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Release Notes: Version 4.4 April 2014

Version 4.4  release of Gainsight includes enhancements to survey functionality along with various usability enhancements.

Survey Enhancements

With V4.4, we are providing the following two additional features to survey functionality:

  1. Ability to send survey email from organization-wide email addresses
  2. Hide survey publish date from being displayed on the survey form

Using Organization-Wide Email Addresses for sending surveys

Customers using organization-wide email addresses can now configure to send survey using any of the organization-wide email addresses defined in an org.

Creating a new Organization-Wide Email Address

Creating a new Organization-Wide Email Address

To create a new organization-wide email addresses, go to Email Administration under SFDC setup, click on Organization-Wide Addresses and then click on ‘Add’.

Enter all the required fields and click on save


A verification request will be sent to the entered email address. Click on the link to confirm and start using this organization-wide email address.

Sending survey emails using an organization-wide email address

While publishing the survey, select the email address that should be used while sending emails and click on Publish


After a survey is published with a default from address, while sending a survey email or survey test email or while creating scheduled, either the default email address or the logged in users email address can be used


Hiding publish date from the survey form

Prior to V 4.4, on the end user survey from, publish date of the survey is always visible on the top right corner of the survey. In V 4.4 the publish date can be hidden from the end user from by selecting the “Hide Publish Date” checkbox in the survey publish setting.


Improved Customer Analytics

New Customer Analytics is a 4D graph, where any numeric field from Account or Customer Info object can be plotted on X-Axis, Y-Axis and Size and the fourth dimension color can be chosen from either Customer health score or Customer Alerts status, Customer Status, Customer Stage.


To access this page, create a new visualforce tab and link it to the Visualforce Page titled “Customer Analytics [JBCXM__CustomerAnalytics]” and save it. Optionally this tab can also be added to the Gainsight app.



Open the tab and select “Analytics” sub tab to access the new customer analytics.

Limitations: This graph can plot upto a maximum of 1,000 customers at once. Use filters to refine search criteria.


New Usage Map

Usage Map is a tree map visualization on which up to 5 adoption measures across customers can be visualized. Measures/Customers with greater value occupy larger rectangle on the tree map. When usage data is configured at User Level, click on a rectangle will show the tree map of the user level data for the selected customer.  

To access this page, create a new visualforce tab and link it to the Visualforce Page titled “Scorecards [JBCXM__Scorecards]” and save it. Optionally this tab can also be added to the Gainsight app.


Usability Enhancements

V 4.4 includes various usability enhancements to HomePage and few enhancements in other areas.

Home Page enhancements

  1. Go to the layout editor directly after creating a new layout. Cuts down one step.
  2. Drag and drop a UI View / Chart from the left page onto the layout to add it to the layout. It is not required to add a container.
  3. Ability to “Duplicate” Layouts from layout listing interface.
  4. Ability to select anything between 1 to 12 periods (both inclusive) in a homepage adoption view.
  5. Filter box popup that comes up after mouseover on the filter icon will dismiss automatically in 5 sec.

Other enhancements

  1. Adoption measure selection by a user in 360 view is remembered and will be preserved even after re-login.
  2. In adoption tab, date selection is defaulted to the max date for which usage data is loaded is available.
  3. Ability to wrap text in Related List in 360 view.
  4. Rules Engine now has the ability to add rule criteria on date field with "not equal to" operator.

Note: Max date for adoption data might not be accurate if adoption data is deleted and not reloaded.

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