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Gainsight Viewer Licenses and Viewer Permission Sets

This article explains you about the Gainsight Viewer License and Gainsight Viewer permission set. Gainsight Viewer Licenses provide users read only access to Gainsight data. Gainsight Viewer permission sets must be assigned to users who use the Gainsight Viewer License.

Gainsight Viewer Licenses

The Viewer License gives every stakeholder the insight they need to make the customer successful. Widely distribute customer insight to your internal peers or external partners with access to Gainsight information in their favorite channels.

The Viewer License provides read-only access to Gainsight Data and the ability to add or edit entries to the Timeline. Viewer Users can access Gainsight information through three channels:

Through these channels, a Viewer User can view the Gainsight Data that’s typically displayed on a Customer 360, Relationship 360, or Gainsight Dashboards.

To assign a license to a user, refer these instructions

Gainsight Viewer Permission Sets

This section introduces you to Gainsight Viewer permission set.

Terminologies: It is important to know the key terms used in this section.

  • Users: All the stakeholders who use the Gainsight Viewer permission set are referred to as Users, in this article.
  • Admin: An Admin can assign the Gainsight Viewer Permission set to the Users.

With the 5.18 patch release, Gainsight has launched a new permission set known as “Gainsight Viewer”. (This permission set is not the same as “Gainsight Limited”). This Permission set restricts Users from modifying data on the Gainsight widget (aka Team View). When this Permission set is assigned to a User, the User cannot modify data present on the Account and Opportunity widgets (with the exception of Timeline). For a detailed description of what you can perform and what is restricted, refer the Viewer permission Options section of this article. This permission set must be assigned to all the users for whom you have purchased the Gainsight Viewer licenses.

Gainsight widgets: The Gainsight widgets located on the Account and Opportunity pages provide access to C360, Scorecards, Timeline, Surveys, Cockpit and more depending on which sections the Admin has configured. With the Viewer permission set, Users can view the data, but they cannot create/edit data except for Timeline activities. To configure the widget on the Account page, refer this article. To configure the widget on the Opportunity page, refer this article.

How Gainsight Viewer differs from Gainsight Limited

The Gainsight Viewer Permission set is a restricted version of Gainsight Limited permission set. The main area of difference is the ability to edit data on widgets. The Limited Permission set allows you to modify data on the widgets (for almost all the modules). However, with Gainsight Viewer permission set, you have read-only access to data on the widgets (with an exception of timeline). 

Configure Gainsight Widgets

Admins can configure the tabs available in the widget, by navigating to Administration > Analytics > C360 layouts. To learn how to configure the tabs, refer the Configure the Customer360 Details (C360) Page and Section Types article. After the Admin configures the C360 layout for the widget, Users can view the corresponding data on the Account or Opportunity pages. 

Access Gainsight Widget

To access the Gainsight widget:

  1. Login to Salesforce with your credentials.
  2. Click the Accounts tab or Opportunities tab.
  3. Select the required Account or opportunity. The Account Detail view is displayed and widget is located on the detail view page.

  Accessing widgets.gif

Viewer Permission Options

A detailed description of the actions which Users can perform and the actions which are restricted in the team View widget, is provided below.

Permitted and Restricted Actions

  • SUMMARY:  The users can view the data but cannot edit data. The EDIT SUMMARY button is not present.

Cockpit above_2.png

COCKPIT: On this tab, users can view CTAs and create an Activity for a CTA.  However, users cannot modify CTA data or create new CTAs. Also, users cannot close a CTA or its associated tasks.   

Cockpit below_3.gif

Features: On this tab, users can only view the features which are licensed and enabled for the Account. However, users cannot modify any feature (grant or revoke access). The EDIT FEATURES button is not present. The image below shows the regular view of Features tab.


The image below shows the view of Features from the Team View tab.

Features from the table_5.png

Sponsor Tracking: On this tab, users can view the Sponsors added to the Account. However, users cannot unlink an existing sponsor or add new sponsors.

AAR corp_6.png

Success Plans: On this tab, users can view the existing Success Plans. However, users cannot edit the Success Plan or create new success plans.

On the Objectives sub tab, users can view the CTAs (objectives), but cannot mark a CTA as closed or reopen a closed CTA.

On the Gantt Chart sub tab, users can view the current status of an Objective (CTA), but cannot modify the Start date or due date and cannot mark a CTA as closed.

Gnatt Chart_7.gif

Scorecard 2.0: On this tab, users can view the Health score of the Account, and the associated comments. However, users can neither modify the health score nor the comments.


Related List: On this tab, users can view the content, but the option to export the content as an MS excel file, is not present. The filter icon is also disabled for the users.

Related List_9.gif

Timeline tab

The Timeline tab also provides restricted access to the Users. On this tab, Users can:

Edit Activity: Users can edit the Subject and Notes section of the Activity. Additionally users can also update the Activity date and time.

AAR corp hardware_10.gif

Create Activity: Users can create a new activity using the + ACTIVITY button. Users can either create an Update, Call, Meeting, or Email Activity.

Create Activity_11.gif

Delete an Activity: Users can delete activities created by them.

Delete activity_12.gif

Cannot create or edit tasks: Users cannot create new tasks on Activities. However, other Gainsight permission sets allow user to create tasks. If a User was previously assigned to a different permission set, he can create tasks during that tenure. However, once the user is assigned the Viewer permission set, User cannot create any task nor can modify his own tasks, which were created when he was assigned a different permission set.