This document contains several patch releases for the 5.3.X version, and includes information about the new functionality or fixes made to existing functionality.

Version 5.3.7, November 10, 2016

The following updates are included in the 5.3.7 release:

Account and Relationship Scorecards

  • Navigate to Gainsight Home > [select the scorecards mass edit report such as MEV_Numeric]. The Account_Names / Relationship_Names are now sorted by names rather than IDs.
  • Scores are now sorted without refreshing the report after updating scores in the Mass Edit View.
  • In the Report Builder and Gainsight Home dashboards, the OR option is supported in the Advanced filters in the Mass Edit View, and therefore sorting does not break.
  • You can now map Account MDA object to get Account Names in Mass Edit View. Accounts/Relationships IDs are no longer added by default but will be shown only when you select these IDs.
  • “No Data” issue is fixed in dashboard reports and all MDA reports, including relationship scorecards mass edit reports.

Version 5.3.6, November 02, 2016

The following updates are included in the 5.3.6 release:


  • Cockpit > Playbooks > [open Email task]: Date tokens now map correctly to a date field, and show the correct format when included in the Playbook Email Template.

Version 5.3.5, October 31, 2016

The following updates are included in the 5.3.5 release:


  • In the Relationship360 > [edit Attributes section] Multi-pick list, the selected values do not disappear, even if the selected value contains a space in between, or the user tries to edit the attributes.

Version 5.3.4, October 25, 2016

The following updates are included in the 5.3.4 release:


  • In Administration > Account Scorecards > Measure and Group Configuration, existing Scorecards are visible now.

Version 5.3.3, October 20, 2016

The following updates are included in the 5.3.3 release:


  • At CoPilot > Outreaches > Schedule, the unresponsive-script error message no longer appears while scheduling an Outreach.


  • In Cockpit > List View > [open Email task]: Email tasks do not generate truncated emails even if the CoPilot Email Template's canvas is greater than 600 pixels.


  • In Gainsight Home Dashboards, a UI error no longer occurs when changing a filter, such as the CSM name, from the current user name to another user.
  • Customer360 > Export: Success Snapshot Export for Relationships now shows the correct customer information for the Relationship-field Tokens in the exported PowerPoint, even when more than one customer has a Relationship created using the same Relationship Type template.
  • Admins can now use the filter CSM!= NULL at Administration > UI Views > Specify Report Params.  


  • On Salesforce Account or Opportunity pages, the Gainsight Widget sections display properly, even if you have more than 8 sections and a sponsor has changes in the Sponsor Tracking section.


  • Survey responses are visible in the Relationship360 > Survey section.


  • Column name is no longer truncated in the data load configuration connector if it has quotation marks (") in the column name.

Version 5.3.2, October 20, 2016

The following updates are included in the 5.3.2 release:

Engagement/Usage Data

  • In the Engagement tab and Customer360 Engagement/Usage section, measure aggregated values are no longer rounded off. For example, a value of 370.6 will appear as 370.6, instead of 371.

Version 5.3.1, October 20, 2016

The following updates are included in the 5.3.1 release:


  • In CoPilot > Power List > Derive contacts list from > Salesforce > Contacts object, when you add advanced filter logic and save the list, now it does not switch to the Account object. This was causing some duplicate records to appear in Power Lists.


  • Cockpit > List View > Calls to action load properly in the IE browser.
  • Cockpit > List View > Task detail view: The Description section now has adequate space.