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Release Notes: Version 4.34 November 2015


The following are the major enhancements available in Release 4.34.

  • Relationships: improvements include the ability to create Relationship CTAs, Relationship scorecards, new sections in Relationship 360 and other usability improvements
  • Gainsight Vault:  You can now import playbooks and survey best practice templates from Gainsight Vault into your instance
  • Email dashboards to SFDC Users: You can now schedule on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, any dashboard to any SFDC user.
  • Click-to-call on Customer 360 - If you have click-to-call setup in your SFDC org, then clicking on any attributes of type ‘phone number’ on the Customer 360 or Customers tab will launch the dialer to place the call.
  • A new data management interface to manage your subject areas.



  • Relationship CTAs - You can now add relationship CTAs via rules engine or manually in cockpit. Relationship CTAs are listed in Cockpit alongside regular (customer) CTAs.
  • Relationship Scorecards - You can now define one scorecard for each relationship type, which is visible on the Relationship 360 page. A scorecard is a weighted average of multiple measures. Currently the score of each individual measure can only be set manually.
  • You can now add a Cockpit widget on the Relationship 360 page
  • Other usability improvements while defining new relationship types.

Gainsight Vault

With Gainsight Vault, you can import Gainsight’s published best practices in your own instance, saving you time and reducing errors. Currently you can import surveys and playbooks.

For surveys, the import only includes properties and questions; not distribution, page branching, or call-to-actions. For playbooks, some attribute values (e.g. status or priority) may be customized in the your instance. The import flow will let you map these values.  

We plan to add the ability to import email templates, reports and certain rules in the near future.

Email dashboard to SFDC Users

You can now email a dashboard to internal SFDC users with the new Email Settings icon introduced in Layouts. In addition, you can schedule the email dashboard functionality.

For more information, refer to How to Email Dashboards.


Click-to-call on Customer 360

For customers with a SFDC call center integration, you can now click on the Account/Contacts phone number to call the customer from the Customers tab, the C360 Contacts section, or the C360 Summary section. For more information on Click-to-Call functionality, refer to Click-to-Call Functionality.

Data Management

You can now use Gainsight Data Management to manage the MDA subject areas. For more information on Gainsight Data Management, refer to Gainsight Data Management.


Timeline View in Rules Engine

Enhancement Location: Administration > Rules > click the Timeline view icon

The new timeline view in the rules engine provides a bird’s eye perspective of your rules engine schedule and current execution status. From this view, Admins can more easily identify rule failures and potential conflicts in the sequencing of rules. Specifically, the timeline displays:

  • Historical data of executed rules.
  • Rules that are scheduled for execution in the future.


Admins can perform the following tasks in the Timeline view:

  • Use the Down arrow button to view the rules that have been executed, and the Up arrow button to view the rules that have been scheduled for execution.
  • Once the rule is executed successfully, click the arrow as shown below, to view the execution details. In addition, you can click View Logs to view rule execution logs.


  • You can use the TIMELINE drop-down box to change the timezone.


The following image describes the different icons that will be displayed to indicate rule execution status:



1.  Location: CoPilot

You can now attach a report with joins in your outreach. For more information, refer to Configuring Reports in CoPilot.

Note: Only joins on RedShift are supported.

2. Location: Copilot > Power Lists

You can fetch contacts for your power list from an MDA collection. Salesforce objects now appear when you select MDA collection as your data source. For more information, refer to CoPilot Power List.


3. Location: CoPilot > Outreaches > [Edit an existing outreach] > click Preview

You can now click the Preview button to view a preview of your outreach based on the contact selected. In addition, you can click either Previous Contact or Next Contact, to select different contacts for preview.


4. Location: CoPilot > Power Lists > [Edit an existing power list and add an additional criteria]

Your previous criteria (Advanced Logic) for creating a power list is now retained. For example, if you had A OR (B AND C) as your criteria, after adding an additional criteria, it would be (A OR (B AND C)) AND D.



1. Location: Report Builder > Gear Icon > Chart options > Show Cumulative

You can now visualize data in a cumulative form. For example, you can now visualize the cumulative figure of annual or monthly revenue. If the Annual revenue Generated for years 2012, 2013, 2014 was $2000, $3000, and $4000 respectively, then the cumulative graph would show annual revenue as $2000, $5000, $9000, for years 2012, 2013, and 2014 respectively.


  • This functionality is available for Bar, Column, Line, Area visualizations
  • The By field must contain Created Date.


Success Plans

1. Location: Administration > Success Plans Configuration > Success Plan Templates

You can now create Success Plan templates. Templates can contain objective CTAs and associated tasks so that you can achieve your goal at a more granular level, and save you time creating success plans. For more information, refer to Configure Success Plan Templates and Creating Success Plan.

Note: Admins must configure at least one Success Plan Type, in order to add a Success Plan Template.


Issues Addressed


1. Issues Location: Cockpit > List View > [detail view of the CTA] > Comments

Issue Description: When using Firefox browser, cursor was not visible in CTA’s Comments text area.

2. Issue Location: Cockpit > Playbook

Issue Description: The following issues occurred:

  • When a new playbook with task was created after deleting an existing playbook, tasks were not getting displayed.
  • The owner name was not displayed when the task was being edited. The task field is always displayed and the owner name is shown at the time of editing a task.

3. Issue Location: Cockpit > CTA > Owner

Issue Description: When Safari was used on Mac, the user was unable to change the CTA owner from Cockpit.

