The service console app can help your support team to quickly address or track a particular case for an account. Although the Cases object is available by default, you can add additional objects for your support team, per your requirements.

Note: utilization of the service console requires a full Gainsight license.

To enable the service console:

1. On the Salesforce Setup page, navigate to Administer > Manage Users > Users.


2. Click the Edit link for the desired user.


3. Select the Service Cloud User checkbox; then click Save.


Note: As an Admin, you must also have this permission.

4. In the Search box, search for Apps and click on the Apps link.


5. Select the Console option and then click Next.


6. Enter the following details:

  • App Label: The App label. For example, Gainsight Console.
  • App Name: The App name. For example, Gainsight_Console.
  • Description: A description of the  App description.

7. Click Next; select an image for your app using the Insert an Image button.

8. Click Next; add Accounts and Cockpit from Available Items to Selected Items.

Note: By default, Cases is already present.


9. Click Next; and select appropriate options for the items you just selected. If you want an item to appear as a primary tab, select As a primary tab. Otherwise, select As a subtab of.


10. Click Next; select profiles using the checkboxes available under the Visible column to make this console app visible.


11. Click Save. The console app now appears in the drop-down box on the top-right.


The following is how the console app looks. The items that you added in Step 8 are highlighted in the image below, which appear as primary tabs. 

Information related to an Account will be displayed in a sub-tab. Whenever you open a customer account from the service console and open any module (e.g C360) related to that particular account, it will open in a sub-tab. Users can view all the information related to an account in a single tab, and also close all the tabs related to an account by closing the main account tab. Previously, if you opened the C360 page of a customer, it would appear in a new tab, now all the information related to an Account will be displayed as a sub-tab so that the account context is not lost.