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Release Notes: Version 4.27 May 2015

Version 4.27 release of Gainsight includes the following features, enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Copilot
  • Customer 360 Sections Enhancements
  • Connector Enhancements
  • Product Transactions (LRM 2.0)
  • Reporting Enhancements
  • Rules Engine Enhancements
  • Survey Enhancements
  • Cockpit Enhancements
  • NEW Salesforce Components


The Copilot feature helps you to communicate with your customers in a personalized way using predefined templates and tokens. In addition to this, it also provides communication analytics that helps you to modify the strategy for effective communication.

Feature Highlights:

  • Power List: You can create a power list (list of emails or contacts) that gets automatically refreshed as per your requirement (Powered by Rules Engine).
  • Email Templates: We have designed a few email templates for you. This will allow you to establish a quick email communication with your customers. Moreover, you can create your own template to avoid the hassle of writing the email body manually each time when  you send an email.
  • Tokens: You can avoid the hassle of writing the First names and other details manually for each customer. Use tokens while creating an email to pick the required values dynamically.
  • Outreach: You can create an Outreach containing a Power List and schedule its execution as per your requirement. The scheduler performs the job of sending emails to customers at regular intervals. For example, you can inform customers about an event by creating an Outreach and by assigning a Power List to it. In addition, you can schedule the execution of an Outreach on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Analytics: You get a graphical representation of the Outreach (emails) statistics sent to customers. The parameters for analyzing the email sent are: Sent, Opened, Clicked, Bounced, Marked As Spam, and Unsubscribed.

To access detailed Copilot documentation click here.

Customer 360 Sections

Customer 360 Sections are now enhanced to display the section information quickly.

Connector Enhancements

Enhancement Location: Administration > Integration

Description: Execution history user interface is enhanced for all connectors:

  • Data load configuration    
  • Google Analytics    
  • Segment IO \  
  • Mixpanel    


For Data Load Configuration, execution history is accessed using the clock icon present on the left side of the project name.


For Google, and Mixpanel, execution history is accessible from the drop-down box.


Above is how the new UI of Execution History looks.

The following are important fields described for Execution History:

Action: represents the step performed. For eg. the aggregation action was to “Fetch And Run”

Status: represents the relevant status of the action. For eg. the for the action “#Load to My Subject Area Day Agg”, the status is the # records loaded.

Comment: will give the error (if any) that has occurred in the aggregation process.

From Date and To Date: represent the date range for which the aggregation was run.


In Execution History, click View Logs to obtain Execution history detailed view.


Data Load API - Execution Logs    

Enhancement LocationAdministration > Integration > Data Load Configuration > View Data Load API Logs

Description: Each row in the following table describes the status of an individual call of the Data Load API. This call can be via Data Loader Tool, Curl command, or any ETL integration, such as Informatica. The most recent calls are listed first. However, you can paginate to view past statuses.

The following is a description of the important fields that are available  in the Data API Logs:

Status: Queued status shows that the request is queued and will be processed when resources are available. Success/Failure status comes only after processing has been completed, it can either success or fail. You can click on the download icon to view the records which got failed.

Time taken: This columns show the time taken since the request got submitted to when processing completed.

Request ID: If you need to call support related to any of Data Load API issues, kindly quote this request ID.


  1. The logs displayed corresponds to the API calls made to Data Load API. If you upload a file using Data Loader Tool, you may see multiple records here each representing one individual chunk.    
  2. Download CSv file for failed records does not work in Internet Explorer 9 and below. Works on IE 10+. (Lastest versions of all web browsers are fully supported.)

Product Transactions (LRM 2.0)

You can use this feature to automatically fetch transactions/subscription/contracts information from any standard or custom SFDC object into Gainsight using the rules engine. Moreover, you can also fetch product level transactions. For example, you can fetch data from Opportunity products into Gainsight.

To access detailed Product Transactions documentation click here.

Reporting Enhancements

Dashboard Filters

Enhancement LocationAdministration > Layouts > Dashboard Filters

To implement dashboard filters:

  • Go to Administration > Layouts.
  • Click +Add New. The Create new Dashboard window appears
  • Enter the desired layout name in Enter Dashboard Name and then click Save. For example, Dashboard Filters.
  • Click Add Container and then add a report to this container.Create at least four containers and add a report to each container.


  • Click Dashboard Filters, the drop-down box displays a list of common filters.
  • Select the filters that you would like to have on the dashboard (the Gainsight page) and then click SaveConfirm dashboard filters appears.
  • Click Yes. The layout is saved along with the filter configuration.


  • Click the Gainsight tab and then select the appropriate layout from the drop-down box. A list of common filters appear.

