove the email ID from the blacklist, so that the contact can receive further email communications.


  • An email ID is added to the blacklist when a soft bounce or hard bounce occurs.
  • It is assumed that you already know the email address.

For more information on the new Email Validator, see this article.

3. Location: CoPilot > Outreaches

The Outreach list view now displays the percentage of emails opened (ie. Open Rate). Rejected emails are now included in the Bounced data.

Open Rate = Open Emails/(Total number of successful emails sent - Bounced Emails) * 100.

The Open Rate is based on unique opens. Emails that are forwarded to additional recipients will not count toward the open rate.



4. A contact of an account will not receive duplicate emails if the contact’s email ID is duplicated in several places in an account. However, the contact will receive duplicate emails if the contact’s email ID is present in more than one account. For example, if is present in Account 1 and Account 2, John will receive duplicate emails. The uniqueness criteria is defined using the Account name and the email ID.

5. Location: CoPilot > Power Lists > [Edit an existing power list] > Advanced Logic

We have introduced robust validations in advanced logic so that we can ensure that the logic applied is correct before proceeding.

Note: A new criteria is always added as an AND to the existing condition.

6. Location: Cockpit > CoPilot > Power Lists > [Click on an existing power list]

You can now view the status of the last scheduled run for refreshing a power list. The new View History link in the power list displays the status of power list execution, which is shown in the image below.



1. Location: Administration > Layouts > Click on an existing dashboard or create a new one.

In a dashboard, you can now add a maximum of 20 containers (ie. reports). Earlier the limit was 10.

2. Location: Administration > Reports

You can now generate Stacked Bar and Stacked Column visualizations for 4 fields in Show me. Earlier, you could do this only when you had 3 fields in Show me.


3. Location: Administration > Reports > HeatMap

Decimal values are now configurable for a HeatMap visualization.



1. Location: Survey > Distribute

The Distribution List label is now changed to Total Participants.


Success Plans

1. Location: Administration > Success Plan Configuration > Add a new template or edit an existing one

In Success Plan templates, Admins can now assign owners dynamically to Objectives or their tasks.


2. Location: Administration > Success Plan Configuration > Add a new template or edit an existing one

UI has been enhanced to mark clear distinction between Objectives and Tasks.


3. Location: CS360 > Success Plans

The UI entities highlighted in the below image have been modified and the description for PLAN INFO is now limited to 1500 characters.


The Success Criteria description is now limited to 1000 characters.


The COLLABORATION tab has been updated with proper messages to enable the COLLABORATION section.


4. Location: CS360 > Success Plans > Objectives List View

The Objectives Category displays instead of the CTA Type.



1. Location: Cockpit > List View

Now users can update the due dates and owners for CTAs and their associated tasks simultaneously. These changes are visible to users now. Please read this article for more details and share it with your CSMs.

2. Location: Administration > Cockpit Configuration > Task Mapping

The Administration > Retention > Task Configuration cannot be used anymore for task configurations. All task configurations are to be performed using Administration > Cockpit Configuration > Task Mapping.

3. Location: Cockpit > Playbooks

You can now assign a task’s due date based on another task’s due date or close date. In the following image, Task 2’s due date is Task 1’s due date + 2 days, whereas Task 1’s due date is the CTA due date - 2 days.


You are provided with Task due date and Task close date options which you can use in case of task dependencies.


For Playbook owners, we recommend that when you create new Playbooks, or update existing Playbook tasks using the new due date options, test the implications of the new configurations. For example, create a test CTA and apply your new or updated Playbook, in order to see how the task dependencies will impact the CSM’s workflow, and then communicate with your CSM team about how the new/updated Playbook works.

Gainsight Mobile

2.6. Gainsight Mobile

1. Location: Administration > CS360 Sections

A Mobile column has been added to the Customer 360 Sections page. This helps you enable different sections available in mobile, such as Summary, Scorecard, Surveys for Gainsight Mobile. For a specific section, click the Edit action on the left, and then click the Mobile checkbox. In future releases, we plan to enable additional sections, starting with sponsor tracking.

Note: The Open Support Cases section is now available, by default, in Gainsight Mobile.

Customer 360

1. Location: Customer 360 > Transactions

Based on your settings at Salesforce Setup > Administration Setup > Company Profile > Fiscal Year > Standard Fiscal Year/Custom Fiscal Year, the Transactions section now displays the Fiscal Year.


The following image describes the Transactions section based on Standard Fiscal Year configuration.


In addition, if you use the Custom Fiscal Year from Salesforce Setup, you can have the Transactions section appear as shown in the following image. The Custom Fiscal Year allows you to modify the Fiscal Year label as per your requirement.


Note: You can choose either Standard Fiscal Year or Custom Fiscal Year. If you have not configured the fiscal year it appears as NA, as shown in the image above.

2. Location: Customer 360 > Attributes and Relationship 360 > Attributes

You can now perform inline edits to the attributes section by double-clicking the attributes.

Note: You cannot make inline edits to non-editable fields.


1. Location: Administration > Relationships > Click on the Gear icon of an existing relationship type or create a new relationship type.


2. Location: Administration > Relationships > Click on the Gear icon of an existing relationship type > Linked Objects

Gainsight now automatically populates Linked Objects that have lookup or master detail relationship with the Relationship object. The populated objects appear in Linked Objects.

