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Release Notes: Version 4.21 January 2015

Version 4.21 release of Gainsight includes the following new features and updates:

  • Cockpit Enhancements
  • Reporting Enhancements
  • Surveys Enhancements
  • Rules Engine
  • Search and Sort in Scorecard Mass Edit View
  • SmartSigns UI Improvements
  • Other Enhancements

Cockpit Enhancements

Create CTA and Create Task Forms

Create CTA and Create Task Forms

You can now assign owners while creating a CTA or a Task manually. The owner can be picked from any of the account, customer lookup fields, or can be directly assigned to a user. You can click on Assign to me option to quickly assign the CTA/Task to yourself. If the field you searched for is pointing to an inactive user, then the option will be greyed out and you will not be able to assign it to that user. Also, the form is enhanced to make sure the Save button is visible without the need to scroll.

Other Enhancements

  • You can now see closed CTAs in Cockpit 360 view.
  • Cockpit list view now shows the the most recently closed CTAs when looking at closed CTAs.
  • Playbooks are always shown is the same order they are defined. This order can be easily modified by rearranging the tasks of a Playbook from under the Playbook tab.
  • Currency formatting is cockpit is more consistent. The values are rounded off when ARR/MRR is more than a million.
  • Loading Icon is shown when comments are being saved.
  • Fixed an issue in 360 view|Add CTA form where account is shown wrong when it contains special characters.

Reporting Enhancements

Additional Subject Areas

Additional Subject Areas

With the new release, you can report on two new Gainsight subject areas:

  1. GS Scorecard stores the scorecard history for all scorecard measures that have been defined. Please note that this subject area will have meaningful data only if scorecard history tracking has been enabled in Administrator|Scorecard|Global settings. Using the new subject area, you can now create reports that show how certain scorecard measures have been trending over time. Further you can also slice and dice the reports using customer info and account fields.
  2. Milestone allows you to create reports on Milestone data.

Export as Excel

Export as Excel

You can now export tabular reports that you’ve created to Excel.

  • Export as Excel will be available only when tabular visualization is enabled.
  • Export as Excel will only export a maximum of 1000 records.
  • Processing of Export as Excel works in MDA and hence connectivity to MDA has to be established to use the export functionality. To export your tabular data as Excel, please ensure that you enable “Exporting services” option in Administration|Settings|Matrix Data Architecture Settings.
  • To export a report as Excel, click on the setting icon in report builder or home page layout and click on "Export as Excel" option shown above

Export as PNG

Export as PNG

With the new release, you can export graphical reports that you’ve created as a png.

  • Export as png will be available only when graphical visualization is enabled.
  • Processing of Export as png works in MDA and hence connectivity to MDA has to be established to use the export functionality. To export your graphical report as png, please ensure that you enable “Exporting services”option in Administration|Settings|Matrix Data Architecture Settings.
  • To export a report as png, click on the setting icon in report builder or home page layout and click on “Export as png” option as shown above.

Auto-Suggest for Account field

Auto-Suggest for Account field

Auto-suggest has been enabled while adding filters for Account field. While adding filters, start typing the name of the account you would like to search for and you will start seeing suggestions after you type >=3 characters as shown below.

Other Enhancements

Other Enhancements

For time series data represented by a line chart, you have the ability to Normalize the graph. When you turn normalization on, the graph uses the first value in the result set as the baseline or zero. Subsequent values are represented as a % increase/decrease of the first value. This way you can find out whether the values have been increasing/decreasing and by what % with reference to the first value.

For stacked bar and column charts with two fields in the By section, you now have the ability to show bars/columns in percentages.

Both are shown above. Line chart option to "Normalize" on top. Bar and column to "Show Percentage" on bottom.

Surveys Enhancements

Updated Survey/Marketo Integration

Marketo/Survey integration has been updated to include all features that you get when sending survey emails via Gainsight email service.

