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Release Notes: Version 4.13 September 2014

Version 4.13 release of Gainsight includes the following new features and updates:

  • Gainsight Mobile
  • Customer 360 Summary Updates
  • Rules Engine Updates
  • Cockpit Updates
  • Cockpit Migration Tool
  • Default Permission Sets

Gainsight Mobile

Gainsight Mobile


Gainsight mobile is currently available to Transform customers. Gainsight mobile is accessed through the Salesforce1 app, which can be downloaded for free to your phone from the app store. Please contact your CSM to discuss enabling Gainsight for Salesforce1.

Supported Devices

Salesforce1 works across iPhone and Android devices. The Gainsight app is optimized for a phone experience – it will work on tablet but visually hasn’t been optimized for the larger screen.

Why Mobile?

Customer success can't wait! CSMs, Account Managers, and Executives need quick customer information while on the go – heading to a customer meeting, traveling, meeting customers at conferences, juggling a busy schedule. With limited time and many customers, CSMs and AMs also need to quickly see if key customers are in trouble.


Customer 360 Summary

  • Account Stats - Renewal Date, Stage, Lifetime, ARR
  • Scorecard - View and edit overall comments; view and edit component scores
  • Engagement Chart - View engagement data and milestones
  • User Level Data - If or Mixpanel is enabled, see your most active users and more commonly performed events
  • NPS® - This section is displayed only if NPS® is enabled in the Administration > C360 Sections, and there is at least 1 response. The summary number displayed is the average rating for the most recent NPS® survey. Drilling in shows responses for that survey.
  • Support Cases This section is displayed only if enabled in Administration > C360 Sections and the standard case object in Salesforce is being used. The number displayed is the number of open support cases. Drilling in shows brief details about each open ticket.

Customer 360 Timeline A timeline of all Milestones and CTA's


  • Browse all open CTAs that you own
  • Browse open CTAs that you own for a specific customer
  • Edit and add comments to a CTA or task. Comments can be added in a general text area, or as Chatter comments
  • Add tasks to a CTA

Lifecycle Management Actions On the Customer360 Summary screen, a blue plus sign at the bottom of the screen can be tapped to quickly log a Milestone.

App Walkthrough

To read more detailed information about Gainsight Mobile, see Overview of Gainsight Mobile App.

Customer 360 Summary Updates

Customer 360 Summary Updates

Customer 360 has been updated to include a new and improved summary section. The summary section is visible in Customer 360 Tab, Account Widget and Opportunity Widget. In this release you are now able to configure what shows in the summary section. You will automatically see the new summary section once your org has been updated to Gainsight Version 4.13.


To configure this section to meet your needs you will:

  • Click on Administration
  • C360 Sections
  • Click Edit next to Summary

To learn more about configuration options, see Customer 360 Summary Section Configuration.

Rules Engine Updates

The following enhancements have been added to the Rules Engine.

To learn more about the Rules Engine, see Rules Engine List View, Timeline View, Rule Chain View and Navigation.

Set Score Action

  • Set score on both Engagement and Custom Rules
  • When running a rule in test OR live mode you will receive an email with a spreadsheet attached which details the scores that were updated or would be updated on the rule run. The spreadsheet will show the old score, new score and the trend along with the colors selected in the grading scheme.

Email Enhancements

  • Email is sent on actual run of the rule, earlier it was sent only on test runs. No email is sent for scheduled runs.
  • Account names have taken the place of Account ID in the attached spreadsheet
  • When running a rule in test OR live mode you will receive an email with a spreadsheet attached which details the scores that were updated or would be updated on the rule run. The spreadsheet will show the old score, new score and the trend along with the colors selected in the grading scheme.

Support for Switching Scorecard Grading Scheme

If you change the grading scheme in the scorecard admin screen, you can expect the changes to be reflected all through the product including the rules in rules engine.

Add Playbook in Custom Rules

We have added the ability to add playbooks when you create a CTA action. Once you pick the CTA type, you will see the playbook option enabled and the dropdown will be populated with the available playbooks in that type.

If there is a CTA that already exists with the same criteria ( Priority, Status and Reason) then the playbook won’t be added/modified even if there is no playbook associated with the previously existing CTA.

User Locale Date/Time

All user facing date/time setting now utilize the user locale setting that is set in SFDC.

Oauth Authorization

When you land on schedule screen in Rules Engine and you have not authorized Gainsight app with Oauth permissions, then you will see the following screen.

Oauth Authorization


Cockpit Configuration Updates

In this release the following options have been added to the Cockpit Configuration. To access this section you will:

  • Go to the Administration Tab
  • Click Cockpit Configuration

To read a full overview of Cockpit Configuration click here.

Auto Sync Tasks with SFDC

Auto Sync Tasks with SFDC

In Cockpit all tasks are added in Gainsight and optionally tasks can be synced to be shown in SFDC using the the sync option in the summary view. If you want all the tasks to be automatically synced to sfdc, turn on ‘Auto-sync task to SFDC’ option. This will not automatically sync or un-sync all the existing tasks and this settings will apply only on a go forward basis.


For the Sync functionality to work correctly make sure all the task priority and status values between Gainsight and SFDC are done and also the default values should be set.

Snooze Calls to Action

Snooze Calls to Action

You can now:

  • Define a reason when Snoozing a Call to Action
  • Set a Default Snooze Reason

Note: If a CTA is snoozed, no new update will be made on the CTA form rules engine. Snoozed CTA’s will not be visible in the list by default, to view Snoozed CTA’s click on the Show Snoozed CTA’s icon from the quick filters in the top right corner.

Definition of New

Definition of New

In the General Settings section, you can now set Definition of New which will determine which CTA's show as new. Options include Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Week or This Month.

Other Cockpit Updates

Creating Milestones from Calls to Action

Creating Milestones from Calls to Action

Quickly convert a Call to Action into a Milestone to visualize the impact on customer usage. From the detail view of a CTA, click on the milestone icon to create a ‘Risk Identified’, ‘Opportunity Created’ or ‘Event Created’ milestone for a Risk, Opportunity, Event type CTA respectively with the date the CTA was created. Once the CTA is closed a corresponding ‘Risk Resolved’, ‘Opportunity Won’ or ‘Event Completed’ milestone is created.

Replace Playbook

Replace Playbook

After a playbook is applied to a CTA, we can replace that playbook with another. While replacing a playbook, all the existing open tasks created from the previous playbook will be deleted.

Chatter Post from Rules Engine

If Chatter is enabled, all posts from rules engine will be added as a post to the corresponding CTA.

Note: Updates from Survey responses will not be posted to Chatter. This is currently a limitation.

Reporting on Calls to Action

You can now go to Administration > UI Settings to create a new UI View based on Calls to Action. These views can be used in Gainsight Home reports. To learn more about this click here.

Cockpit Migration Tool

Gainsight now offers a guide tool to make converting from Action (Alerts and Events) to Cockpit (Calls to Action) easy! To inquire about using the new migration tool please reach out to your CSM.

Default Permission Sets

3 Default permission sets are now included in the Gainsight package:

  1. Gainsight Admin -  This permissions set would have access to all Gainsight Objects(ViewAll, ModifyAll), Class & VF Pages.
  2. Gainsight Standard - Access to all the Gainsight classes, VF pages except admin pages(i.e. Administration, Usage configuration etc..) & all objects with Read, Create, Edit, Delete.
  3. Gainsight View Only - Access to only widget's, service cloud pages, mobile app pages & Read only permission on all Gainsight objects.

To learn more about the default permission sets click here.


NPS, Net Promoter, and Net Promoter Score are registered trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld.


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