Earlier, we did not have the flexibility to apply filters at the dashboard level. Therefore, one was compelled to go to the specific report and make filter changes as per the requirement.

You can now apply filters on multiple reports in the layout, provided the filters are not marked as locked while building the report.

Packed Bubble Visualization

Packed Bubble Visualization

Packed Bubble is the new visualization added to visualization types. It is enabled only when we have one measure and two dimensions.

Configuring Colors for Packed Bubble Visualization

You can configure colors for packed bubble visualization using Administration > Cockpit Configuration. In Cockpit Configuration, colors can be configured only for the following fields: Call To Action::Priority Name, Call To Action::Reason Name, Call To Action::Status Name, and Call To Action::Snooze Reason Name.

Note: The field has to be in the By field while generating the report.

Configurable Y-Axis

Configurable Y-Axis

This feature is available only when you have 2 measures and 1 dimension while generating a report.

Note: Configurable Y-Axis is applicable only for Line, Area, Column, and Bar visualizations.

Date Labelling on X-Axis

Date Labelling on X-Axis

The X-Axis labelling for date is enhanced to avoid cluttering of date labels.

Note: This feature is applicable only for Line and Area visualization.

Rules Engine Enhancements

Do not update existing value

Do not update existing value

Enhancement LocationAdministration > Rules > Setup Action    

DescriptionDo not update existing value is added to Licensed and Enabled drop-down boxes. Both the drop-down boxes are now independe

Action Execution Order

Action Execution Order

Enhancement LocationAdministration > Rules > Setup Action    

Description: Action numbers are assigned to each action created and are executed in the same order.

Delete Fields Causing Errors

Delete Fields Causing Errors

Enhancement LocationAdministration > Rules > Setup Rule    

Description: In Setup Rule, we were able to delete fields that were associated with an Action, which lead to an error.

Fix Offered: We inform the user about the fields usage in an Action. This helps the user to take the appropriate action.

Excel Repoting on Errors

Enhancement LocationAdministration > Rules > Setup Rule    

Description: When the user receives an error while executing a particular action, we send the user a detailed Excel report in an email.

Survey Enhancements

Enhancement LocationSurvey > Questions \  

Description: The following enhancements have been made:


  • By default, the format for NPS® question will be as shown in the image above.


  • Optionally, while creating a NPS® question, you can select Show smiley to change the question format as shown in the image above.
  • Show headers option has been removed.

NPS® Score Display

Enhancement Location: The NPS® tab.    

Description: In the NPS® tab, instead of displaying the NPS® score as percentage, the NPS® score will now be displayed as a number. However, internally, the calculation will still remain as percentage of promoters or percentage of detractors.

First Name Token

Enhancement Location: The Survey tab.    

Description: You can now add the survey participant first name to survey email templates.

Survey Response Statistics

Enhancement Location: The Survey tab.    

Description: While calculating the survey response statistics, the Responded percentage and the Non-Responded percentage for a survey will no longer include the surveys that are undelivered.

Cockpit Enhancements

A new CTA Mass Edit tool is available for Admins. Click here for instructions on how to mass edit CTAs and Tasks.

New Salesforce Components

The following sections describe Salesforce components introduced in version 4.27.

Updated Permission Sets: Gainsight Admin, Gainsight Standard, and Gainsight View Only.

We have added the following classes in the above-mentioned permission sets.

  1. LRMBroker
  2. LRMController
  4. LRMUtility
  5. WorkflowDAL
  6. TestCopilotPermissions
  7. TestLRM

Updated Permission Sets: Gainsight Admin

We have added the following pages in the above-mentioned permission set.

  1. CopilotModulePermissions
  2. LRMConfig
  3. WorkflowMassUpdates

The following is added to Static Resources.

  1. LRM

Updated Permission Sets: Gainsight Admin, Gainsight Standard, and Gainsight View Only.

We have added the following objects in the above-mentioned permission sets.

  1. GSCustomerProducts__c
  2. GSLRMConfig__c
  3. GSLRMHeader__c
  4. GSLRMLines__c
  5. GSLRMMapping__c
  6. GSProduct__c

Updated Permission Sets: Gainsight Admin, Gainsight Standard, and Gainsight View Only.

We have added the following fields in the above-mentioned permission sets.

  1. ApplicationSettings__c → IsLRMEnabled__c
  2. SurveyParticipant__c → FirstName__c
  3. TransactionType__c → FieldMapping__c
  4. TransactionType__c → IsLinkedToLRM__c
  5. Playbook__c → Sync__c
  6. PlaybookTasks__c → Sync__c
  7. CSTask__c → Sync__c


NPS, Net Promoter, and Net Promoter Score are registered trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld.


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