  • Previously, you were able to send survey emails via Marketo only using rules/filter conditions that have been set for participants. Based on the set schedule, rules will be run and all participants matching the rule will be sent emails.
  • With the new release, you can send survey emails on-demand or on a schedule
  • You can now select a subset of participants who satisfy the rule conditions and send survey emails only to the selected subset.
  • You can also send survey emails via Marketo to participants who have been loaded from a CSV. Please note that the CSV file should have contact id’s to send survey emails via marketo.
  • Email template and other required configurations will still have to be configured in Marketo

Other Enhancements

Response percentage in survey card view has been redefined to number of response and number of participants to whom the email has been sent.

Ability to configure survey email subject and external title of survey in priorities page.

  • Previously, survey name was being used as the survey title in survey respondent view. Now, you have the ability to set this using “External title” setting in properties page. If no value is set, survey name will be taken up for this value

  • If the email service is Gainsight email service, you can also configure the survey invite email subject using the “Email subject” setting in survey properties page

Number of emails that can be sent per schedule using different email services has been updated to the following

  • Salesforce - 100 emails/schedule
  • Gainsight email service - 1000 emails/schedule
  • Marketo - 1000 emails/ schedule

Rules Engine

Unsubscribe/Email Preference Management

You are now able to add Subscription Preferences link to the footer of an email that is delivered from Rules Engine. This is important because:

  1. Adding unsubscribe or email opt-out is a legal compliance in many countries.
  2. It improves the deliverability rate of the email and has a greater chance of being delivered to the inbox, instead of a Spam folder

In the Rules Engine --> Send email action you would find this option as in the following image:


One this is checked, you would find the following added in the emails sent to the contacts:


When the user clicks on the link they will be sent to a page which looks like the following:


The option filled-out here will be available in the email log collection in MDA subject area. This data can be used in following ways:

  1. Create a rule with email logs as data source and create CTA when the contact opts-out of email communication. As a CSM, this tells me the contact is not interested in my product or these emails.

  2. Create a report from our new report builder to see how many contacts have unsubscribed and which email caused it more.

Operational Emails to ignore unsubscribed list of contacts

As a CSM, why & when would I mark an email as operational?

Answer: When I am sending an email that is considered to information regarding the service that is used by the contact and considered important then I am eligible to send email to the contacts who have opted-out from email communication. Examples:

  1. When I discontinue a service that my contact has subscribed for.

  2. When I change the terms and conditions of the contract signed.

  3. When my contact has exceeded the fair limit of usage of my service and is subject to pay significantly more to continue the service.

  4. Announcement of downtime or disruption or scheduled maintenance in my service(Read it as product).

The following settings are how this is done in Rules engine


Note: It is not possible to add “Manage Subscription Preferences” link to an operational email.  Operational emails do not fall under the blanket of emails governed by “Subscription preferences”.  Hence, one cannot manage subscription preferences from Operational emails.

Set Score Using Numeric Field and Scale it to Fit Scoring Range

Set Score Using Numeric Field and Scale it to Fit Scoring Range

Use case: You have a field in an object like NPS® survey response where you know the value will range from 0 -10 and you want to Set Score for that range.

How To: Pick the numeric field in show fields in the Rule Setup screen and see the image above to Set Score action in Setup Action screen.

Dynamic Assignment of Playbooks to a CTA

When there are CTA’s created without any Playbook associated, I want my rule to set the Playbook for those CTA’s. Given that the rule condition is satisfied.

You can now just pick a Playbook in the rule that is creating the CTA and rerun the rule within the destined date range for the CTA’s to be updated with the Playbook.

Note: If there is a Playbook that is already associated with the CTA, then the rule run will not update or modify the existing Playbook, rather putting it as no action will be taken by Rules Engine.

Control Number of Chatter Posts Made During the CTA Create/Close Action

Control Number of Chatter Posts Made During the CTA Create/Close Action

This would be used to control the amount of noise heard from Chatter when a CTA is created, updated, or closed.  This can be set in the Rules Engine as seen above.

