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Patch Release Notes: 5.1.4 July 2016

C360 and R360

Enhancement: Scrolling option is available on the C360 and R360 pages. You now have the option to enable a scroll bar on the C360 and R360 pages, to scroll through all sections on the page. With this patch release, when you go to the C360 or R360 page, you will be presented with the following window:


Note: You will see the above window again if you clear the cache.

You can select YES or NO based on your requirement. In addition, you can enable or disable the scroll option at any time, using the Enable scroll checkbox that is present on the C360 and R360 pages.



  • When you select or clear the Enable scroll checkbox, the entire page reloads.
  • The selection of Enable scroll is maintained at the browser level.

Issues Addressed in Patch Releases 5.1.4 and 5.1.3

Reports and Dashboards

  • On the dashboard, the issue related to filtering of scores and sorting byname is now resolved.
  • Issues with loading of dashboard are now resolved.
  • Issue with editing the UI View has now been resolved.
  • Issues pertaining to incorrect report generation due to filters are now resolved.
  • Issues pertaining to report loading are now resolved. Appropriate error messages are now displayed to the end user.
  • Issues pertaining to the export of data from dashboard are now resolved.
  • Issues that occurred due to the use of zero in filter, and the use of checkbox values during report generation are now resolved.


  • Issues with scheduling outreaches are now resolved.
  • Issues pertaining to hyperlinking of images in email templates are now resolved.

Customer 360

  • On C360, UI issues pertaining to the date filter are now resolved.
  • An error occurred while adding GYR and Connectivity sections on the C360 page. This issue is now resolved.


  • Issues pertaining to scorecard data are now resolved.

Success Plans

  • Issues pertaining to creation of new success plan templates are now resolved.


  • Issues pertaining to multi-lingual surveys are now resolved.


  • An error occurred when an existing CTA or task was clicked. This issue is now resolved.

Rules Engine

  • Issues pertaining to scorecard related rules are now resolved.
  • Issues with schedule on aggregations are now resolved.
  • On the rule listing page, multiple rules with the same name were listed when filtered based on actions. This issue is now resolved.
  • Issues pertaining to the availability of greater than and less than filters in a rule are now resolved.


  • Issues with the Gainsight tab in a custom app are now resolved.
  • Issues pertaining to the availability of the Relationships tab are now resolved.
  • Issues pertaining to the Features section are now resolved.
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