4. Issue Location: CS360 > Cockpit > Closed CTA's

Issue Description: If a CTA was in a particular state (for example, closed success) and if the state was switched to the inactive mode from Cockpit Configuration > Call to action status,  the CTA was unavailable under Customer 360 > Cockpit. Now even if the CTA’s state is inactive, all of the CTA's belonging to the inactive state will appear in Customer 360 > Cockpit. However, the inactive state will appear as disabled in the CTA detail view.

5. Issue Location: Cockpit > List View > Export

Issue Description: After applying the advanced filter, the export feature was unable to export the file.

6. Issue Location: Cockpit > CTA > Chatter

Issue Description: The tag name was not populating in Chatter.


1. Issue Location: Cockpit > CoPilot > Outreaches > Schedule

Issue Description: If the user was using a locale that described date in a format other than MM/DD/YY, the user was unable to create a schedule .

2. Issue Location: Cockpit > CoPilot > Outreaches > Configure Email > From Name

Issue Description: Outreaches failed if the Power Lists > Select the list fields were deleted. Proper validations have now been placed to prevent this.

3. Issue Location: CoPilot

Issue Description: The recipient of the email was unable to see the header and footer of the email.

4. Issue Location: Copilot > Power Lists

Issue Description: Salesforce hidden fields were visible while creating a power list.

5. Issue Location: Copilot > Power Lists > Advanced Logic

Issue Description: Validation on Advanced Logic was unavailable.

6. Issue Location: Copilot > Analytics

Issue Description: A few users were unable to see the Analytics page. The page appeared blank. Now, a message appears that prompts the user to contact Gainsight Support.

7. Issue Location: CoPilot > Outreaches > [Edit an existing outreach] > Schedule > Outreach results notification

Issue Description: If an email ID was not present in the Outreach results notification icon, the scheduled outreach failed.

8. Issue Location: CoPilot > Outreaches > [Edit an existing outreach and add an unmapped token]

Issue Description: The scheduled outreach failed due to unmapped token and the failure notification was not triggered to the email present in Outreach results notification.

9. Issue Location: CoPilot > Power Lists

Issue Description: If a picklist field used in Power List generation had more than 250 characters, the power list creation failed.

10. Issue Location: CoPilot > Outreaches > Configure Email > Email Copy

Issue Description: The email ID mentioned in Email Copy received the same email for an email sent to different contacts. For example, if Contact A and Contact B were sent emails, the email ID present in Email Copy received 2 emails similar to the email received by Contact A.


1. Issue Location: Accounts > [Select an existing account] > Opportunities

Issue Description: Duplicate entries of customers were created because the Add Account button was not disabled after being clicked.

2. Issue Location: Customers > Analytics

Issue Description: The user was unable to differentiate between colors in the generated visualization.

3. Issue Location: Customer 360 > Summary

Issue Description: The usage percentage value was not being displayed correctly. Only Gainsight standard calculations were considered while calculating the usage percentage.

4. Issue Location: data anomalies

Issue Description: The data anomalies was unable to load when there was too much data to be loaded


1. Issue Location: Customer 360 section

Issue Description: On the Customer 360 section, when a report other than the default report was selected and the page was refreshed, the default report appeared instead of the one selected.

2. Issue Location: Build a report on Opportunity Product

Issue Description: In Report Builder, the user was unable to fetch records from Opportunity Product.

3. Issue Location: Report Builder

Issue Description: While building a report, when a filter was applied, Report Builder did not return any data when the user tried to use the drill down functionality for visualizations, such as Bar.

4. Issue Location: Report Builder

Issue Description: When the drilled down report columns were shuffled and the report was saved, while again using the drill down functionality, the report did not return any data.

Rules Engine

1. Issue Location: Rules Engine

Issue Description: When special characters were used in the rule name, the email sent for rule results did not contain any attachment.

2. Issue Location: Rules > Setup Action

Issue Description: When a scorecard measure was deleted from scorecard configuration, on the rules setup page when Set Score action type was selected, the rules setup page was unable to load.

3. Issue Location: Rules > Setup Rule

Issue Description: For Account History, in Filters, values did not appear in the drop-down-box.


1. Issue Location: Survey dashboard

Issue Description: Survey participant count was incorrect. Response/Sent count was incorrect.

2. Issue Location: Survey email received in the user’s inbox

Issue Description: When a survey was scheduled and had an invalid email template (tokens other than survey participant or text template), the failure email did not show a proper error message. Now, if incorrect tokens/text templates are used and a schedule is triggered, the email will contain a proper message.

3. Issue Location: Survey

Issue Description: When a user updated Marketo credentials in the Marketo org, but did not update the same in Gainsight, an incorrect error message appeared while sending an email.

Success Plans

1. Issue Location: Success Plans > Add an objective

Issue Description: The overall Success Plan due date did not change if a new objective with a later due date was added to Success Plan. For example, if the Success Plan due date was 9th November, 2015 and the newly added objective’s due date was 15th November, 2015, then the Success Plan due date did not change to 15th November, 2015. A message now appears that informs the user of the possible change in the Success Plan due date.

2. Issue Location: Add a Playbook task

Issue Description: The user was unable to create a task of type Objective.

3. Issue Location: Cockpit > CTA detail view

Issue Description: In the CTA detail view for Objective CTAs, Success Criteria and Category fields were unavailable.

Known Issues

  • When setting up a rule if, Account::photo URL and Case::Business Hours ID Name, fields are added in the Show area, then an error occurs on preview results..
  • In case of relationship, previews will display all the matching records for the filter even though there are no qualifying records present for the selected relationship type
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