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Release Notes: Version 4.23 February 2015

Version 4.23 release of Gainsight includes the following new features and updates:

  • Cockpit Enhancements
  • Reporting Enhancements
  • Success Snapshot Enhancements
  • Surveys Enhancements
  • Rules Engine Enhancements

Cockpit Enhancements

Adding Comments to CTAs and Tasks

Adding Comments to CTAs and Tasks

When adding or editing a CTA the comment box will expand as you type to make it easier to edit lengthy comments. When editing a Task, the description box will expand.

Updates to Group By

The “New and Due” group has been replaced with 2 new groups:

Created Date (New)

1. Created Date (New)

You will see 3 groups when choosing this option (1) Today (2) Last 7 days and (3) Older than 7 days

Due Date (Due)

2. Due Date (Due)

You will see 4 groups when choosing this option (1) Overdue (2) Today (3) Next 7 days and (4) Upcoming.

In each Due Date group you will see the CTAs that have tasks due in that period. For example, a CTA that is due 30 days from now but has a task that is already overdue will show up in this group.


When a CTA has an overdue task, you will see a separate icon to indicate that the CTA is trending towards becoming overdue.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

You now have the option to be sent an email when a CTA or Task is assigned to you. To update your notification settings you will go to the Customers tab and click My Notification Settings. To learn more about this feature check out the article Administration: Notifications.

Customer 360 Cockpit Update

The display order for closed CTAs in Customer 360 Cockpit section has been updated to sort by close date in descending order so that  the most recently closed CTA is visible at the top.

Parent events created in the backend to support recurring events are excluded from operational reports and notification emails.

Reporting Enhancements

Between Operator

Between Operator

When using date filters, you will now have the option to use between as an operator.

Pie Chart Legends

Pie Chart Legends

Legends for pie charts will now be displayed to the side. You will see the category name followed by the percentage represented and the color code for the category.

Other Reporting Enhancements

  • Negative values will be shown in graph legends only when it is required
  • Decimal values will be shown in legends only when it is required


  • In stacked bar and column graphs, the legends will be displayed based on the order of display in graphs

Success Snapshot Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to Success Snapshots:

  • Reports in the Reports 2.0 repository which are using Salesforce data can now be added to Success Snapshots.
  • All reports that can be added to Success Snapshots will be housed under a single option called “Reports” . Clicking on the reports icon, will display a source selection dropdown. On selecting the source, the list of all reports will be made available for selection.
  • To filter data in reports for an individual customer, click on the check box(shown below) on the top strip of the container  
  • On hovering over the upload pptx file button, a help text that details the prerequisites of the pptx file that can be uploaded is shown.
  • All references to word “Section” has been replaced to “Slide”  
  • “Add param text” option has been renamed to “Add Variable”

Survey Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to surveys:


  • Instead of displaying the cards vertically one after the other, all cards in dashboard will now be displayed horizontally
  • Hover over the name on the survey card to see the full survey name


  • Filter out data from the grid shown in the “Show participant” section when creating a schedule.  

Delete Participants from Distribution List

Delete Participants from Distribution List

  • The option to delete all or deleted selected survey participants has been added as an option for participants who are either To Be Contacted or Undelivered. Click on the delete button above the grid in the “Distribute” page to execute this action.

Add Section Headers

Add Section Headers

Section headers are helpful to group questions in a survey under different headings such as “Support”, “Product”, “Pricing”, etc. To add a section header:

  • Click on the +S icon on the top strip of a page
  • This will add a section header to the end of the page as shown below
  • Give a name to the section header and save it.
  • Section headers will be displayed in the end user view as shown below

Rules Engine

The following enhancements have been made to the rules engine:

New Action: Load to Milestone

You might use Load to Milestone action to :

  1. Create a milestone when a case is created.
  2. Create a milestone when a usage has crossed a threshold
  3. Create a milestone when the unique number of users logged in is = number of license
  4. Create a milestone when a customer is moved to a particular stage


In this example we are loading to milestone when the customer stage is launched. In order to ensure only one milestone is created a new checkbox field called Launched has been created and Load to Milestone will only happen when the checkbox is unchecked. This rule will also check that box.

To use this action you will select the source object and setup the condition for the rule run.


In Setup Action screen pick the Action “Load to Milestone” and fill out the following fields:

  • Date Constant or Show Field. In this we picked Constant = Rule Date so that the date of the milestone will be the date the rule runs.
  • Milestone
  • Comments (optional)

New Action: Load to Features

You might use Load to Features action when:

  1. Opportunity has boolean fields with what features are enabled or not.
  2. Usage data, if it contains a measure or measure group with value greater than 0, then it means that feature is used and can be added to features table.


In this example, the feature is selected and the feature is licensed and enabled so that it will appear in C360 page. You can add additional comments optionally. The feature will only get added to customers when the opportunity field Feature_mobile is checked.

Comparison of Fields in Action Criteria

Comparison of Fields in Action Criteria

You might use Load to Features action to create a CTA or Milestone when distinct users > licenses. To use this action you will add the comparison in the criteria.

Option to pick a user lookup field for Gainsight Email Action in From & Reply-to fields

Use this feature when you want an email from and/or reply to email address to be pulled from a lookup field such as Account Owner or CSM. To setup follow these steps:

Step 1

Step 1:

In the source fields, if there is a user lookup field with a name CSM then you would find two other fields CSM Name and CSM Email. Select these two fields into the Show area in Rule setup screen.

Step 2

Step 2:

In the Action screen, add Send Email action you would see the Name and Email selected in the respective dropdowns.

Search in Rules Engine Listing

Search in Rules Engine Listing

A search box has been added to the Rules Engine listing page to make it easier to filter through your list of rules.

Subtract N Days from Rule Date

Subtract N Days from Rule Date

Prior to this release, in order to have a rule look into the past by date you would input a negative number into the filter. Now there is a new option called Subtract N Days from Rule Date. This option might be used when trying to create a CTA to check in with a customer 90 days post opportunity close date.

Other Enhancements

Export Scorecard Standard/Mass Edit View

Export Scorecard Standard/Mass Edit View

You will see an option, beside filter, to export a scorecard standard/mass edit view as a csv file. The exported data will not honor inline filters applied but will honor all the advanced filters applied using the filter icon.

Sticky Wrap Lines in C360 Related Lists

Sticky Wrap Lines in C360 Related Lists

The wrap lines checkbox in a 360 view related list section is now sticky across sessions which means you do not not have to keep clicking on wrap lines every time you visit the related list section.

Improvements to Managed Package Permission Sets

The Gainsight pre-packaged permission sets  had a limitation where we were unable to give permission to any Gainsight objects that had a master details relation with Account. In this release we have introduced additional process that creates a Permission set post installation which will include permissions to all objects that we could not include as part of the packaged permissions sets.

As part of the upgrade process this permission set will be applied to all users how have at least read access to Account object and a Gainsight license.

Salesforce Components Introduced in 4.23

Gainsight View only, Gainsight Admin, Gainsight Standard permission sets will be updated appropriately to have additional permission on these components.










Object fields

AppEvents__c.object: UID__c, IsAccountBased__c

CTA__c.object: TypeName__c, Length increased in Comments__c from 32768 to 131072

Publish_Content__c.object: User__c

StatePreservation__c.object: C360SectionId__c

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