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Bulk Load Account Contacts for C360 and Success Plan Sharing

This article reviews the steps to bulk load Account Contacts into the GS Person object in order to share the 360 or Success Plans with contacts. The process utilizes the Gainsight Person Object Model, including building a rule with a load action called “Load to Company Person”.

Step 1: Configure Bionic Rule to Fetch Contacts and Save Task

Configure a new Bionic Rule, and at a minimum, make sure to add first name, last name, email, and SFDC Account ID into the Show area. 


Step 2: Setup Action

On the Action page, choose action “Load to Company Person”. Gainsight recommends using the Upsert option when loading new contacts.

For Derived Field Mapping Section:

The “*” by Company ID and Person ID are mandatory and the goal is to map a match from the source to a unique identifier field in the target which would derive the proper mandatory values noted.

Click the magnifying glass in Derived field mappings for Company ID.

Company ID will be derived by matching on Account ID from the fetch to SFDC Account Id on Company Person Object as below. The remaining fields are completed by default. Click Apply.

Click the magnifying glass in Derived field mappings for Person ID.

Similar to mapping for company, we will use Email from fetch to match Email in Company Person to derive the Person ID. Click Apply.

For Field Mappings:

Map fields according to the screenshot below. When Email is mapped, identifier box should be auto checked.

Step 3: Run Rule

Review the rule execution to confirm load was successful.


Step 4: Confirm Sharing is Enabled

Navigate to the C360 and to the Share 360 or Share Success Plan options. If sharing is enabled, Account Contacts can be searched within “Choose Contacts” when Send to is set to “Contacts”. If the “Contacts” option is not available, then enable those options in the following share feature, either Configure Shared 360Success Plan Sharing, and Dashboard Sharing.



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