3. Location: Administration > Relationships > Click on the Gear icon of an existing relationship type > 360 View

Gainsight has introduced Layout Configuration that helps you perform inline editing on editable fields of an object on the R360 page.

From Linked Objects, which is on the right hand side pane, drag-and-drop an object in Drop here; then click Layout Configuration.

Fields that are mandatory and editable are populated automatically. You can click +Field to add more fields to the object as per your requirement.


The following is how a customer’s R360 looks for the added object. You do not have to use the Salesforce UI to make any updates to the Object field.


Rules Engine

1. Location: Administration > Rules > Create or edit an existing rule for advance logic.

Advanced Logic is now more robust and will not convert statements to all ANDs when you add a new filter. Existing logic is retained.


2. Location: Administration > Rules > [Create and run a new rule]

While executing a rule, you can now include one or more email addresses for contacts you want to notify about the rule execution details and execution status. You can enter the email addresses in the Send a copy of Rule Result email to text box.

In addition, you can also select Include Gainsight support ( to send rule details and execution status to Gainsight Support in case of an error.


S3 Connector

This connector helps you to fetch data from Amazon S3 into Gainsight MDA. Once the raw usage data resides on Gainsight MDA, we perform aggregations on it to achieve optimal performance while generating reports. The S3 Connector is now available at Administration > Integration > S3 Connector. For more information on Amazon S3 Connector, refer to Gainsight S3 Connector.

Gainsight Data Management

1. Location: Administration > Data Management > All Objects > [Click on an existing object and then click the Pencil icon]

Earlier you could edit only the Field Name; now you can edit all editable fields of an object.

2. Location: Administration > Data Management > All Objects > [Click on an existing object] > Data

You can now delete all data from an object using Delete All.


In addition, you can first filter the data that you want to delete, and then click Delete.


A new icon has been introduced to select the fields that appear in the result set.


For more information, see Gainsight Data Management.

Success Snapshots

1. Location: Administration > Success Snapshot > [Add a new Title and Content slide].

You can now include Success Plans in a Success Snapshot, using the new Success Plan slide type (represented by the flag icon). Users can still export a Success Plan using a Success Snapshot template if the placeholder is not included. The Success Plan slides will just be added to the end of the presentation file.


2. Location: Administration > Success Snapshot > Upload pptx file

We have simplified the custom Powerpoint file format specifications for use with Success Snapshots. Existing Success Snapshot templates will no longer work. If you do not upload a custom template, a blank template will be used during the export.

PowerPoint file specifications:

  • Corporate-branded PPTs must contain a Slide Master and one Blank layout named “Blank,” and optionally a custom Title slide layout.
  • Template must be widescreen 16:9 size (10” x 5.625”)
  • Aside from the Slide Master layout, the file cannot contain actual slides.
  • Only one template can be in use with Success Snapshots or with Success Plans Export at a time.

More information is available in Prepare Your Presentation File for Upload to Success Snapshots and Configure Success Snapshot Template.

Success Plans

1. Enhancement Location: Customers > [Click on an existing customer] > Success Plans; then click [three vertical dots] > Export Plan as PPT

You can now quickly export a Success Plan as a PowerPoint presentation that will automatically pull in your existing data, as well as Success Plans, based on the template defined in your Success Snapshot. For more information on exporting Success Plans, refer to Exporting Success Plans.

Issues Addressed


1. Issue Location: Cockpit > CTA > Task

The Description section now adjusts itself when the text increases.

2. Issue Location: Playbooks > [Edit an existing playbook]

When an existing playbook task was edited, the task shuffled to appear at the bottom of the playbook’s task list.

3. Issue Location: Salesforce task details

When the Salesforce task details’ Comments section contained HTML tags, the section appeared distorted in Cockpit.

4. Issue Location: Cockpit > Copilot > Power Lists

Issue related to picklist values is now resolved. You can now assign Empty/NULL value for Equals, Not Equals, and Include conditions.

5. Issue Location: Cockpit > Copilot > Outreaches

The calendar did not reflect the appropriate time and date at which the outreach execution was scheduled. In addition, the same issue also occurred for a monthly recurring schedule.


1. Issue Location: Survey

On Safari, for a Rating question, only 1 star rating always appeared when a survey response was received; though the survey received different ratings.

2. Issue Location: Survey > Properties > Survey Code

Appropriate error message now appears when you use an already existing survey code.

3. Issue Location: Survey > Analyze

The reports on the Analyze page did not load.

Rules Engine

1. Issue Location: Rules > Setup Action (Load to Feature)

While adding a criteria for Load to Feature, picklist values failed to create a records.

2. Issue pertaining to email ID case sensitivity between SFDC and MDA led to errors is now resolved.

3. Rules failed to execute when Daylight Saving Time was used for rule execution.

4. When using Chrome, the preview result functionality of the Rules Engine did not work as expected when a formula field was used.


1. Issue Location: Dashboard

When a dashboard filter was modified, the changes did not reflect in the email when the Email Dashboard functionality was used.

2. Issue Location: Success Snapshot

On IE 11.0, the user was unable to export Success Snapshot from the CS360 page.

3. Issue Location: Reports 2.0

For a few users, the Reports 2.0 page did not load at all.

4. Issue Location: Report Builder

The date filter was not working as expected.