Search and sort in Scorecard Mass Edit View

Search and sort in Scorecard Mass Edit View

Prior to this release, you could only search and sort on measures of data visible in the current page. With the latest release, this has been changed. Filter and sorting will work on records across all pages of the Mass edit view.

The search feature has also been enhanced to allow more operators like greater than and less than.  When the grading scheme is either Grade or Color, then use the grade label to search for filter records. For numeric scheme number can be used.

Though there are no UI restriction on the number of measures on which we can add filters, our recommendation to use search on not more than 3 measures.

Service Cloud Widget Enhancements

Service Cloud Widget Enhancements

Admin Configuration:

Service Cloud Widget will contain Summary, Product Usage and Features sections.

To disable/enable Product Usage, Features sections navigate to Administration|CS 360 Sections, click on “Edit” against the corresponding section, and check/uncheck “Show in Service Cloud Widget” option. Click Save.


  1. Display order will not be honored. This will be implemented when we integrate all the options in Service Cloud.
  2. Since we are considering Summary section as the Service Cloud home we are not giving option to disalbe this section.

SmartSigns UI Improvements

SmartSigns UI Improvements

In this release, we have consolidated SmartSigns with the Scorecard UI. Since SmartSigns are essentially one type of VitalSign (a.k.a Scorecard Measure), we are making it easier to create SmartSigns to include as part of the overall customer health score.

1. To create a new SmartSign go the Scorecards section under Administration.

2. Choose Smartsign for the "Type" section as shown in the circle above.

Hit the checkbox to move forward in the flow. You will now be asked to pick metrics on which to base your SmartsSign and whether you want to normalize the metric. This experience is largely still the same, since the last release.

After you have run the SmartSign you will get an email notification once the results are ready to preview. The SmartSign will show up as another card.

You can hover over the bottom of the SmartSign card and click on the icons to ‘view results, run the SmartSign again, edit the SmartSign, view the execution history or delete the SmartSign.

Other Enhancements

Other Enhancements

Email notification for data anomalies

Data Anomalies screen was introduced to identify any missing links (caused by data validation on account) and duplicate records (caused by merging account) and correct them. This page can be accessed by navigating to this URL (Replace the instanceName with your salesforce instance). Earlier you had to periodically check for anomalies. Now you can create a schedule to check for anomalies periodically and send notifications to a user.

Click on ‘Setup Email Notification’ and from the pop-up select the desired frequency, start time and the user who should receive the notification and click on Start.

Once the schedule is created, you can see when it is next scheduled to run and also chose to either update the details or stop it.

Note: Every time the schedule looks for anomalies, it will send a notification to the selected user, prompting them to come to this screen to correct the issues, only when there are anomalies.

Enable/ Disable history tracking for scorecard

Enable/ Disable history tracking for scorecard

History tracking in scorecard is a way to log each score change action that occurs after a specified time gap of either 12, 24, 34 or 48 hours. If there are too many score changes, this option can consume a lot of SFDC storage usage. Though there are no out of the box reports available on this data, users can create custom reports to look at more granular data changes. Earlier, this was not optional and Gainsight would always track history. This feature is now optional and users can choose to disable history tracking.

Note: This feature is disabled by default for all new installations.

Salesforce Components Introduced

Gainsight View only, Gainsight Admin, and Gainsight Standard permission sets will be updated appropriately to have additional permission on these components.



Object fields

ScorecardMetric__c.object: GSMetaInfo__c

ApplicationSettings__c.object: DataAnamoliesSchedulerInfo__c , PageSize__c

C360Sections__c.object: InSCWidget__c

AutomatedAlertRules__c.object : ScoreCardMetric__c

Milestone__c.object: CreatedDate__c

CSTask__c.object: DisplayOrder__c

Survey__c.object: UsersSentCount__c, ExtTitle__c

ScorecardConfig__c.object: TrackHistory__c (Custom Settings)


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