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Release Notes: Version 4.7 June 2014

Version 4.7 release of Gainsight includes:

  • Deep integration of Marketo with Gainsight Surveys

The Marketo integration provides the ability to send Gainsight survey emails via Marketo.  Specific settings, such as creating a campaign and associating a template to that campaign, will be done manually in your Marketo organization.

Note:  In order to take advantage of the Marketo integration, you must be subscribed to Marketo's services.



In this flowchart, the options for the first step can be either graphic 1 or graphic 2.

Requirements for Marketo Integration

  • The SDFDC contact object and Marketo Leads database should be in sync.
  • Campaigns should be created in Marketo before they can be utilized in a Gainsight Survey.
  • Marketo Campaigns should be created under the MKTOWS source.
  • Marketo Campaigns used in a Gainsight survey should have an associated Marketo program.  Campaigns that are not created under a program cannot be used in a Gainsight survey.
  • The email template for the campaign should be configured in Marketo with custom tokens before the survey is triggered from Gainsight.
  • Tokens should be created at the program level within Marketo
  • The following two tokens should be defined at the program level within Marketo:  

 -- Base Survey URL and


--Survey ID

  • Before surveys can be sent via Marketo, you have to ensure that the feature has been provisioned in your SFDC org.

More info on defining a Marketo program, template, tokens and campaign can be found here.

Enable OAuth

Enable OAuth

The first thing you will want to do to start using the Marketo integration is to enable OAuth Authentication between Gainsight new stack and your SFDC org.  Enabling OAuth will ensure that Gainsight new stack can use data in your SFDC org.

  • Click on Administration tab then Integrations
  • Enable Big Data Analytics stack and click on authorize.  This will activate OAuth.  OAuth will enable Gainsight big data analytics stack to access your SFDC org's data.
  • Without enabling the Big Data Analytics stack, you will not be able to utilize Marketo integration.

Enable Marketo Connection

Enable Marketo Connection

In order to connect an SFDC organization with Marketo, we will need to provide the access information:

  • Enable Marketo connection by entering your Marketo SOAP endpoint URL, User ID and Encryption Key
  • Please not that once the Marketo connection has been enabled, you can send surveys emails only via Marketo.

Create and Publish Surveys

  • When creating a survey, you will have the option to select a Marketo campaign with your survey.  Select the campaign of your choosing and continue.
  • Continue to add questions, logic rules an/or alert rules.
  • Publish the configured survey URL
  • The only option to select an email template is no longer available as the templates are defined in Marketo.
  • Check that the contacts you'd like to send the survey to are present in the Marketo leads database.

Create the Survey Participant Rule

Create the Survey Participant Rule

  • With Market integration, you are now able to save a survey participant rule.
  • You can create rules of your choice and click on the "Save Rule" button.  This action will ensure that the configured rules will be used to create the survey participant list every time you schedule this specific survey.
  • All contacts satisfying the criteria will be added as survey participants.  Note that you won't have the ability to include or exclude participants from this list.

Schedule a Survey

  • Create a schedule for your survey as you have done in the past.
  • When the survey schedule is run, the list of Contact IDs will be loaded based on the rules you have created in the previous step.  These rules wil be sent to Marketo along with the Survey ID and Survey Base URL.

Cloning a Survey Participant Rule

Cloning a Survey Participant Rule

  • This feature is new to Gainsight with the 4.7 release.
  • You now have the ability to clone survey participant rules.  With this setting enabled, you will be able to cline the participant rules when you clone a survye.
  • This feature is beneficial if you intend to run the same survey multiple times with a different participant list while satisfying a specific rule or criteria.


  • With Marketo integration, Gainsight will only track survey response statistics.  Email delivery statistics will not be tracked by Gainsight as that API support is not available.  
  • The resend action of survey emails will trigger a call to Marketo with contacts who have not responded to the survey.

Salesforce Components Introduced in 4.7

A permission set has been created which gives full access to the components mentioned below. This permission set will be applied to all users/profile that already have access to the CustomerInfo object in Gainsight.

Apex Classes

  1. BatchToProcessData.cls
  2. CEHandler.cls
  3. EmailHandler.cls
  4. GenericDAL.cls
  5. GenericRestAPI.cls

VisualForce Pages


Object Fields

All of the objects listed below already existed, however the fields below each object were introduced in 4.7


  1. AccessKeys__c


  1. Description__c
  2. LastRunDate__c
  3. ScorecardCriteria__c
  4. SelectFields__c
  5. externalID__c
  6. lastSuccessMillis__c
  7. ruleType__c


  1. Snapshot__c
  2. Type__c


  1. Description__c


  1. CampaignID__c
  2. ParticipantRules__c
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